Obituary: Rose Cole

The funeral service for Rose Cole, aged 54 years of Caistor, was held at the parish church.

Fr Tom Breslin officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Mason Cole (husband); Oliver (son); Anna and Sadie (daughters); Tony and Marie Gaughan, Martin and Julie Gaughan (brothers and sisters-in-law); Martin and Ann Galvy, Neil and Mary Hollingsworth (brothers-in-law and sisters); John Gaughan (brother); Audrey Cole (mother-in-law).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs W Marshall (also rep Roberta Heneage); David Burke (also rep Elsie May Burke); Cathy and Kenny Roberts; Pauline Szewczuk; Kate Barker; Richard Leeson; Margaret Kennedy; Cathy Knight; Alan Saxton (also rep Lynda Saxton); Chris and Kathleen Bettany; Richard Hollingsworth; Charlotte, Nick and Matilda Harris; Susie Coles; Emma Dillerstone; Christine Robinson (also rep Richard and Kathleen); Mr and Mrs Downing; Mr and Mrs Ian Burnett (also rep Roger Herring); Jackie Thomas (also rep Alan Hydes); Bill King (also rep Brenda and James Hall (nee Bontoft)); Marty, Mary-Ann, Tony and Deborah Gaughan (Lincoln); Freda Staves (also rep John Staves); Kay Mellors (also rep Mick and Dean Mellors); The Clayton family of Laceby; Ian Marriott (also rep Peter, Marie and Paul and also Liz Jefferson); Margaret and Graham Smith; Patrick Wootton-Calvey; Sacha Wootton-Calvey; Ethan Wootton-Calvey; Norma Wootton-Calvey; Mr and Mrs J Knipe (also rep Paul Knipe); Gordon Rogers (also rep Malcolm Wright); Martina Allen (also rep Mum and Ryan); Margaret Roach (also rep Stuart Roach); Helen Thompson; John Pridgeon; Paul Stubbs; Mr and Mrs John Shaw; Chloe and Tom Shaw; Andrea Munro; Jean Willey; J P Gaughan; Mary-Ann Gaughan; Chris Gowthorpe; Dan Gowthorpe; Matt and Susannah Boulton (also rep Rowley Boulton); Violet O’Neal (also rep the family); John Coen; Tim Robinson; Tom and Marie and Lisa Lydon; Dr Helen Driving; Laura Pearson; Jayne Pearson; Ann and John McIntyre (also rep the Togher family – Caistor); Patrick and Nora Creane; Janet Chamberlin (also rep the family); William Fenwick; Rachael Kealey; Ella Morris; Mr and Mrs A J Hilton (also rep Mr and Mrs A L Chambers, Mr and Mrs M Nixon); Stuart Mapplethorpe (also rep Mrs Deborah Mapplethorpe, Miss Nicola Ison); Perry Brumby; Marie Brumby; Rosie Brumby; Heather Grant (also rep Mike Grant (Post Office)); Sinead Lawrence (also rep Michael Lawrence and Oliver Lawrence); Jennifer Rogers; Mr and Mrs Stephen Lambert; Sabina Stack; Stephen Barratt; Joseph Barratt; Rose White; James McDermot; Andrew Bell; Paul and Bernadette Crossland; Annie May and Bill Gaughan; Ciaran Gaughan; Suzanne Liverpool; Mr and Mrs T Marsden; Anna, Martha, Rachael and Daniel Kent; Denise Evans; Michael and Maureen Suddaby; Martin Gaughan; Janet Elsom; Richard Green; Linda Mann (also rep Claire Oliver and Sam Oliver); Alfie Gude and family; Sue Ware; Rachael Gibbons (also rep Jonathan Gibbons); Lee Houghton; Kathleen and Declan Bennnan; Mr and Mrs Starling (also rep John and James); Anne Eland; Christine White; Jill Smith; Mr and Mrs Grafton; Robert and Jenny Hurst; Anderson family; Rachel and Ann Kitchen and family; Steve Ward (also rep Sally); Ruth and Peter Hoare; Mr and Mrs B Lundy (also rep the Sinclaire family); Mr and Mrs Littlewood; Mrs A Newbert (also rep Mrs Nadine Byrne); Jill Flippance; Peter