Obituary: William Carter

Obituary: William Carter EMN-171213-073003001
Obituary: William Carter EMN-171213-073003001

The funeral service for William Carter, aged 80 of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

William was born at Blackhall, Toft Newton and on leaving school went to work at a local farm.

In 1961, he married Sheila and they made their home in Market Rasen where they raised their four children.

William became a bricklayer at Scuphams and later went to work for his brother-in-law, Ted, making hifi stereo equipment. He also did painting and decorating, as well as working at Marco for many years.

After retiring, William spent time in Middle Rasen keeping the village tidy.

In his early years, William loved football and won a trophy for his team.

He was a very good gardener, having greenhouses and allotments.

He loved going for his daily pint and a flutter on the horses.

Family mourners were: Sheila Carter (wife, also rep Hean Sainby, sister-in-law); Carol and Colin Houlden (daughter and son-in-law); Rebecca Houlden (granddaughter) and David Fowles (partner); Matthew Houlden (grandson) and Mel Betts (partner); Diane Carter (daughter); Ben and James Chambers (grandsons); Stephen and Becci Carter (son and daughter-in-law); Daniel, Hannah and Bradley Carter (grandchildren); Alan and Sharon Carter (son and daughter-in-law); Amy and Alex Carter (grandchildren); Ken and Pam Carter (brother and sister-in-law, also rep Tina Sanders (niece), Nickolas Carter (nephew), Julie and family); Joanna Carter (niece); Peter carter (brother); Margaret Fotherby (sister); Alison Addams, Wendy Hobbs (nieces); Andy Jackson (nephew) and Sharon Jackson (also rep Liz and Ted Jackson, sister and brother-in-law); Keith and Sue Carter (nephew and wife); Robert Carter (nephew); Margaret Carter (sister-in-law); Sandra Hall (niece) and Peter Hall; John and Ann Baxter (cousin and wife, also rep Arthur Baxter, cousin); David and Sandra Fidling; Lynsey Wilson.

Friends at the service were: Brian Reaney (also rep Pam Reaney and also MRCFC); Mr C Jenney; Roland Smith (also rep Christine); Mr and Mrs P McCall; Steven Greenbeck (also rep Judy Greenbeck); Michael Tolan; Mr and Mrs Wrath (also rep Simon Shaul); Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra; Margaret Stainton; Mr P and Mrs M Stanley; Mr and Mrs Higham; Mr Cornell (also rep Mrs Cornell); Fred Bark; Jenny and Roy Stimson; John Hebden; Mr and Mrs I Noon; Graham Taylor (also rep Karen Taylor); Jean Houlden (also rep Houlden family); David and Jean Johnson (also rep Peter and Stephanie Fox); Brian Marshall; P G Hall (also rep Alice Hall); Mr L Tranter; Carol and Rob Davison (also rep Janice Goulsbra; Steve and Richard Bakin); Jenny Goulsbra (also rep Dave and Jean Johnson); Mrs M Tolan (also rep Shelia Hodds); Mr and Mrs D Goulsbra; Nigel and Lindsey Chambers; Glen Chambers; Gill Osbourne (also rep Jackson family); Fred and Gwen Sellars; Mr and Mrs J Hoath; Christine Korytnickyj; Mo Korytnickyj; Paul Tolan (also rep Sue Tolan); Albert Hubbard; Stuart Cash (also rep Sandra Cash); Jessie Mawer (also rep Ian Moore); Pearl Bennett (also rep Colin and Neil); Jenny Rutter (also rep Diane Willoughby); Nicholas Carter (also rep Julie and the family); Mr E Flood (also rep Mrs Flood); Ellie Johnson; Jenny King.