Obituary: Sally Ann Daniells

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. EMN-171104-080626001

The funeral service for Sally Ann Daniells, aged 66 years of Ashby Puerorum, was held at St Mary’s Church in Horncastle.

Family mourners were; David Dunn (partner); Mr and Mrs Jason Tingle (daughter and son-in-law, also rep Nicolas Daniells, son); Mr and Mrs Oliver Daniells (son and daughter-in-law); Mr and Mrs Peter Ashton (also rep Mr and Mrs E Hammond, sister and brother-in-law); Mr and Mrs Chris Halmshaw (sister and brother-in-law); Alice Halmshaw (niece); Alistair Hall-Jones; Mr and Mrs D Guest (niece); Eloise Halmshaw (niece); Oliver Dunn; Joseph Dunn; Jean Dunn; Mr and Mrs David Callaghan; Margaret Hill; Mr and Mrs A Arden (cousin); Mr and Mrs David Wardell (cousin).

Friends at the service were: Anne Dickenson; Gilly Dobbs; Sue Soady; Shirley Burton; Mr and Mrs Ian Young; Ellen Young; Mrs J Herring (also rep Val Jackson); Lynne Carter; Mrs G Dobson (also rep Mrs J Dale); Mrs B Daniells; Val Booth (also rep Roger Booth; Dee Holt); Miss Lucy Lawton (also rep Rosemary Lawton); Mr and Mrs Roger Mann; Lynn Brown; Mr and Mrs Mark Burt; Mr and Mrs D Osbourne; D Shucksmith; Lesley Bayliss (also rep M Bayliss); Mr S Wharton (also rep Fiona Wharton); Brenda Blundell (also rep J Blundell, Virginia and Caroline); Pat Rowett; Angela Wild (also rep Mark Wild); Liz Clark; Trevor Clingo; Mr and Mrs J Schofield (also rep Mrs R Webster); Helen Todd; Miss A Todd; Jean Twydale; Mr and Mrs Hugh Massingberg Mundy (also rep John Oliver, Edward Smith; David Gaunt); Mr and Mrs W Foster; Bernie Clark (also rep Rita Grossdale); Marcell Albone; Mr and Mrs Paul Mager (also rep Biddy Hodgkinson; Jules Gardner); Mr and Mrs G Sleight (also rep Mr and Mrs D Albone); Sally Haggas (also rep Miss L Haggas, M James, Daisy, Chloe and Otto); Etta Hargrave; Mr and Mrs Peter Vergette (also rep Stephen Parker); Virginia Edmundson; S Addison (also rep John Addison); Shirley Wood; Sophie Cumberlidge; Mr and Mrs John Lockwood; Mr and Mrs P Harvey (also rep Chris, David and James Harvey); Sue Smithson; Mr and Mrs J Jackson; Mr S Stansfield; Mason Cole; Rachel Green (also rep Joanna Green); Mrs K Addison (also rep John Addison); Paul Marris (also rep Lynn Blakey); Gillian Scott; John Scott; Mr and Mrs J Harrison; Chas Payne (also rep Christine Doyle); Nicola Frick; Portia Batten; Karen Stott (also rep GrapeVine; Chloe Smith); Lucy Fenwick (also rep Ross Fenwick); Mrs K Strawson; Jane North; Rachel Fisher (also rep Sue and Rick Fisher; Emma Fisher; Birdie Dawson); Penny England; Robert Smithson; Mr and Mrs John Storr (also rep Margie Ward-Read; Jo Storr); Mr and Mrs Paul Taylor; Heather Vincent; Anne Ward (also rep Bill Brown, Riseholme); Mr and Mrs Charlie Storr (also rep Judy and Andrew Craven); Julia Dale (also rep Marianne Vincent (nee dale); Elizabeth Mossop); Julie Newton; Sarah Chambers; Sue Grooby; Janet Price; Toya Clark; Nessa Clark; Sam Timmins; Jackie Winfield; Lorraine Winfield; Sally Ladlow (also rep Forester Boyd); Katie Hopkins; Katie Hardy; Adam Chambers; Mr and Mrs G Robinson (also rep Mr M and Miss K Robinson); Jo Dawson (also rep Will Dawson); Mr and Mrs T Haxby (also rep George Haxby; Mr and Mrs Mike Harrington); Allie Heath (also rep Amanda Snowie; Jack Vincent); Bev Parsons; Mr and Mrs Jobe (also rep Mr and Mrs Dobson; Mr and Mrs D Williams; Mr S Williams); Stephen Bexon; Jeremy Newton; Lady Caroline Dixie; Emma England; Sawtwinder Samra; James England; Mr and Mrs E A Brown (also rep Mr and Mrs D J Brown; Mr and Mrs M Ingram); Ruth Wright; Mr and Mrs Richard Collett; Mr and Mrs Ian Todd; Sue McLean; Edward Robinson; Janet Thompson; Mrs J Smith; Mr and Mrs Chalfin; Luke Smith; Joe Smith; Mrs Tim Strawson; Bindy and Ellie Garnett; Julie and Sarah Farnworth; Alison Hudson (also