Howard; Geoff Rolles; David Kent; Eileen Jackson (also rep Peter Jackson); Phillip Marshall; Sophie Anne Kent; Simon Lilley; Jomes Togher (also rep Bridie and Macy and family); Tony Dale; Vincent and Beverley Flannery; Martin Riggall (also rep William Riggall); Shaun Beales; Cassandra Blakeston; Anthony Flannery; Josie Clark (also rep Nick Clark); Philip and Katherine McMullen; Kate Backhouse; Martin Cafferty; Siobhan Cafferty; Edward O’Boyle; Thomas O’Boyle; Michael Togher; Eric and Sally Morton (also rep Fenella Morton); P J and Kathleen Sweeney; Mr R Marriott (also rep Shelagh and family); Mick Smith and Carolyn Smith (also rep Charmaine and Siobhan); Mr and Mrs P Harrison (also rep Mrs J Lawn); Colin Pitman; Pat Sinclaire; Mary Couling; Mr A Smith; Mrs Smith; Richard, Louise, Amy, Robert, Harry and Megan Lancaster (also rep Mrs C Lancaster); Mrs K Salmon (also rep Mr C Salmon, Mrs James Fenwick); Mrs S Bower; Mr B Winter (also rep Alistair and Duncan Winter); Mrs B A Butters (also rep Mr M Butters); Mr T Butters; Mrs N Newell; Mr and Mrs D Shepherd (also rep Mrs Bray); Mrs S Proctor; Mrs E Cartwright; Mrs J Moore; Mrs S Twigger (also rep Jack, Julie and Brian); Mr and Mrs P Grant; Mr and Mrs G Evans, Malachy and Amelia; Mr and Mrs Cane; Miss L Cane; Mr T Cane and P Cane; Mr and Mrs Dillon; Mr and Mrs W Shaw; Mrs J Parrott; Mr C Parrot (also rep Philip and Jenny); Mr L Clark; Neil and Ellen Knapton (also rep Mr R Reilly); Mrs D Bray (also rep Mr P Bray); Mr M Richardson; Mr and Mrs Thurgood; Mr K Clark (also rep Mrs S Clark); Mrs A Lawrence; Mr P Marris; Mr and Mrs Barrett; Mrs J Smith (also rep North Lincs Music and Drama Festival Society); Mrs M Grisdale; Mr and Mrs D Taylor (also rep Mr and Mrs B Kirkby); Pat Dawkins; John Henry Dawkins; Mr and Mrs R Harrison (also rep Olive Atkin); Mr and Mrs Black; Mr N Douglas (also rep Mrs D Douglas); Mrs D Holvey; Mr and Mrs Inman; Mr and Mrs E Davey; Mrs L Chapman (also rep Mr J Chapman); Mr M Hargraves; Mrs A Todd (also rep Mrs H Todd); Mr J Neal (also rep Caistor Health Centre); Mrs K Dame; Mrs J Hockley (also rep Caistor District Nurses); Mrs S Gaughan; Mr and Mrs Gaughan; Mr and Mrs Williams; Mr and Mrs Stevenson; Mr and Mrs Pattison; Mr R Hart; Mr R Hansard (also rep the family); Mr E Richardson; Helga Sandham; Mr J Sandham; Mr and Mrs N Hunton; Mrs C King; Mr R Harris; Mrs J Pridgeon; Mr and Mrs T Vann; Mr J Richardson; Mrs S Booth; Mr D Starling (also rep MRLRC); Mr P Stubbs; Mrs P Smith; Mr and Mrs C R Clark; Mrs S Williams; Mrs M Etchell; Mr and Mrs P Dixon (also rep Mr and Mrs G Smith, Mr and Mrs J Anyan, Mr and Mrs C Miller); Mrs G Kent (also rep Jack and Tom); Tony Smith (also rep Jackie Smith); Mr P Wakefield (also rep Mrs N Wakefield); Robert Key (also rep Kate Key); Jen Barrett (also rep Emily and Charlie); Mrs M Joyce (also rep Mr S Joyce); Mr and Mrs S Raul; Mrs J Strawson; Mrs M Gatherty; Mr P Conroy; Mr and Mrs G Avison; Mr and Mrs M P Barrett; Mr and Mrs B Collins (also rep Tom and Holly); Mr and Mrs G Bore; Mr and Mrs P Robinson; Mr and Mrs A Couling; Mrs J Smith (also rep Mr and Mrs T F Smith); Mr M Cleave (also rep Monica and also Mr and Mrs Alfy Good); Mr and Mrs Farrow (also rep Pat Massey); Mrs B Coulson (also rep Joe and Richard); Jayne Coulson (also rep David, Rebecca and Elizabeth); Mr A Roworth; Mrs M Mundy; S Price; Miss R Mundy; Mr