Obituary: Sandy Stennett Storr


The funeral for Sandy Stennett Storr, aged 84 years, took place at Caistor Parish Church.

Family mourners were: Judith Storr (wife); Kent and Sharon (son and partner); Sally and Shane (daughter and partner); David (brother, also rep Alan Jones, Vancouver); Kay (sister-in-law); Alan and Joan (brother and sister-in-law); Jean Storr (sister-in-law); Michael Storr (nephew); Jayne and Ian Griffiths (niece and partner); Jason and Kerry Storr (nephew and partner); Susan Storr (niece); Gavin Storr (also rep Tina); Pat Storr (sister-in-law, also rep Mo); Carol Bradshaw (niece); John Storr (nephew); Anthony Storr (nephew); Andrew and Teresa Storr (nephew and partner); Jonathan Storr (nephew); Dawn and Ian Smith (niece and partner); Barry and Terry Storr (nephews); Vern and Lyn Reynolds (brother and sister-in-law); Barry and Carole Reynolds (brother and sister-in-law); Marlene Fairburn (sister-in-law); Adrian Fairburn (nephew); Andrew and Tarnya Fairburn, Richard and Helen Whiteside, Amelia and Jacob Whiteside (nephews and nieces); Sheila Storr; Jeanette Steven; Rhys and Gemma; Alison Bruce (friend); John Fox (friend); Ali and Bruce.

Other mourners were: Diane (also rep Castlethorpe N.H); Diane Good (also rep Richard and Family; Sandra McKay); Jill and David Naylor (also rep Phyllis and Robert Hollings; 
Valarie Waddington); Lesley Jackson; Susan Smithson; Anne Todd (also rep Helen Todd; Mr and Mrs Terry Van); Lyn Brumby; Rosemary and Traff Noon; Stuart Frazer (also rep Babs Frazer); John and Enid Fowler; Mr and Mrs B Dannatt; Neil Knapton; Barbara Knapton; Joyce and Bruce Curtis; Carol Easden; Mrs P Whitwell (also rep Ruby Bratley); Diane Hewson; Theresa Ballard; Denise Wilbor; Anne Snell; Janet Steer (also rep Janet, Brenda and Judith Hewise); Jean Lusby (also rep family); Eileen Burnett (also rep Linda Loveday; Mike and Heather Grant); Pauline Dawson (also rep Mrs G Wilkinson); Olive Shortland (also rep Janet Taylor and Malcolm Garner); Linda Moffatt; Angie and Ron Harrison; Margaret and Graham Smith; Mr and Mrs J Naylor; Jonathan Fox; Derek Fox; Colin and Karen Walker; June and Anthony Gaugan (also rep Brian); Robert Jackson; Jason and Kerry Storr; Sue Sudaby; Alan Reynolds; Bob Reynolds; Brian Lingard (choir); Trevor Walton (choir); Ian Short (choir); Roly Clark (choir, also rep Mrs O CLark); Derek and Esther Peterson; Joe Gibson; Ray Wylie; Leslie Coulsoy (also rep Eileen); Chris Davis (also rep Stuart and Graham Davis; Anne and John Fowler; Rachel Grainger; Ralph Rodwell; David King (choir); Carol McKenzie (also rep Kevin McKenzie); Mark Page (also rep family); Andy Jukes; Geraldine and Mac James (also rep Nina and Audrey Clark); Harry Minns; Don Morgan; John Hulse; Norma Radcliffe; Iris Soar; John Dee; Julie Michaelson (also rep Betty and Mandy Radcliffe); Diane Michelle Palmer; Rhys and Gemma Gee; Jemma and Tyler Storr.