Obituary: Robina Ann King


Caistor lost a highly respected member of the community with the passing of Robina Ann King, aged 85 years.

This loss was reflected by the town’s Methodist Church being packed at her funeral.

Robina was a founder member of Caistor Flower Club, a member of the town’s Hillside Bowls Club and of the indoor bowls club.

She was assistant cook for the luncheon club, a member of the Friendship Club and the Over 60s Club.

Robina had also served the town as mayoress on five occasions, when her husband Louis was mayor.

A loyal member of the Methodist Church in Caistor, Robina held many offices within the church.

She was also a keen gardener and flower arranger.

Robina leaves her husband Louis and three daughters, as well as six grandchildren, who she loved dearly.

At the funeral service, her coffin was carried into the chapel by her three sons-in-law and her one grandson.

The service was led by the Rev Sarah Parkin and tributes were made by her granddaughters, together with family friend and former minister at Caistor the Rev John Bown.

A collection in memory of Robina raised £1,500, which will be split between Caistor Methodist Chapel and Cancer Research UK.

Family mourners were: Louis King (husband); Helen Godfrey and Malcolm Robinson (daughter and partner); ann and Mervyn Bennett (daughter and son-in-law); Jane and Darren Scutt (daughter and son-in-law); Vicky Bennett and Alan Parker (granddaughter and partner); Emma Bennett and Jonny Galtry (granddaughter and partner); Oliver Godfrey (grandson, also rep Hannah Godfrey and Bruno Hickson, granddaughter and partner); Katie Scutt and Thomas Law (granddaughter and boyfriend); Sophie Scutt and Charlie Bradley (granddaughter and boyfriend); Mrs S Wright (sister); Miss R Wright (niece); Mr and Mrs R Cartwright (niece and husband); Mr D King (brother-in-law); Mrs R Sutton (sister-in-law, also rep Mr H Sutton, brother-in-law); Mr J R King (brother-in-law, also rep Mrs Y King, sister-in-law); Mrs M King (sister-in-law); nieces and nephews - Diane and Stephen, Claire and Rebecca , Alyson and Steve (also rep Rosalyn), Hilary and Bob, Sarah, Paul and Laura (also rep George), Billie and Ron (also rep James and Samuel), Robert (also rep Tess, Lenny and Iola), Andrew, Karen and Jacky; cousins - Mr and Mrs Peart and Helen, Graham and Mandy Cook, Helen and Steve, Rachel and Ralph, Arthur and carol (also rep Mrs Hubbard and Anne); the Rev John and Merle Bown (close family friends).

