Parking wardens’ £50k from fines

A parking penalty notice.
A parking penalty notice.

Lincolnshire County Council has more than £50,000 to spend on transport projects as a result of the ‘efficient’ work of parking wardens.

Once the cost of parking enforcement for the 2014/15 financial year was covered, the council realised it had an unexpected surplus of £50,730.

The money, from parking tickets, is ring-fenced and has to be used on specific transport-related schemes.

The council took over parking enforcement from police in 2012.

A total of 154 tickets were issued in Market Rasen in 2014/15, 11 in Caistor and five in Wragby.

LCC executive member for highways Richard Davies said the initial expectation was that parking enforcement would run at a loss.

He said: “Because our officers run a very efficient service by keeping our costs low, we did actually record a surplus of £50,730 last year. Ideally we don’t want to issue any parking tickets and that is not profit. That surplus has been ring-fenced and can only be spent on specific schemes such as improving parking provision, environmental projects or other schemes relating to transportation.

“Currently we are working on a variety of such projects across the county, including the expansion of residents’ parking schemes in 

“It might be tempting, especially if you are in a rush, to ignore parking restrictions but it isn’t a risk worth taking. Please follow the signs and the lines and you will avoid the fines.”

At the latest full council meeting Coun Davies said the money would not be apportioned directly to the areas where it was