Obituary: Vera Tranter

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. EMN-151019-172026001

The funeral service for Vera Tranter, aged 71 of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Vera was born in Kuching Sarawak, East Malaysia.

She worked for Lincolnshire County Council in domiciliary care, retiring in 2004.

Vera was a member of Middle Rasen Bowls Club, since 1983, and had assisted her husband with the Royal British legion Poppy Appeal for the past 14 years.

She was also a keen supporter of Market Rasen Chapel shortmat bowling.

Family mourners were: Leslie Tranter (husband); Peter Tranter (son); Caroline Tranter (daughter-in-law); Harrison Tranter (grandson); Mr D Kaye (cousin).

Friends at the service were: M Cottingham; D Cottingham (also rep K Farnsworth, R Smith); D Goulsbra (also rep L Waters); Mr and Mrs M Watson (also rep Heidi and Anna); Mrs Hawbrook; Mr D Page; Sheila Robinson (also rep Mr and Mrs J Bennett); S Atkin (also rep Jason); Justin, Lisa and family; Mrs M Tolan (also rep M Tolan); Wendy and Dawn Rea; Mr and Mrs G Loveday (also rep Simon and family); S Wood (also rep J Wood and also Caistor Bowls Club); P Dawson (also rep Lewis and Robina King); J Hyland; Mr and Mrs P Wood; Mr and Mrs R Trevaskeus; D Shephard; K Millar; P and P Shephard; Pam Reaney; T Smith (also rep the White Swan); Mrs S Carlton; M Armes; F Fieldsend (also rep Mr and Mrs Jenny, Mick Wright); Roy Gillett; Mrs C Richardson; Mrs C Tindall (also rep the Tindall family); J Blackburn (also rep D Cordon); Sara Winter (also rep the Square Barr Staff); Mr and Mrs B Ward; S Spencer (also rep Tealby Bowls Club); Mr and Mrs K Tindall; J Houlden; Sam Sellers; S Lamming; B Marshall; Mr and Mrs E Burks; Mr S Proctor (also rep Vanessa, Verity Keiron and Leigh); John and Jayne Matthews (also rep the Town Council); M Rogers (also rep J Gilbert); Mr and Mrs Simms; Mrs Hare (also rep Mr Hare); Mr B Marshall (also rep Jean); Miss Waite (also rep Mr Crawford); C Good (also rep Jutta Good); L Farrow; R and J Lenton (also rep Dove Park Bowls Club, Wragby); S Kelly; C Neal; Mr and Mrs Edrich; Mrs Chambers; Mrs Bullen; M Craig (also rep the Craig family); Ann Ward (also rep the Salvation Army); Cathy Turner; David Islip (also rep Pearl Islip); Tony Goodwin (County RBL Chairman); John Johnson; Mr and Mrs W Johnson; Eileen Thompson; Mick Banks (also rep Osgodby Bowls Club); Mr A Upton (also rep Mrs P Upton); Mrs M Sanders (also rep Judith Sutton); Mrs D Nash; Mr I Brady (also rep Tealby Bowls Club); Mr G Thornalley; Brenda and Tony Steadman (also rep Caistor Bowls Club); E Margetson (also rep Mrs J Margetson); Mr D Marwood; Mr and Mrs J Baxter (also rep Mr and Mrs R Parkinson); Mr A Dawson and Mrs C Wakefield; Mr and Mrs G Taylor (also rep Mr and Mrs D Dannatt); J Dickenson (also rep John Dickenson); Evelyn Wilson and Les Adlard (also rep Goxhill Bowls Club); Mrs C Whitfield (also rep Mr K Parrott); Terry and Carol Bowdell; Margaret and Bob Waters; Mark Butler; Susan Tolan (also rep Lincoln Co-op Travel and also Paul Tolan); Mandy Carrie (also rep the Carrie family); Mick Tindall (also rep Market Rasen Town Band); Shelly Clayton; Mr R Stimson; Mr A Priestley; Mr and Mrs E Flood; Mrs F Edrich; Pat Higham; Mr K Symons (also rep Mar garet); Rosie Dawson (also rep Middle Rasen Tai Chi); Mr and Mrs F Wheller; Mr E Payne and Mrs H Howe; Middle Rasen Bowling Club Members - Ann and Gordon Veal, Jane and Paul Culverhouse, Rick and Sue Wright, Dennis and Janice Ivatt, Shirley and Ron Vessey, Cyril and Elaine Blakey, Jim and Jenny Goulsbra, Colin and Muriel Walford, Jenny Stimpson, Maurice Higham, Stan Hedley, David Naylor, Margaret Rylatt, Stan Blades, Bob Handford, Eddie Daveran, Roger and Lesley Cheeseman.