Obituary: Yvonne Flintham

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. EMN-150704-113137001

A Celebration of the life of Yvonne Flintham, aged 94 years of Market Rasen, was held at the Methodist Chapel, where she had been a faithful member for many years.

The Rev Andrew Lomax conducted the service at the chapel and at Lincoln Crematorium, with arrangements by J Marshall.

Family mourners were: Geoffrey Picksley (son); Robert and Jennifer Picksley (son and daughter-in-law); Stuart Picksley (son); Rosemary Brumpton and Robert Bailey (daughter and partner); Jeremy and Tracey Picksley (grandson and wife); Dominic and Jennie Picksley (grandson and wife, also rep Benjamin and Amelia Picksley); Sandra Picksley and John Brommell, Lisa Brumpton and Richard Crane (granddaughters and partners); Samantha and Mark Stephenson (granddaughter and husband, also rep Colin Brumpton, Mr and Mrs Alan Brumby).

Friends at the service were: Glenda Taylor (also rep Geoff Taylor, Robina and Lewis King and also the Circuit Choir); David Islip and Mrs Islip; Mr and Mrs R Charman and family; Joy and Brian Oxborrow; Mrs J Bates (also rep Colin); G Smith (also rep Jackie Richards); Mrs V Harper and Mr M Harper; Mr and Mrs Waby; Mrs E Thompson (also rep Mr and Mrs N Guymer); Jo Johnson (organist); Mrs J Saunby (also rep Mr R Saunby and also Jossals); P Fussey (also rep Margaret Kaiser); Ann Naylor; Mr and Mrs Kirkby; Mrs Dixon; Miss C Maycock; Ray Picksley; Dennis Corden (also rep the family); Mrs S Norman; Mrs Y Walls; Mr P Smith; Mrs J Bontoft; Gill Sellars (also rep Peter Sellars); Mrs Hare; David and Brenda Holmes; G Freeman; Cathy Turner; Audrey Ward (also rep the family); Edna Barton; Janet Collins; Winn Wiltowski; Mrs J Fletcher (also rep Mrs J Mawer); Mrs B Grayson (also rep Mrs J Woodward, Mrs J Johnson); Mr R Parrott (also rep Mr J Blackburn); Mr B Marshall (also rep Mrs J Marshall); Rita Goulsbra (also rep Vera Hankins) unable to attend service; Mr B Ward (also rep Mrs S Ward); Mr and Mrs C Margetson (also rep Katie and Robert Hare); Sadie Tindall (also rep Chris Tindall); Mr and Mrs R Parkinson (also rep Mr and Mrs J Baxter); Christine Kettlewell; Mr D Grayson (also rep Mrs J Grayson); Mr and Mrs E Burkes; Ian Shedden; Miss R E Cade.