Partnership plan to boost Market Rasen

Market EMN-150113-102023001
Market EMN-150113-102023001

Market Rasen is being urged to appoint a manager to help run the markets better and to promote the town.

The town council received two reports last week on the issue, one from Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce, the other from Coun Steve Bunney.

Members agreed to “meld” the two reports together, with details to be settled at tomorrow’s first open meeting of Market Rasen’s Market Forum and at future council meetings.

A discussion document from chamber CEO Simon Beardsley recommends Market Rasen forms a “Town Partnership” to bring together the town council, traders and others to look at the running of the town and develop a strategy for it.

The partnership would have sub-groups, including one to work with the town’s planned Market Forum.

A Town/Markets manager would be appointed full-time to run the markets but also to promote Market Rasen, helped by PR/marketing support from the Chamber in Lincoln.

This manager, Mr Beardsley told councillors last week, would be “the glue that sticks all this together”, a “single point of contact that allows activity to happen in a co-ordinated way.”

Coun Steve Bunney proposed the appointment of a part-time Market Square Supervisor in his report, to undertake the work of the Forum and oversee the day-to-day running of the markets and prepare promotional material for the 2015 season.

The Forum would be a working group of the town council and would submit reports to it, including summaries of accounts.

Coun Bunney welcomed the Chamber proposals, saying its involvement gives “strength”, but said the town council must work quickly if it hopes to have the forum running the markets from Easter.

“We need to be working together,” he said.

“We must support the scheme and not tie us down to too much detail.”

All members bar Nigel Cook, who abstained, then voted to back a motion from Coun Carol Skye to develop a ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ between the parties involved, outlining what they will contribute and how a partnership might work.

The council, she said, would agree to working in partnership with MR BIG, the Chamber of Commerce and West Lindsey District Council.

The aim was to present this memorandum to the town council’s March meeting.