Obituary: Sandra Kirk

Sandra Kirk
Sandra Kirk

The funeral service for Sandra Kirk, nee Fabris, aged 68 years of East Barkwith, was held at Alford Crematorium.

The Rev Charles Patrick officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Born at Louth, Sandra had worked as a legal secretary.

Family mourners were: Nicholas and Sally Kirk (son and daughter-in-law); Steven Kirk (son); Ian and Lesley Fabris, Neil and Shirley (brothers and sisters-in-law); Vivienne and Dave Chase, Janet and Dennis Belton (sisters and brothers-in-law); Yvonne Bayliss-Fabris (sister); Darren Fabris, Julian Myers, Damian Kirk, Ryan Kirk, Andrew Belton and Sam Dixon (nephews); Louise Harrison, Danielle and Michael Haughton, Sarah Johnson, Vicky and Ken Tegg, Joanne Ward (nieces); Roy and Elsie Kirk (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Christine Brooks, B Jessop (sisters-in-law); Brian Kirk and Liz Richardson (brother-in-law)

Friends at the service were: Mr J Locke; Mr H Wybrow (also rep Mr C Wybrow); Mr I Fincham (also rep Mr L Betterage); Mr T Shaw (also rep the Shaw family, Chloe Harland); Mr and Mrs L Robinson; Mrs A Robinson (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs Bull; Mr and Mrs B Chambers; Mr and Mrs M Chambers; Mrs P Powell; Mr C Powell; Mrs N Powell; Waite family; Yvonne Wilson; Chris Wilson (jnr); Mr A Wattam; Mark and Sarah Rodgers; Mrs S Johnson; Mr and Mrs Riddle (also rep Mr and Mrs Phillips); Mr O Noon (also rep Mr A Straw); Mr O Kemp; Mr S Dukes (also rep Alan Burton, Angela Price, Tim Gosling); Mr S Campion (also rep Mrs G Campion); Mr H Bourn (also rep the Bourn family); Mrs A Green (also rep Tracy, Jackie, Michelle and Tony Lee); Miss C Bradfield; Mr and Mrs Bradfield; Mrs J Perkins (also rep Mr M Perkins); Mr and Mrs J A Laughton; A F Graves; J McArdell; Paul Rowson (also rep Charlie Rowson); Mr and Mrs Mowbray; Mr and Mrs P Knights (also rep Mr and Mrs P Mettam); Mr T Knights; Mr S Blades; Mr J Sears; Miss S Knights; Mr and Mrs S M Broadwell; Mr and Mrs Spence; Mr and Mrs I Hooper; Mr N Jackson (also rep Brenda, Jamie and Anna); Mrs J Parkinson; Miss K Parkinson; Mr and Mrs Lee; Rachel Lee (also rep Phil and Di Ward); Karen Lee (also rep N Gaunt); Audrey Simons; John and May Sims; Mr Harrison (also rep Mrs G M Harrison); Mr D Baldock; Mrs S Baldock; Emma Baldock (also rep Mrs Clowes); Ken Tegg; Ruth Brader; D Brader (also rep S and J Brader); Rachel and Ray Laughton (also rep the family); Marilyn Clark (also rep Grace Clark, Shirley Glossop); Paul Johnson (also rep Sue Johnson); Dennis Ivatt; Christine Garbutt; Mr and Mrs J Bonas; Annette Spiteri; Janice and Paul Goy; Christopher Heneage; Roberta Heneage; John and Mary Sims; John Kane; J and S Cane (also rep Shirley Obson, Sheila Lacey and John Lacey); Henry and Alice Lones; Stewart Lowman (also rep Dean Murray, the Lowman family); Lucy Fincham; Mr and Mrs P Ranary (also rep Betty Ward); Jane Marshall (also rep Adam, Nina, Drew, Georgina and Jack Marshall); Nina Maplethorpe; Libby Pready; J Walton; A and D Bryant; Marlene Ann Atkin (also rep Mrs S Watson); Michael King; Matt Bruntlett; Carly Sykes; Mr and Mrs John Bell; Michael Bruntlett; Mr D S and Mrs R Howsam (also rep John Epton); Eileen Espin (also rep Joe, Adi, John and Lyn Edwards); Mrs P Till; Mr and Mrs Height; Jane Ingall; Mrs V Jarvis; Mrs A Ingall; C and E Blakey (also rep Kevin and Helen Blakey); Steve and Wendy Lowe; Susan Wych; Ralph and Chris Teanby; Maurice Poucher; Sue Cosgrove; Kathy Lowe; Trev Lowe; Richard Bell; Robert Catlin; Mr and Mrs Lock; Sarah Stamp (also rep the Stamp family); Mr and Mrs Todd; Keith Spendlow (also rep wife and son Mark); Malcolm Thackery (also rep D Mundey); Martin Cosgrove; Hannah Rogers; Rachel Gott; Sally Ward (also rep David Ward); Jennifer St John; David and June Brown; Janet and Daniel Hubbard (also rep John and family); Philip Hill; T Wilson; Tim and Doreen Rowson (also rep Mandy Rowson); Graham Noon (also rep Janet Hyland); Ann and Richard Stamp; Ruth England; Debbie Dukes (also rep Christopher Dukes); Colin Adams; Carol Stephenson (also rep Mark Stephenson); Barbara Stephenson (also rep David Stephenson); Hilary Sellars; Alan Atkin (also rep Elsie Atkin); Betty Coulson; Sue Cox and Martin Verity (also rep Charlotte, Sophie and Amy); Blue Maplethorpe (also rep Dave, Tom, Henry and Kitt); Mr and Mrs B Drury (also rep Mr G and Mrs D Drury); Gavin Drury; Mr and Mrs W Marriott; Jean Bray; Maureen Marriott; Neil and Shirley Karis; Mr B J and Theresa Bruntlett; Pat and Angela Kane; Stuart McDowall (also rep Kelly McDowall); Mr and Mrs J Burks; David Cosgrove; Hayley Rhodes (also rep Julie and Stephen); Kay Olivant (also rep Keith Olivant); Keith Blakey (also rep Charlie Hyland); Don and Barbara Briggs; H and J Robinson; G Cannon; Nick Olivant (also rep Louise Harrison); Phil Lang; Roy and Pearl Weldon; Suzanne and Brian Broughton.