Oliver is going coast to coast

Oliver Kuhl is setting off coast to coast
Oliver Kuhl is setting off coast to coast
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A GLENTHAM teenager will be using pedal power in aid of an overseas charity expedition.

Oliver Kuhl, from Barff Meadows, is planning to visit \Rwanda and Uganda with the De Aston School World Challenge project next year, but his first challenge is raising the money to take part.

The 16-year-old will be cycling coast to coast, from Southport to Hornsea - a total of 207 miles and the longest bike ride he has ever undertaken.

“I used to cycle a lot when I was younger but nothing quite like this,” said Oliver.

“This is definitely the furthest I have ever gone and I am quite excited about the challenge.”

Taking the trans-pennine trail, Oliver will be accompanied by his uncle, Peter Richardson, with dad Martin following a nearby route in the support car.

The pair hope to complete the mammoth ride in three days, but day two will be the decider, when they tackle the Pennines themselves.

“We plan to do 75 miles on the first day, the Pennines on the second day and then get to Hornsea on day three,” said Oliver.

“But we know day two will be tough, so it may take us four days in total.”

And Oliver has been taking his training for the event very seriously - cycling a regular 18 miles a day to build up his stamina.

“I would like to thank all the generous people who have sponsored me so far - helping to raise £500,” added Oliver.

But there is still a long way to go, as the teenager needs to tot up a total of £3,800, 
together with additional funds for group events.

Although Oliver has other fundraising ideas brewing, the coast to coast ride is his main effort and hopes it will go a long way to reaching his final total.

Oliver will be part of the group of De Aston students travelling to Africa in August 2013.

Part of the World Challenge experience will be to spend time at a school - taking part in a renovation or building project - and although they will be working hard, there will also be time to take part in other