Obituary: William Bruce Hodson

William Bruce Hodson EMN-140307-132308001
William Bruce Hodson EMN-140307-132308001

The funeral of William Bruce Hodson (Bruce) was held at Grimsby Crematorium, conducted by Olga Short.

Bruce, the only child of Ruth and Frank, was born in Grimsby in January 1925.

He attended Welholme School and also spent time with his maternal grandparents at Grasby, attending school there at times as well.

One of his first jobs was errand boy with the Coal Salt and Tanning Company in Grimsby.

He also spent a few months in Edinburgh, where his father was stationed during the war in the Navy.

Bruce then settled at Grasby, employed in agricultural work in the area.

He met his late wife Sylvia at Grasby, where they married in 1949 and lived there until 1979, having two daughters, Ruth and Frances.

During the 1950s, Bruce became an overhead linesman for the Yorkshire Electricity Board and later trained as a welder, working on various contracts throughout the region.

In his younger days, Bruce played cricket and darts and organised dances at Grasby.

He appreciated a wide range of music and loved singing around the home and at work.

In later life, when he and Sylvia moved to Brigg, he sang in a couple of choirs and enjoyed singing jazz on the pub scene, both around Brigg and Grimsby.

In 1995, he underwent a heart-bypass operation and sadly his wife, Sylvia, passed away in 1996.

He returned to live in Grimsby about seven years ago and remained very active and outgoing until his short illness in April this year.

He passed away at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby.

Family mourners were: Ruth and Ron Pownall, Frances and Brian King (daughters and sons-in-law); John Pownall and Melanie Dale (grandson and partner); Joanne and Anthony Parks, Julia and Lee Carter (grand-daughters and husbands); Tom King (grandson); Molly, James and Eleanor (great-grandchildren); Barbara Knapton (sister-in-law); Mark Hodson (relative).

Other mourners were: Anne Havercroft; Violet King (also representing Billy King); Sheila Pickering; Jackie Thomas; Lynn and Ron Kirkby; Bill and Andrea Clark; Laura and Sarah Clark; Rose and Dave Morwood (also representing the Morwood family); Janet Steer (also representing the Steer family and Sheila Grant); Neil and Ellen Knapton; Durban Mayall; Mike Salsbury (also representing Pat); Mr and Mrs Brian Clarke; Davina Simpson; Michele Johnson; Julie Leam; Kim Robinson; Jayne Stevenson.