Obituary: Shirley Clifton

The funeral service for Shirley Clifton, aged 77 years of Stainton le Vale, was held at Grimsby Crematorium.

The Rev Elaine Turner officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Michael Clifton (husband); Kevin Clifton (son); Jill Clifton (daughter-in-law); Lucy and Lisa Clifton (grandchildren) and partners James Goodhand and Robert Sanders; Jack and Ollie Sanders (great-grandchildren); Jackie Owen (niece) and Paul Owen; Jim and Jane Clifton; David and Eileen Heavey; Sue Clifton.

Friends at the service were: Angela and Ron Harrison; Mr and Mrs P Wright (also rep Phylis Wright); Joan Lamb; Catherine Turner (also rep Graham Turner); Paul and Vicky Marshall; Maureen and Terry Teal; Doreen Tapper; Mr and Mrs D Hillstead; Janie Kendall; Sue May; Mr and Mrs Bulbeck; Mrs Rippin (also rep Mr Rippin); Dawn Lynn (also rep Mr and Mrs Chris Dowse); Malcolm Vaughan (also rep staff at Sutton Est And Ian and Margaret); Francis Crow; Ann and Bob Heaton; Barbara Gillatt; Margaret Gillatt; Margaret Short (also rep Helen and Elizabeth); Mr and Mrs R Dent (also rep Andrew Dent); Roy Pritchard (also rep Michelle Pritchard, Steven and Leesa Swaby-Pritchard); Mr and Mrs Walker.