rep Richard Hudson; Hannah Lundberg); Nick Ollard (also rep Claire Ollard); Kim Collen (also rep Charlotte Porter); Mr and Mrs John Denton (also rep Mr and Mrs Ambrose Fowler); Mr and Mrs Richard Craven (also rep Judy and Trevor Wilden); Sally Speed; Ginny Harrop (also rep Simon Harrop); Mr and Mrs D Pilling; Jane Rany (also rep Michael); Mr and Mrs Day; Mrs Horseman and Miss Horseman; Mr and Mrs John Wright (also rep the Wilkinson family); Nicola Clarke (also rep Sue Wright); Mr and Mrs Colin Sanderson; Fay Brown; Mr and Mrs Ian Lawless; Joan Littleworth; Ann Stamp; Hilly Mayman; Lizzy Riggall; Susan Ward (also rep Peter Ward); Mr and Mrs J Fenwick (also rep Mr and Mrs Ross Fenwick; Rachel and William Fenwick); Clive and Allison Goodyear; Victoria Storr; Emma Storr; Blue Maplethorpe (also rep David Maplethorpe); Sue Neave; Jackie Kinsey; Caroline Smith; Mr and Mrs Stephen Ireland; Mr and Mrs Julian Dunning; Mr and Mrs John Buckley; Jane Rose; Amy Hudson; Mary Hudson; Diane East; Stephen Buckwell; Rodger Gooseman (also rep Miles Gooseman); Jane Holloway (also rep Mr and Mrs S Smith); Mr and Mrs Ralph Owens; Mr and Mrs Tim Bradford; Maureen White (also rep The Laurels; the White family); Mr and Mrs Louis King (also rep the King family); Shirley Wright; Mr and Mrs Steve Tingle; Mr and Mrs Martin Clarke; John Abby; Mr and Mrs Simon Halmshaw (also rep John and Barbara Halmshaw, Louise Halmshaw and also Jill Thomas); Jayne Robinson; Mr and Mrs Bry Ocklefield; David Borman; Mr and Mrs Martin Riggall; Heather Vestbirk (also rep Hans, Rebecca, James and Emma Middleton); Jo Strawson; Kellie Ross; Mr and Mrs A Rose (also rep Mrs Pinny Strawson, Mrs Lesley Bradshaw and also Mr and Mrs W Rose); James Walgate and family; Mr and Mrs A Clark; Alistair Ramsey; Mr and Mrs Keith Hardy; Mr and Mrs Tim Pinny (also rep Catherine); Emma Wardell; L Newton; Mr and Mrs T Borrill (also rep Stewart and Didi Atkinson; Mr and Mrs Moody); George Hudson; J Wardell; Abigale Lee; Kate Machin; Lucy Heathcote (also rep Mike and Leslie Plaskitt; Josie Hardy); Katherine Hairsine; Ruth Anyan; Freda Cooper; Mr and Mrs Philip Hopkins; Mr and Mrs R Campbell; Alex Clarke; Adam Craven; Adam Craven; Mr and Mrs R Marris; Mr and Mrs Sarah Faulding; Kate and Rebecca; Jo Needler (also rep Hedley Needler; David Mollett); Mrs E Basford; Mr J Basford; Richard Coulbeck; Mr and Mrs Rodger Smith; Mr and Mrs Simon Foster (also rep Becky and Ben Smiley); Jennifer Fisher (also rep Margie Varvall); Henry Clarke (also rep James and Stephen Clarke); Nicola Baillie; Mr and Mrs Charles Baxtor; Mr and Mrs David Brown; Mr and Mrs Mike Burton; Mr and Mrs David Haxby; Mr and Mrs Chis Westwood; Griffiths family; Mrs P Todd; David Ashton; K Chapman; E Bradley; Diana Ward; Liz Bradley; Mr and Mrs P Good; Mr and Mrs J Thompson; Mr and Mrs Peter Marriott; William Robinson; Dawn Robinson; Marie Gibson; Rosemary Ross; Poppy Nicholson (also rep Rob Nicholson; Alex Albone); Mr and Mrs N Peerless; Mary Worth; Mr and Mrs David Williams; Mr and Mrs Alan Peck; Rosie Thornton; Trish and Samantha Hardy; Mr and Mrs Roger Massingberg Mundy; Mr and Mrs Will Baxter; Mr and Mrs Roger Herring; Melanie Morley; Phil Whittington; Philip Hewson; Mike Hewson; Alison Sinclair; Barry Audies (also rep John Rojahn); Keith Plant; Mr and Mrs John Nickson; Anna Steele; Isabelle Wilson (also rep Christine Mapplethorpe); Abigail Clark (also rep Roger Clark; Joyce Rhodes); Mike Johnson (also rep Chris Johnson); Margot Charlton; Mr and Mrs Tingall; Nancy Sorlent; Paul Batten; Wendy Goodall; Freda Wilson; Mr and Mrs Michael Read; Mr and Mrs Les Edwards; Mr and Mrs Mark Vincent; Julia Edwards; Laura Wardell; Jeremy Bass (also rep Judith Bass); P Southern; J R Oliver; Mr and Mrs Mike Garrs; Mr A Arden; Mr R Arden.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.