Obituary: Rosemary Bierlein

The funeral service for Rosemary Bierlein, aged 59 years of Lissington, was held at the parish church.

Rosemary was born in Lincoln and in her early days worked on the land.

For the last 15 years she had worked as cleaner for the White Hart in Lissington.

Family mourners were: Stephen Bierlein (husband); Jason and Colleen Bierlein (son and daughter-in-law); Tracey and Jon Wells (daughter and son-in-law); Karla and Jason (daughter and son-in-law); Maureen and Mac McCann, Elaine and John (sisters and brothers-in-law); Richard and Shirley (brother and sister-in-law); Sue Willey (sister-in-law); Declan and Megan Bierlein, April-Rose Williams, Abigail Wells, Matilda and Alfie, Christopher, Florence and Rose Fawcett (grandchildren); William and Veronica Bierlein (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Barbara Hackney (close family friend); Paul and June McCann; Stephen and Tina McCann; Liam and Charlotte McCann; Stephen and Karen Norton; Craig, Adam, Lucy Norton; Jane and Paul Norton; Julie and Rob Davies; Becky Willey; Darren Willey; Nathan and Kerry Willey; Joanne Willey; Richard Willey; John and Jenny Northing; Marija Smith (rep OJ); Iris True; Sue and Phillip True; Gemma and Iris True; Lesley and Tobi True; Liane Elliott; Lauren Elliott; Stephen and Marge Phealan; George and June True; Charlotte and Tom True; Emily True; Karl Bierlein; Gary Bierlein; Adam and Claire Bierlein; Mark Bierlein.

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs A Ward (also rep Mr and Mrs N Ward); Mr and Mrs Kirk; Mrs H Mumby (also rep Mr D Mumby); Mrs Holden; Mrs Williamson; Mrs C Davidson (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs Burrows; Victoria Burrows; Amy Burrows; Mr C Downend (also rep the family); Mrs J Key; Lucille East; Mrs P Jex; Matthew Willey; Mrs K Bradford (also rep Tom and Will); Mrs Johnson; Mrs C Lowe; Maureen Webb (also rep the Webb family); Chris Brown; Mr R Fox; Mr and Mrs A Herring; Mr R Davies (also rep Mr and Mrs Frankish); Mrs S Freeman (also rep Dr K Freeman, Miss E Freeman); Mr and Mrs Willey; Mr and Mrs Fawcett; John Paul Fawcett; Freda Horton; Diana Wentworth; Carla Wentworth; Alan Tyers; Tony Dowse; Viv Hildred; Mr and Mrs J Lingard; Peter Cook; Gillian and Clive Waring; Mr and Mrs D Kirk; Mrs Paul Lucas; Mr and Mrs Gilliatt; Cheryl Mumby; Rosemary and Chris Anderson; P Steel (also rep Brian, Michael and Philip); Phil Brown; Sandra Atkin; Thelma Surfleet (also rep Derek Nawton); Robin Davis; Lynn Dobson (also rep Les and Jean Climo); James Freeman; Amy Freeman; Kathy Dunn (also rep Wragby Fire Service); J Belt; Ted Goulsbra; Mrs Goulsbra (also rep the family); Eric Johnson (also rep Gary Johnson); M Havercroft; Rick, Sandra, Emma and James Snowden; Stephen Ward; John Hindle; Dave Chiltern; Mr and Mrs Johnston; John Anderson; Chris Anderson (also rep The White Hart); David Brown; Marilyn Coles; Steve Rowett