Obituary: William Davidson


The funeral service for William Davidson, aged 83 years of Kirkby cum Osgodby, was held at the parish church.

The service was conducted by Cynthia Bunch and funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

William was born at Fossoway in Kinross.

He worked as an agricultural lorry driver and did his National Service with the RAF.

Family mourners were: Jean Davidson (wife); Linda and Neil Surfleet (daughter and son-in-law); Charles and Ann-Marie Davidson, Iain and Maria Davidson (sons and daughters-in-law); Nicola Surfleet and Christopher Higgins (granddaughter and partner); James Davidson (grandson); William Davidson and Samantha Slater (grandson and partner); Elisabeth Davidson (granddaughter); Kate Davidson and George Nearn (granddaughter and partner); Jacob Davidson (grandson); Lady Philipa Holliday (sister); Helen and Terry Hill (niece and nephew-in-law); David Hill (great-nephew).

Friends at the service were: John and Andrea Topliss; Beryl and Eric Pickering; Steve Smith; Katherine Rayner; Christine Leak; Mr E Kettlewell; Jane Beeson (also rep The Kelsey Group of Churches); Gwen Benson; Mrs M Maddison (also rep Mrs E Young); Mavis Scott; Ian Wilmot (also rep Hall Farm); Alan Taylor; Karen Taylor (also rep Graham); Christine Robinson (also rep Darren); Mr and Mrs C Parrott; John and Mandy Hibbert (also rep Pip Richards); Mrs C Entwistle (also rep Mr P Entwistle; Mrs B Coulson); Mrs E Fairhall; Ann Bennett (also rep Meryvn and the family); Jane Coulson (also rep David, Rebecca and Michael); Elizabeth Coulson (also rep Tom Wells); Glen Davidson (also rep Heather Davidson, Ian Spark; Shaun Spark); Bob Davidson (also rep Tony and Heather Jackson and family); Mr and Mrs A Butler; Peter and Barbara Drakes; Mr and Mrs A Key; Kim Strawson; Mr and Mrs J Burkes (also rep the Burkes family); Mr and Mrs M Sentence; Alan Bennett; Lorna Jackson (also rep Gerry); Mr B Duke (also rep Mrs M Duke); Eric Carver; Angela Hunt; Dave and Sandra Hockney; Andrew Knapton (also rep the Knapton family); Helen Miles (also rep the Miles family); A R Davidson; Graham Davidson (also rep Mary).