Obituary: Shirley Christine Richardson


The funeral service for Shirley Richardson, aged 76 years of North Owersby, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

Family mourners were: Harold (husband); Shaun and Jane, Nigel and Carol (sons and daughters-in-law); Sadie, Aidan, Kian, Mark (grandchildren); sister, sister-in-law, auntie, friend and neighbour.

Friends at the service were: D Dale; Liam Dale; Beth Dale; Mr and Mrs Caroline Chambers; Mr and Mrs Glen Chambers; Chloe and Holly Huxter; T Wright (also rep T and C Wright); R and J Garner; S Wright; T Eyre; Lee Wright; Mr and Mrs J Cade; R and Monica Hansard (also rep the family); Christine Mapplethorpe (also rep Gordon); Des and Loraine Goulsbra; N Hewson; Mrs J Hooton; Mrs D Dawson (also rep S Dawson); D Sleight; D Beaumont; B Wilson (also rep Jenny); Mrs McWeeny; John Codd (also rep Winnie Dunnett); Neil Richards; Roy and June Dent; Deborah Richards; Pat Richards; Wendy and Ivan Kireia (also rep the family); Gemma Kireia; Mr and Mrs Andrew Heatlie; Belinda Harwood-Garner (also rep Mark Garner, Sally Garner and family, D Garner); Mr and Mrs Wright (also rep Malcolm Wright, Michelle Bowden; Karen and Allen Wright); Margaret Wilmot; Ian Wilmot (also rep Mandy, Hedley Smith); Bob Davidson (also rep Rita Davidson and also Hooton Engineering Services); David Mapplethorpe; Sally and Mark Wallington; Mr and Mrs W Wilkinson; Diane Barlow (also rep Richard).

Arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.