Obituary: Steven Thomas Cottingham

Obituary: Steven Thomas Cottingham EMN-170815-182805001
Obituary: Steven Thomas Cottingham EMN-170815-182805001

The funeral service for Steven Cottingham, aged 53 of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson and the Rev Claire Walker officiated at the service, with arrangements by J Marshall Funeral Directors.

Born in Lincoln, Steve worked as an electrician until 2000, when ill health made him unable to work.

Family mourners were: Mary Cottingham (wife); Danielle Cottingham and Chelsea Eaglen (daughters); Daphne Cottingham (mother); Linda Waters and Mark Dean (sister and partner); Mandy and Aussie Brown (sister and brother-in-law); Alan and Rachel Feather Cottingham (brother and sister-in-law); Paul Taylor and Rachel Waters (brother-in-law and partner); Michael Taylor and Linsey McDermot (brother-in-law and partner); Gemma and Chris Cade, Leigh and Lauren Waters, Laura Waters and Jason Lakin, Benjamin and Jacob Cottingham, Thomas Taylor (nieces and nephews); June and John Clarke (aunt and uncle); Simon, Rob and Rhiannon Clarke (cousins), Stef Dorwood Semano; Mary Dean; Sean French and Dave Hildred (pall bearers); Richard Greaves.

Friends at the service were: Meg Willey; Sue Blackshore (also rep Nick Waters; Allan and Kath Burton); Linda Holdsworth (also rep David Willell; Karen Lawrence); Rose Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Ann Ferraby; David Pinnion; Philip and Sally Codd; Peter and Elizabeth Codd; T Paul; Nicky Wakefield (also rep Reg Wakefield); Holly Leadbeater; Matthew Philpott; Sam Hodder; Mr and Mrs Gilliott; Amy Burk; Jenny Potter; Mr and Mrs Offa; Joy and Marvin Liddle; Kerry Jeffery; Andrea and Lucy Staves; Heidi Watson (also rep Lesley Chuck); John Glover; Amanda Thompson; Helen Reid (also rep Karen Flear; Jackie Richards; Shannon White); Mr and Mrs G Veal; Steve and Karen Boryszczuk; Mr and Mrs R W Smith; Pete Lavin; Sue Mitchell; April Wright; Sharon Hildred; Emma Hildred; Nicola Hildred; Dylan Biggs; Luke Brisbane; Mr and Mrs J Baxter (also rep Carol, Sally and Philip); Sammy Fern; Sharon Fern; Pete Catterick; David Strachan; Colin and Susan Fawcett (also rep CSGB); Mr and Mrs E Roach; Darryll Easden (also rep Loll Easden; Karen Kinghorn; Tim and Kerry Paul); Samantha Rodger; Karen Trevor (also rep Tony and Caroline Trevor); Maurice and Pat Higham; Mr and Mrs F Nash; Mr and Mrs M C Cray; Mr and Mrs R Dent (also rep Darren Neave); Sandra Hayes; J Bradley (also rep staff and customers at the Aston Arms); Mr and Mrs R J W Edrich; Mr and Mrs E Flood; Mr and Mrs K Easey; Tim Hogan; Claire Hebblewhite; Roger Garnett; Mr L Tranter; Rebecca Tyson (also rep Sammy Coles); Mr and Mrs M Higgins (also rep Karen and Leah Marshall); Allan Pennell; Jason Easey; M Burkett; Rita and Dave Goulsbra; Julie Middleton; Katy Fox; Eddie Hunt; Betty Foster; Ken and Sally Foster; Carol Watson; John Nicholson; Emma Haxby; Jaqui Hildred; Viv Hildred (also rep Ben, Chelsea, Lorcan and Duncan; Philip Smith); Jenny Hildred (also rep Keith and Shane Hildred); Ken Symons (also rep Margaret Symons); Hilda Hogan; Jenny Goulsbra; Chris Middleton; Mr and Mrs J Cottingham (also rep Mark and Sam Codd); Jenny Green; Lorraine Cooling (also rep Keith Cooling); Mr and Mrs A Upton (also rep David Chambers); Nicola Drayton (also rep the Drayton family); Fred and Gwen Sellars (also rep the Sellars family); Shane Rowett; Shaun French (also rep Mo Gladding); Craig Troop; Jono Stephenson (also rep Jeff and Gill Stephenson); Clare Morris; Shaun Jackson; Allyson Allenson; David Allenson; Janet Hubbard (also rep John Hubbard – Wolds Darts and Dominos League); Mrs W Beszant; Sue Gleaddall; Mrs M Waters; Naomi Watts; Ian and Tracey McCready; Stuart Wright; April Wright; Mr and Mrs A Upton; Alison Hildred; Jed Sims; Mrs I Hildred; Mr and Mrs D Ivatt; Mr and Mrs G May; Mrs L Fisher; Brian and Carole Ashley (also rep Susan Sherlock); Mr and Mrs D Scuffham (also rep CSGB); Mavis Watson (also rep LCCC); Pauline Harfield; Kim and Becky Fearn; Theresa and Allan Storey; Mr and Mrs J B Feather; Stephen Chester; Ruth Ormain (also rep Mike, Julie, Rebecca and Amanda); Jackie Butler (also rep Tony); Hannah Smith; Kirsty Frankish; Abbie Maund.