and Mrs Maund; Mr M Day (also rep Mrs A M Day); Mr T Dixon (also rep the family); Mrs D Palmer (also rep Judy and Sandy Sherma); Mrs B A Garhity (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs R Gaughan; Mrs K Gaughan; Mr L Martin; Mrs Pullford; Mr and Mrs A Gaughan; Mr and Mrs W Parker (also rep Mrs M Sergeant); Mrs C Bowen (also rep Mr D Bowen and family); Mr and Mrs S Harrison; Mrs K Haugh and Kate; Mr and Mrs Calvey; Mr T Phipps; Mr H Phipps; Mrs M Gaughan; Mrs S Daniels; Mr K Ellis; Father D O’Connor; Mrs F Lintin (also rep Mr J Lintin); Mr A Hawkes; Mr and Mrs M Burgess (also rep Sam, Jo, and Imogen); Mr and Mrs Liddy; Mr D Barker (also rep M Galligan, M Sizer, K Lee, Norma and John Radcliffe, D Martin); Mr and Mrs Davis; Mrs L Crowley (also rep Mrs J Asrock); Mr V Shadlock (also rep P C and C M Shadlock, D Shadlock); Mr N Pope; Mr J Holt (also rep Mrs Y Holt, L Blackland); Mrs Padley; Mr D Lewis (also rep the Lewis family); Mr D Appleyard; Mrs A McKenzie; Mr A Terry (also rep Lincoln Motors); Mr T Strawson (also rep Mrs J Strawson, Mr P Strawson); Mr G Starling (also rep Mrs M Pettinger); Mr and Mrs D Mawer (also rep Mr and Mrs G Slight, Mr and Mrs G Moore, Mr and Mrs J Edinson); Mrs L Gaughan (also rep Mr A Knaves); Mrs A Hudson (also rep Mr R Hudson); Mr and Mrs O’Leary; Mrs K Steel; Mr T McMullen; Mr and Mrs Davidson; Mrs Ryan; Mrs V Gaughan; Mo and Wacmi Plachcinski (also rep Chloe and Sophie); Mrs E Gaughan; Mr Cosgrove; Mrs J Jackson; Mr E Green (also rep Mr C Green); Mr D Waite; Mr K Dyne; Mr M Lilley (also rep Mrs C Lilley and Simon and also Richard Lilley); Mrs C Marshall (also rep Cynthia’s Hairdressers and the girls); Stephen and Jo Kirkby (also rep Sam Kirkby and Simon Kirkby); Tony Keane; L Broderick; Margaret Bennett; Mr and Mrs Wood (also rep Mr and Mrs J Wright, Dr and Mrs Parry); Tony Bradford (also rep Rhona); Pearl Waterman (also rep Steve Waterman); Mr and Mrs J Fenwick (also rep Mr N Hindle); Mr and Mrs Eric Bell; D Tinker; Michael Barrett; Mr and Mrs Rex Brumpton; Mr and Mrs K Potts (also rep Brigg Musical Club); Mr and Mrs A Gaughan; Peter Wride (also rep Liz and Kate Hunton); G and B Oxley; Mrs V Chamberlin (also rep Mr G Chamberlin); Mrs B Chamberlin (also rep Mr D and Miss L Chamberlin); Jill and David Naylor; Michael Kelly (also rep Pauline Kelly); Elizabeth Spilman (also rep Mr K Spilman); Marjorie Spilman; Dorothy and Eric Anderson (also rep J Wheatley); Bev Davey; Mark and Rachael Burt; May and George Burt (also rep Elaine and Joy Burt); Mark and Heather Chapman; Freddy and Bill, Ben and Mally Curtis; K Robinson (also rep Dave and Janice Donovan); Mr and Mrs Martin Lawton and Lucy (also rep Amy Chamberlin); Jess Gaughan and Ben; Dan Gaughan and Inga; Tracy Southern and Gary Southern; Henry and Colin Gaughan; Tom and Elizabeth Norton (also rep St Mary’s School, Brigg); Mrs R Shaw; Miss J Parker; Claire Strawson (also rep Edward); Alan and Irene Sharlotte; May Ross and Grant; M Lovelle; R Wilson; Debbie McKitton (also rep Terry); Michael Joyce (also rep Maureen); Chris and Vicky Halmshaw; Charlotte and Emma Ward (also rep Stephen and Meryl Ward); Mr and Mrs B Treadgold, Ben and Angus (also rep Mr and Mrs R Treadgold); Mr R Hilton; Lynne Day (also rep Alison Day); Judith Twell (also rep Saly Pegg, Alan Stephenson, P Laing); Nigel and Ann Smith; Richard Cutsforth and