Parking ‘abuse’ puts the brakes on Rasen

Parking problems in Market Rasen EMN-151008-141142001
Parking problems in Market Rasen EMN-151008-141142001

Market Rasen residents have called for a re-think on the town’s free parking arrangements amid claims it is driving people away.

It is widely thought that the fact Rasen still has free parking - unlike neighbouring towns in East Lindsey and North East Lincolnshire - attracts business.

But the Mail has discovered that some people believe a time limit should be imposed, particularly in the town centre.

They complained that parking places ,- which could be used by shoppers on a short-term basis, - are instead occupied all day.

Several people who work in the town said they often struggled to find a place,

One resident, who did not want to be named, told the Mail: “The parking is always full and I don’t think anyone fully understands why.

“I think there should be a limited time for parking.

“I think three hours for people coming shopping. That’s enough.”

She hinted that people often used a car park at the doctors’ surgery - making it difficult for patients to park.

The resident added: “There could be an hour at the surgery - with spaces ensuring disabled people can get in and out easily.”

Abby Chapman, who works in Rasen, told the Mail of all the difficulties she had finding parking spaces in the morning.

Ms Chapman said: “I struggle to park every day.

“I’m always looking for a space so it is possible there is not enough.

“When I come in on a normal day it’s usually pretty bad.

“It’s nearly always packed.”

A group of Tealby residents, who did not want to be named, also expressed their concerns.

They supported the suggestion there was overcrowding in official parking areas.

They said people took advantage of not paying parking fees

The group said that people parking all day did not necessarily contribute to local businesses.

One of the group said: “Rasen desperately needs another car park.

“The surgery and the schools can’t cope.

“We all have trouble parking in town.

“You come down on a Monday and you cannot park.

“Even today (Wednesday) it is noon on a week day and it is packed.

“But where are all the people?”

Another resident said: “Keep it free, and people will come.

“But the spaces are quite tight, especially on market days.

“Perhaps the introduction of a charge after a couple free hours would ease it a bit.”

The views on parking charges come as ELDC is organising a review of its charging policy. ELDC is considering restoring free car parks in some towns.

Last year, Rasen’s County Councillor Bill Keimach said other towns - including Gainsborough - were “jealous” of Rasen’s free parking.