Friends at the service were: Pam Bradley (also rep Richard and Lesley Alderson; Kim Bemrose and family); Claire Balderson (rep Judy Mackenzie); Mr and Mrs Knapton (also rep Mr and Mrs T Knapton; Mr and Mrs W Hankin; Mr and Mrs G Veal; Mr and Mrs R Nicholls; Mr M Thomas); Mr Wood; Mrs Steer; Mrs Gibbons; Charlotte, Jane and Charles; Glennys; Jenny Madden; Julie Lewis; Janette Hockley and family; Jayne and CHC; Mr and Mrs Founder; Mr and Mrs Frazer; Mr and Mrs Wood; Phil Tomlinson; Mr and Mrs Tomlinson; Mr Morgan; Mr Owen; Mr and Mrs Hardcastle; Mr and Mrs Frankish; Mr Jacobs (also rep Osgodby Bowls Club;) Mr Lewis (also rep Mr and Mrs R Lewis); Mrs de Witt ; Madeleine Cleve and Hugo; D de Witt; Pat Van (also rep Terry, Alan and Lynda Saxton); Amanda Hinchley; Glenda Taylor; Mr and Mrs Hurt; Mr and Mrs Mason (also rep J Foster); Mrs Cook; Mrs Smith (also rep Graham); Mr Wood (also rep Caistor Bowls Club; Mr and Mrs Brompton); Mrs Wood; Mr and Mrs Stanfield; Mr and Mrs Grant (also rep Steven, Carolyn, Ruth and William Smith); Mrs Kewley; Mrs Threlfall; Mrs Grieve and family; Mrs Smith and family; Mrs Earls and family; Mr Rogers and family; Mrs Wilkinson and B Markham; Miss Banghar; Mr Brocklesby; R J Patton; Mrs Reid; Mrs Brumby (also rep Davina); Mr and Mrs Clark; Mrs Wright; Mr Short; Mr and Mrs James; Mrs L Arthur, Chris, Lee and John; Mr and Mrs Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs Hokins; the Rev and Mrs Hart; Mr Shortland and Mrs Moffat; Mrs Lusby and family; Mrs Hardwick and family; Mr and Mrs Hunter; Mrs Marriott (also rep Alwin Marriott); Mrs Dawson; Mrs Twell (also rep Tracey and Karen Hills); Mrs Spilman; Mr and Mrs Curtis (also rep Mr and Mrs Star); Mrs Chapman; Mrs M Winslow; Mrs Shacklock (also rep Mr Shacklock and family); Mrs Glentworth (also rep Mr and Mrs Barrow; Mrs Loveday); Mrs Bennett; Mr and Mrs Dannatt; Mr and Mrs Wakefield; Mr and Mrs Hicks; Mrs Soar and family; Mrs Holton (also rep Mrs Baker); Mr and Mrs Brown; Mr and Mrs Field (also rep Nettleton Chapel); Mr and Mrs Dobbs; Mrs Clark; Mrs Nicholson; Mrs Collins; Mrs Bates; Mr Williams (also rep Shirley); Mr Rudd; Mr and Mrs Sentance; Mr and Mrs Plaskett; Mr and Mrs Gibson; Mrs Smith; Mr Wright; Mr Bennett (also rep Mr Bennett); Mr and Mrs Bedells; Mrs Bradshaw; the Rev McLean (also rep Colin); Mr and Mrs Button; Mrs McKitton (also rep Terry); Mrs S McKay; Mr and Mrs Lang; Mr S Hatton; Mr and Mrs R Jackson (also rep Mr and Mrs J Jackson); Mrs Speed; Mrs Bradshaw; Mr Chapman; Mr and Mrs Barnes; Mrs Grainger; Mr Rodwell ; Mrs Cleve; Mrs Waddington; Mrs Crow; Mr Wright (also rep H Wright & Sons); Mr and Mrs Copp (also rep Mrs Thomas); Mr and Mrs Oxley; Miss Hewis (also rep Mrs B Hewis); Mr and Mrs Jacklin; Mr Chapman (also rep Mr and Mrs Chapman); Mrs Mackenzie (also rep Kevin Mackenzie); Mrs Coulson and family; Mrs Woolston (also rep Caistor Luncheon Club - Methodist); Mrs Roach (also rep Stuart); Mrs Woodcock (also rep Pat); Mrs Shearsmith; Mr McPherson (also rep Mrs Kelly); Mr and Mrs Knapton; Miss Stothard; Mrs Cook (also rep Mr Cook; Mrs Hare); Paige Family (also rep Westgate Honda); Mrs Howden (also rep J Howden, Simon and Louise and family); Mr King (also rep Mrs King); Mr and Mrs Grainger, S and J Grainger; Mrs King (also rep Mr Gilmore); Mrs A Searle (also rep T Searle); Mrs Bilton; Mr and Mrs White (also rep Mrs Shripling); Mr King (also rep Yolande and Claire); Mr D King; Mrs Crossland and family); Mr and Mrs Gaurn; Mr S King; Mrs Danson (nee Cook); Mr and Mrs G Cook; Mr Box and family; Mrs Freeman; Mr and Mrs Steadman (also rep Mr Schofield); Mr and Mrs A King; Mr Cook; Mr Galligan; Mr and Mrs Robinson (also rep A Robinson); Mr N McCann (also rep Caistor Primary School); Mrs Baxter (also rep Mrs Thompson); the Rev and Mr Coates; Mrs Smith; Mr and Mrs Talbot; Mrs Lawrence; Mr and Mrs Taylor; Mr and Mrs Clark; Mrs Thomas (also rep Mrs Goodhand); Mr and Mrs Somerscales (also rep H Pitman; P Chapman); Mrs Gibson; Mr and Mrs Adams; Mr and Mrs Mundey; Mrs Turner; Mr Mannion (also rep K Mannion and family); Mrs Jackson and family; Mrs Simons and Mr Turner; Mr and Mrs Jakins (also rep Mr and Mrs L Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs J Thompson); Mr and Mrs Gaughan; Mrs Hyde; Mrs Carr (also rep George); Mr and Mrs Lundy; Mr and Mrs Spalding (also rep Mr Hubbard); G H Smith; B Knapton; Mr and Mrs Smith; Mr and Mrs Marriott; Mr and Mrs Gibson; Mrs Todd (also rep Miss Todd); Mrs Mellors (also rep Mick); Mr and Mrs Twidale (also rep Mr and Mrs Howden); Mrs Young (also rep Ian Young); Mr and Mrs Peterson; Mr Laverick Wilson; Mr R Drury (also rep Mrs Drury); Mr and Mrs Bontoft (also rep Jackie Harrison; Mr and Mrs Sudderby; Mr and Mrs Goodman; Miss Jordan; Mr and Mrs Snell; B Andrew (also rep Sid); Mr and Mrs Naylor; Mr Wylie; Mr Taylor (also rep Methodist Church Market Rasen); P Bowman; Mr and Mrs Whittaker; B Hartill; C Yull; D Blackburn; G Wilson; Mr and Mrs Wallace; Mr Wright; Mrs Sutton (also rep Harry); Mrs Sutton; Mr Parker; W Cox; S Beaumont; T Hind; Mrs E Bemrose; Mr and Mrs Kirkby (also rep Laura and George); A Wilmore (also rep Patricia); J Quayle (also rep Rupert and Joe); H Quayle; S Godfrey (also rep Hannah and Sonia); Mrs Wells; D Fox (also rep Gill); K Hyde (also rep Bettie); T Walton (also rep Mr and Mrs Jacklin); S Davis (also rep Graham Davis); Mr S Bell; Mr and Mrs Hodder (also rep R Lester); Mr and Mrs Barney; C Marris; Mr and Mrs Cluff (also rep CATS drama group); Mr and Mrs Moss; J Barrett (also rep Caistor Lions); R Merrall (also rep Caistor Civic Society); Mr and Mrs Morrison; Mr and Mrs M Peart; Mrs Sudderby; Mr and Mrs Burns-Salmond; A Wish; Mr and Mrs Robey; the Rev and Mrs Robinson (also rep A Hamilton); D Lyle (also rep Janice); H Minns; Mr and Mrs Gibbons; Miss P Hollings; Mr M Brant; Mrs C Jeavons; Christine Ashton; Vicki Halmshaw; Mr and Mrs C Rudd; Gill and Ian Cook; Mr and Mrs P Taylor; Mrs A Hill; Mrs M Dick.