Elaine; Simon Smith; Joanne Powell; Robert and Jo Woolliams (also rep Mr Nichols); Michael Hastings; Helen Godfrey (also rep Pauline and Leonard Chapman); Malcolm Robinson; Hazel Cook (also rep Dean); John Caughan; Kerry Gilby; David and Gill Rose; John and Lucy Cook; David and Christine Anderson; Mrs Sandra Hayes; B Hayes; John Staves; Paul Taylor; Rose Taylor and Keira; A Parnell; Helen Rowson (also rep Mr Nick Harland and also Winterton Agricultural Society); Laura, Edward and James Illingworth; D Caughan; Mrs S Barker (also rep A Barker); Mr and Mrs N M Cooper; Mr and Mrs M Whittaker (also rep Tom and Charles); Mary Robbins (also rep Ian Robbins); Chris Janney; James Berridge; Rebecca Mundey (also rep A Mundey); B Mundey (also rep Jane and John Mundey); L and D de Witt; T Ruck (also rep Lesley and family); N Vanlennep; Liam, Jennifer, Julian, Chrissie and Kate Sawyer; Kate Blastard; Kate Trueman; Maria Orr; M Gissing (also rep the Gissing family); Sheila Parneil; Vicky Marshall; Adrian and May Greenley; Lewis and Robina King; Richard, Bridget and Laura Holmes; Sarah MacLind; Mr and Mrs J Buckley; G and T Patchett; Bridget Foreman; Pat Crewe; D Wild (also rep the Wild family); Mrs K Burke (also rep Travis Perkins); Mrs H Clayton; Angela Thomas (also rep the Woodhand family); David Lightfoot (also rep the Parish Council); John Farrell; Tony and Frances Gaughan; Mr and Mrs N Watson and Thomas; Bernadette and Benedict Harris; Sean Barrett and M Barrett; Mr and Mrs Miles; R and J Miles; Audrey Cole; Mr C Read (also rep The Earl of Yarborough); Robert Barr (also rep Brocklesby Estate); Mary Scanlon; Hayley Palmer (also rep the Pickering family); D Dodd; Alex Greetham; J Sheerah; C Faherty; J Weeks (also rep the Weeks family and also the Langham family); Alan and Beatrice Turner (also rep the Turner family); Paul Rosaman; R Robertson; Ian Garfoot (also rep Mrs Garfoot); Liz Gilbert (also rep P and M Kent); Chris Davies; Jean Thomas (also rep Russell and Linda Thomas); Roy Thomas (also rep Midge Thomas); Mick and J Banks; Karen Kumar; C Campbell; Tracy Laverty; Robert and Bridget Turner (also rep J Turner); Brian and Georgina Wilkinson; Michael Gaughan; Andy Ruckett; A Scanlon (also rep the Barrett Brothers); Laurie Kane; Rachel Gott; Oliver Noon; A and P Turnbull (also rep George and Sally Sanderson, Ben and Lizzy Hargreaves); Carmen Riggall; J and P Joyce; Catherine McHale (also rep John McHale); John Burns-Salmond; Ann McKenzie (also rep the McKensie family); Neville Watson; T Bowen; J and C Madden

Lesley Kirk (also rep the Kirk family); Ashley Boyles (also rep Mrs Boyles); Geoff Dunn; Vera Longthorn; Stuart Hurd; Andrew and Sarah Buckley; R Caughan; Claire Marshall; George Hudson (also rep Rachel Hudson); Mary Hudson; Aden and Rachel Whitwell; John and Elizabeth Stockdale; Peter and Amanda Osbourne;

Ms Ellis (also rep Karl, Claire and Wendy); Mr and Mrs Owen; Mrs T Williams; Mrs Woods (also rep the Woods family, W D Staves); Peter and Noreen Gaughan; Arthur and Margaret Hoare; David Wood (also rep Judy Wood); Helen Lewis (also rep Edward, Adam and Emma Lewis); Dr Sue Protheroe; George Strawson; Deborah Faulkes; Michael Cafferty; Jean Mumby (also rep Steve, Sean and R Mumby); David Deptfort (also rep the Deptford family); John Chucks; Joel Vincent; Mark Colebrook (also rep Claire); Mr Maugan; Bridie Burns.