Obituary: Roy Cameron Perry

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. EMN-170927-082215001

The Memorial service for the Roy Cameron Perry, aged 89, was held at All Hallows Church, North Kelsey.

The Rev Mary Dawson conducted the service.

Family mourners attending were: Joan Perry (wife); Anna Perry (daughter); Mr and Mrs Sara and Derek Hall (daughter and son-in-law); Jess Wright (daughter); Gwen Hills (granddaughter); Ben Wright (grandson); Toby Wright (grandson); Robert Hall and Philippa Dickinson (grandson and partner); Laurie Perry and Will Heslop (granddaughter and partner); Pauline and Dave Roberts (cousin and husband); Rachel Hill.

Other mourners attending: Jane Beeson; Marion and Noel Black; Kathy Knight; Tom Robinson (also rep Sheila Robinson); Janet Sheardown (WI); Brian Sheardown; Roy Woodhead; Ron and June Hall; Freda Staves; John and Pat Johnson (also rep Vincent Lewis, rep RAFARS); Rachel Sugden; Shirley Turner; Brian Byworth; Diana Atkinson; Herbert and Marion Whitelam; Jan and John Bletcher; William East; Loretta Rivett; Pauline Ellis (also rep Jean Collins, and Enid Graham); Margaret Thompson; Maureen Penn; Cynthia Allison (also rep Marie Johnson, and Lisa Smith); Leslie Clark; Mohammad Ali; Margaret Hornsby (also rep Stephen and Margaret Flippance); Martin Chapman; Jean and Melvin Gray; Michael Shaw; Derek and Barbara White; Laura Turner; Jackie Cheetham and Rodney Taylorson; Christine and Mike Watkins (also rep North Kelsey Bowls Club); Claire Balderson (also rep Knapton Farm, and all at Farm Park); Tom and Ruth Fowler; Stuart and Lynda Wilkinson; Joyce Gregory (ex. pupil); Steve Clayton (ex. pupil); Peter Richardson (also rep Brigg Rifle Club); Judy Mackenzie; Bert and Norma Acum; Richard Frank (ex Teaching Colleague); Roland and Angela East; Vera Johnson (ex Colleague rep Jane Tacey); Ken Creasey (also rep Sue); Alex Watson; Patricia East; Vicky Bennett; Peter Brumpton (also rep Lisa); Bill and Elsa Cox (also rep Jenny and John Wallhead); Laurides Latham; Gloria Carotti-Fisher (ex. pupil); Barbara Gilleard; Andrea Stopford and sister; Joan Ward; Marcia Dyke; Mrs M Ellis; Ann Brown; Margaret Thompson; June Hall; Kathy Knight; Carmen Aricol; Ros Pinkett; Georgi Rawlins; Guy Rawlins; Leslie Clark; Nick Duckworth; William East; Tim Neal; Ron Whitehouse; Mr and Mrs D Bowness; Mr and Mrs R Croisdale; Mr and Mrs John Clark; Mr and Mrs D White; Mr R Woodhead.

Funeral arrangements were by Co-operative Funeralcare, Brigg.