Obituary: Ronald Francis Barr


The funeral service for Ronald Francis Barr, aged 85 years of South Kelsey was held at St Mary’s Church.

The Rev Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Margaret Barr (wife); Sue and Ken Grooby, Nancy Barr and Yvonne Wood, Jane and Euan Hunter (daughters); Stuart and Maria Barr (son); Julia and Wayne Peacock, Robert Grooby, Louise and Andrew Barr, Elizabeth Wood (grandchildren); Jack and Ben Peacock (great-grandchildren); Ken Barr (brothers); Joan Gash, Kathleen and John Smith, Margaret Barr and Jean (sisters); Betty and Fred Umpleby.

Friends at the service were: Mrs G Campion (also rep Mrs M Sergeant); Mrs H Hansard (also rep Mr M J Hansard, Mrs S Holm Johansen); Hazel Barr; Mr and Mrs B Martin; John Barr; John and Ruby Jackson; Elsie Boothroyd; Mrs J Rhodes; Mrs E Wilkinson (also rep Les); Doris Woodall; Leslie and Grace Hewson; Alan Walker; Colin Johnson (also rep Joyce Johnson); Richard and Molly Stringfellow; John and Freda Staves; Jane Beeson; Arthur Dawson (also rep the family); Gill Turner; Debbie Brockbank; Judy Clark; Chris and Meg Bainbridge; Mr and Mrs N Ward; Eric Dowse; Mr M Dowse; Malcolm Parker; Michael Owen (also rep South Kelsey Cricket Club); John Ward; Michael Inglis; Lewis Strange; Mr P Knapton; Mike Smith; Derek and Esther Peterson; Jo Gibbons (also rep Male Voice Choir, Caistor); Claire Balderson (also rep Christopher and Simon Knapton, John and Pauline Walker); Keith and Vi Knapton (also rep the family); Mrs E Umpleby; A Cooling; John Umpleby; Sarah Bayes; Mr and Mrs Jukes; Robert Dinsdale; Kev Dawson; Mr and Mrs C Watson; Mr and Mrs P Sharp; Mr and Mrs B Fox; Dorothy Carson; Jo Glazier (also rep Barbara Davy); Mr J Hannath; Sue Rainthorpe; Cath Hairsine; Janet Pryce; Pauline Ellis; Ray Wylie; Sarah Baxter; Annette Jones (also rep Little Brocklesby Care); Ken Clark (also rep Sheila Clark); Liz, Simon and Hannah Ives; Paul Umpleby; Donna Wilson; Vicky Neesham (also rep Mr G Neesham); David King – Caistor Male Voice Choir; Pat Codd; Mr and Mrs T Tomlinson (also rep Nancy Vernam); Lynn Alltoft; Doreen Wright (also rep the Sinclaire family); Angela Bryant (also rep John Branston); Richard Barr; Simone Porter; Alec and Pamela Wrightson; Judy McKenzie; John and Sandra Green (Sheffield); Susan Hannath; Mary Barr (also rep Christopher and James Barr, Heather Barrett); Michael Hunter; Dr and Mrs Joyce Hunter (also rep Jonathan Hunter); Roland East; David Vickers; Serena Gadd; John Cope; Russell Barr; Heather Norton; B W Ellis (also rep Mrs M Green); Kevin Thompson; Mrs M Dinsdale (also rep Rob Dinsdale); Mrs M Husband; Mr and Mrs R J Umpleby; Jill Holland; Emer Ward; Mr and Mrs G Graham; Guy Grainger (also rep Market Rasen Bridge Club); Julie Umpleby.