Obituary: Trevor (Charlie) Adlard

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. EMN-151019-172026001

Family, friends and neighbours were saddened to hear of the death of Trevor (Charlie) Adlard, aged 57.

Charlie was born in Kettsby near Alford, the youngest of nine children.

It was a farming family who worked the land and knew the countryside well.

Charlie attended South Ormsby Primary School and Alford Secondary School.

He had a happy childhood helping his father with the farm work and looking after the “old peoples’” gardens.

When he finished his school years, he went straight into farm work.

He worked for Grants at Tathwell, then at Cadwell and finally for Bourn’s in Wragby.

He was a hard working man, knowledgeable, respected and well liked.

In 1988 he met Julie, who became his wife in 1990 when they married in Louth.

They made their home in Maidenwell and Cadwell and finally in Wragby, where they spent their time together for just over eight years and sadly where he passed away.

They had so many happy memories enjoying days out with the family.

The couple worked hard together to support and care for their family.

Charlie was so interested in tractors and especially the four-trax.

As a young man, he had loved playing darts and was always a keen follower of football on the TV especially when Liverpool played.

A gentle giant, he adored his time with the children and grand-children shared with his wife Julie.

He is now survived by his wife Julie; step-children Allan and wife Sarah; Shaun and Danni, Louise and Patrick; grandchildren Chloe, Stacey, Robyn, James, Aaron and Grace.

The funeral service was held at All Saints Church, Wragby.

The Rev Mark Holden officiated at the service and arrangements were made by Horncastle Co-op.

Family mourners were: Julie Adlard ( wife); Allan and Sarah, Shaun and Danni (stepsons and wives); Louise and Patrick (stepdaughter and partner); Chloe, Stacey, Robyn and Grace (granddaughters); James and Aaron (grandsons).

Names taken at church: Mr and Mrs Markham; Ray Boothby; Mr Clark; Mr Agor; Mr and Mrs Davy (also rep Shaun Davy); Audrey South ( also rep Pete South); Marie South; Sarah South; Andrew Harker; David Howsam; John Epton; John Storr; Jim and Beryl Jeffrey; Pat Allen; Paul King; Ian Thompson (also rep Karen Thompson and Nick Riggall); Chris Bourn (also rep the Bourn Family); Mr and Mrs Hempsell; John Fothergill; Keith Lowman; Leonie Segasby; Heather Bruntlett; Michael Schwec; Graham Sinclare; Sheila Cartwright (organist); Nick Short; D C Baxter; Margaret Baxter; Mr and Mrs Meeds (also rep Edward Baxter); Paul Barnes; Stuart McDowall; Raymond Mountain; Michael Kirkby ; Karen Kirkby; Simon Kirkby; Nigel and Elaine Bonnett; Shannon and Alan Alwyn; Keith Wilkinson; Shaun Murphy; Tom Finnegan; Andrew and Jane Bell (also rep Luke and Matthew Bell); Jean Lomas; Steph Keal; Dianne and Phil Ward (also rep Georgina Laming and Colin Barber, Mr and Mrs Derek Fox); Nancy Houlden; Joss Adlard (brother); V Baldock (also rep Shirley Saunston); Kevin Hope; Ryan Husak; Mr and Mrs C Pennell; Mark Blow; Scott Lowman; David Tefler; Pete Burrows; William Brant; Trevor Whitley; Callum Overy; Richard Plaskitt; Jim Clarke; Alastair Good; Ryan Hazelwood; Luke Pattison; William Lovely; Ian Lovely (rep Jan Lovely); Katie Philpott; Robert Robinson; John Clark; Richard Thompson; John Emmson; Ray and Pat Jeffrey; Mr and Mrs B Garbutt; Graham Bishell (also rep J M Heath); Mr and Mrs Short; Richard and Janet Ingleton (also rep Andrew Bonnett); Phil Hopper; David Shepherd; and others.