Obituary: Roger Charles Lyons

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. EMN-151019-172026001

The funeral service for the Roger (Rog) Charles Lyons, aged 68, was held at Grimsby Crematorium.

The Rev Sue Allison officiated at the service and arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services.

Family mourners were: Jen Lyons (wife); Emma and Phil Kidd (daughter and son-in-law); Andy and Gill Lyons (son and daughter-in-law); Sarah Lyons and Kyle Rance (granddaughter and partner); Harry Lyons and Callum Kidd (grandsons); Alfi Rance (great-grandson); Jeff and Sandie Lyons (brother and sister-in-law); Tony and Lesley Chapman (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Gerald Brown (cousin); Martin Jeffrey; Ernie and Chris Jeffrey; Antony Lyons (cousin); Julie and Mike Arnett (cousin and husband); Stephanie Teanby and Eddie Duncan (cousin and partner, also rep Lee and family in Australia); Sue and Ken Harmon (step-sister and brother-in-law); Pauline Lyons (stepmother); Ian and Charlotte Lyons (nephew and wife); Paul Wilson; Jamie Chapman (nephew, also rep Zoe); Colin and Marjorie Hebden; Christine and Michael Wileman (cousin and husband); Brett and Sue Lyons (nephew and wife); Elliott Lyons and Oliver Lyons (great-nephews); Tessa Lyons (niece); Daniel Lyons (nephew); David and Victoria Chapman (nephew and wife); Martin Johnson (cousin); Jackie and Simon Shaw (niece and husband, also rep Steve and Donna Lyons, nephew and wife); Jake and Sylvia Parkinson (uncle and aunt).

Family mourners unable to attend were: Sarah and Chris Young (niece and husband, Australia); Ness and Thomas Lyons (nephew and wife).

Other mourners were: Mick Parker (also rep Caroline); Leslie and Josephine Carter; Tracey Green; Amy Keegan (also rep Hannah); Tony and Pat Willoughby; Geoff Ingamells; Terry and Elsa Mumby; Jen Carlyon; John Dickenson (also rep Carole); Ann Huxstep (also rep Nigel); Susan Beveridge (also rep Binbrook School); Colin Babiczuk; Keith Dunham (also rep Mick Parrish); Michael and Rachel Maylor; Colin Winson; Shona Drew; Keith Parrott; John and Linda Mawer; Tony Turner; Mandy Jenkinson (also rep David); Andrew Wright; Jeannette Brothwell (also rep Margaret Grantham); Alan and Jennifer Johns; Des and Pat Pearce; Roly and Avril Clarkson; Jason and Gail Mumby (also rep W H Dale Ltd.); Paul and Vicky Marshall (also rep Sarah and William Laming; Gary and Sandra Carter; Jamie Carter; John and Rose Ford; David Smallwood; Barbara Chester; Peter Lister; Rod and Marg Mumby (also rep Darren and family); Kevin Mumby (also rep Helen and girls); Mick Kidd; Tony and Teresa Bryson; Ian and Lizzie Shaw; Roger Garrod; Mr R Harris; Sally Hewitt; Rose Read (also rep Karen and Ernie Thompson); Joan Davidson; Deanna and Tony Bradley; Pete and Freda Lammin; Tim Johnson (also rep Gail); Christopher Johnson (also rep Lena, Jayne, Sandra and Liz); John and Julie Shaw; Gill and David Wrisdale; David and Fiona Anderson; Sandra Canada; Steven May; John Maultby; Sylvia Everton; Helen Wright (also rep Frit); Baz Frayne (also rep Brian Webster); Chris Diplock (also rep William Street Services); Brian and Janet Denton; Roland and Margaret Smith (also rep Hewson Smith and Sons); Jennifer Leeman; Peggy Brooker (also rep Kay and Steve Marshall); Anita Miller; Amanda Willoughby; Tony and Valerie Drew; Rachel and Keith Mallinson; Frank and Bev Preston (also rep Kerry and Tracey); Ian Jarvis (also rep Jayne Evans); Carol Molton (also rep the family and Julie Borthwick); Pete and Pat Hooper; Richard Hansard; Hefina Brumpton; David and Lesley Ward; Tony Rushby (also rep Helen Borst); Mr R R Read (also rep Binbrook Motors); Paul Farmery; Thomas Jenkinson (also rep David); Zoe Humberstone and Denise Popplewell (also rep Tealby School); William Bywater; Adele Lee; David Sykes (also rep Derek); John and Julie Shaw (also rep Mick and Lesley Drew); Keith Michael; Mr J Gibbs.