Obituary: Tina Carolyn Dannatt

The funeral service for Tina Carolyn Dannatt, aged 68 years of South Kelsey, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family and friends at the service were: Peter (husband); Lynn (daughter); Richard (son); Mr and Mrs R Howsham (also rep the family and also Kelsey Primary School); Colin and Brenda Watson (also rep Morris and Geraldine); Peter (husband); Lynn (daughter); Richard (son); Michael Radley (also rep Kevin Radley); Anthony Shepherd (also rep Mary; Haley and Jacob Shepherd); Margaret Beavis (also rep Laura and Ben); John and Freda Staves; Mrs J Clark (also rep Mr B Clark and also Paul); Sandra Woodcock (also rep Pat Woodcock); Margaret Husband; Fran Ashton; Tom and Rebecca Ashton; Mr and Mrs Booth; Nigel Woodcock; Mrs V Darker (also rep Bernard Darker, Susan Robinson); Pitt, Rodney and Cynthia; Doreen Hooker (also rep the family); Penny Larder (also rep John Hedley Oudiss); Margaret Flippance (also rep the family); Linda and John Lacey (also rep Callum and Rachel); Kevin Dawson (also rep Beryl and family); Brenda and Bryan Dannatt (also rep the family); Terry and Kathleen Tomlinson; Judy Campbell; Brenda Hall (also rep Graham Hall); Michelle Toon (also rep the Toon family and also the Taylor family); John and Brenda Lawson; Emma Shepherd; Kathleen Ryder; Cherry Bodem (also rep Robert Bodem); Julie Lockington (also rep Graham Lockington); Mr and Mrs John Pettinger and Susan; Barbara Pywell; Amanda Dunn; Steve Drury; Mr Ware; Peter Thompson; Mr and Mrs John Umpleby; David and Charlotte Baldock (also rep Richard, Kate and family); Margaret Dinsdale (also rep Rob Dinsdale); Penny Gleadell (also rep Mr and Mrs Keith Roberts); Andrew, Tracy, Thomas and Rebecca Knapton (also rep Keith and Violet Knapton); Rachel Lenton and Peter Girling; Julie Umpleby; Mr and Mrs Ian Mair; B W Ellis; Mr and Mrs E Chappell; Jennifer and Laura Chappell; Andrea Inglis; Richard Dawson; Michael Howard; David and Jucqui Larder; Stuart and Cheryl Haddrell; Andrea Buttery; Paul Umpleby; Mrs K Alcock and Mrs S Alcock; Lynn, Craig and Sam Marriott; Jane Beeson; Margaret King; David King; Mr and Mrs Balderson; Reg Lenton; Judy McKensie (also rep Mrs P Woodford); Marian Whitelan (also rep the Whitelan family); Joy Penwarn (also rep Bob Penwarn, Jean Ashton); Helen Chadwick; Wendy Stanley; Rachel Naylor; Matthew and Emma Warren; Leona Woodcock; Tanya Woodcock; Charlotte Umpleby; Heather and Terry Bradshaw; Keith and Jenny McDonagh; Andrea and John Topliss; Yvonne Stark; Brenda Cross; Mr White (also rep Mr and Mrs D White); Anne Dixon (also rep Nichola); Pauline Ellis; Sheila Mason; Tony Lingard (also rep Ian and Fiona Lingard); Mrs J Sentence; Victor Mason; Kate Hancock; Arthur Dawson (also rep the family); Lewis Strange; Mr and Mrs C Watson; Mrs M Hornsby; Martin Chapman (also rep Judy Chapman, Diane Pettit); John and Catherine Vernam; Barbara Edge; David Brumpton; Peter Kerr (also rep Pam Kerr); Michael Jones (SKPC); Michelle Jones; Lillian Everatt (also rep Barbara Everatt); Pauline Larder (also rep Paul); Margaret Blackburn; Mark Goose; Titch Rivet; Alice Howard and more.