Obituary: Thomas Henry Foster Walkley

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. EMN-151019-172026001

The funeral service for Thomas Henry Foster Walkley, aged 92, of Caistor, was held at Caistor Methodist Church.

The Rev Sarah Parkin officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Tom was born in Grimsby.He was a seaman, agricultural contractor, explosives engineer and trawler owner.

He also served with the Royal Navy and was a well-known and well-respected member of the Royal Naval Patrol Service Veterans.

Family mourners were: Edna Walkley (wife); John Walkley and Anne Davies (son and partner, also rep Jason Walkley, grandson); David Walkley (son); Sue Walkley (daughter-in-law); Ben Walkley (grandson); Raymond and Christine Thacker (son and daughter-in-law); Michael Thacker (grandson) and Lisa Thacker (rep Brandon and Lily Thacker, great grandchildren); Sarah Toyne (granddaughter) and David Toyne, with Josh Toyne and Kevin Toyne (rep Alfie Toyne, great-grandchildren); Catherine Marris (daughter); Jason Marris (grandson) and Donna Marris (rep Leigh Marris, grandson, and Sue Marris); Shirley Sanderson (rep Nicholas Sanderson, grandson, and Aleisha Sanderson).

Friends at the funeral service were: Louis and Robina King; Gordon Rodgers; David King; Carol and Bill Gorbutt; John Barr (also rep Jayne); Mrs G Popperwell (also rep Mr J Popperwell); Linda and Chris Arthur (also rep John Arthur); David Ornsby (also rep The Fishing Heritage Centre); Brian Linard (also rep Eileen Linard); Mr and Mrs T Short; David and Linda Ranworth; Terry and Pat Vann (also rep Graham and David Vann); Dennis Blackman; Gwen Wilson; Mary Kerrison; Sandra and Dave Kerrison; Barry Gissing (also rep the Gissing Family); M Wright; Bob Harrison; Deborah Barker (also rep Margaret Hilton); Margaret Taylor; Tony Taylor; Frank Johnson; Pat Johnson; K Somerscales; R and J Thompson (also rep the Thompson family); Mr and Mrs P McCall; Frank Fieldsend; Stewart and Karen Swinburn (past Mayor and Mayoress of NE Lincs); Julie Gough (also rep Capt Martin Gough); Ros and Ted Atkin; Mike Ornsby (also rep the late Lou Torrington RNPS and his daughters Janice, Gill and Wendy); Hayley Shepherd (also rep Jacob); Mr and Mrs A Shepherd (also rep Mrs F Holt; Sue and Tony Youdale); Photis Hardalias; Ann Todd (also rep Helen Todd); David and Linda Mason; Alice and Peter Day (also rep Norma Radcliffe); David Deptford; Dave and Karen Steenvourden; Linda Oxley (also rep Bob); Julia Somerscales (also rep Mr and Mrs J F Somerscales); Alan Somerscales; Harry Redman; Mr and Mrs David Harrison; Pete Miller; Phil Christy (Dock Master ABP); Len Davidson; Mr M Galligan.