Obituary: Robert Wilson


The funeral service for retired farmer Robert Wilson, aged 69 years of Market Rasen, was held in the parish church.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Robert was born in the Scottish town of Anstruther, Fife.

He was an Elder of the Scottish Presbyterian Church.

Robert was also a member of Market Rasen Golf Club and Horncastle Choral Society, and a former member of the Wragby Players.

Family mourners were: Isabel Wilson (wife); Mr and Mrs R Wilson, Mr and Mrs A Wilson (sons and daughters-in-law); Mr and Mrs M Hunter, Mr and Mrs A Bradshaw (daughters and sons-in-law); Robbie and Henry Wilson, Isaac, Georgia, Sam and Alex Hunter, Niamh, Ben and James Bradshaw (grandchildren); Mr and Mrs A Wilson, Mr and Mrs W Wilson (brother and sisters-in-law); Mr and Mrs D Peach (sister and brother-in-law); Mr D Wilson, Mr W Wilson, Mr and Mrs S McArthur, Mr and Mrs R Wilson, Mr and Mrs J Wilson, Mr and Mrs A Dixon, Anna Barclay and Partner, Catrina Barclay and Partner (nephews and nieces).

Friends at the service were: Mrs E Thompson (also rep Ian Thompson); Mrs S M Veitch; Julia Salmon (also rep Kevin and family); John and Margaret Carter; Mark Hughes; Silvia Jones (also rep Horncastle Choral Society); Gerald and Silvia Berry; Archie Kerr; Gordon Mapplethorpe (also rep Christine Mapplethorpe); Mr D Bett (also rep Mrs M Bett); Mrs D Vickers (also rep R Vickers and family); Gordon and Sheila Roger; Sylvia Ravenhall; Margaret Durance; Mary Etchell (also rep Margo Green); Mrs R Smith; Angela Davis (also rep Jo Bell and also Market Rasen and District Choral Society); Len and Kate McAllister; Mr Bett (also rep Mrs Oak and Mrs Bett); Mrs J Johnson (also rep David and family); Trish Towell; Bill Scott; Neil Bett; Mrs B Thombs (also rep B Bonner); Charles Carter (also rep Sally Carter); Mr and Mrs Pinkins; Mrs A Kisby; Mrs Sanderson; Mrs Innes; Judith Barnard; Geoff Barnard; Stuart Dawson (also rep Diane Dawson and also Equip Ltd); Margaret Sargeant; Mr D Brumby (also rep Mr P Sellars); Mr M Robinson; Mrs Robinson (also rep Mr T Wheldon); Mr and Mrs Shedden; Mr Sandblown; Archie and Jean Dodds; Jo Parson (also rep Colin Horton, Kath Dame and also Jossals); Tim Richardson; Derek Bullimore (also rep Andrew Bullimore); Brian and Christine Wall; Mr and Mrs J Revill; Fran Holmes; Mrs P Holmes; Andrew Deague (also rep Carol and family); John Jackson (also rep Ruby Jackson); Paul Blades (also rep Derek Blades); Sue Blades (also rep Ken Blades); G M Cooper; Carol Tickehurst; Jose Grayson; B Panton; R Fussey; M Perkins; Freda Horton; Mr and Mrs F Sellers (also rep the family); Mrs S Adlard (also rep the family); Mr Hughes; Mrs Hughes; Mr and Mrs R Smith (also rep Mr and Mrs M Smith, Mr and Mrs J Coulson and family); Mrs J Towns; Mrs P Holland; Mr and Mrs Clark; Mr and Mrs Waters; Alisa Henderson; Mr J Wilson; Doris Woodall (also rep Mr and Mrs David Woodall); Mr and Mrs Bennett; Mrs F Chamberlin; Mr and Mrs J Woodall (also rep Mr and Mrs R Myland); Mr and Mrs B Burnett; Mrs V Lancaster (also rep Mr S Lancaster); Mr R Dawson (also rep Pete Dawson. Dave Paterson); Maggie Elliot; John Elliot; Mrs L Cartwright; Mr and Mrs P Drakes; Mr and Mrs Bowen; Mrs P Reaney; Mrs Q Parsons; Simon and Clair Robinson; Mrs W Hannath; Mr C Barber; J Burgess (also rep John and Enid Fowler); Mrs K Burton (also rep Mr A Burton); Sue Blackshaw (also rep the family); Jess and Ian Mawer; Mrs D Bygrave (also rep Mrs M Branston); Glenda Taylor (also rep Geoff Taylor); Peter and Peggy Hartle; Joyce and Ben Williams; Mr and Mrs J Thompson (also rep the family and also Mr and Mrs L Wilkinson); Mr D Heavens; Mr P Richards (also rep Pip Richards); Mr C Shannon; Mrs A Mason (also rep David and Sarah Mason); Mrs M Robins (also rep Mr I Robins); Nick Guymer (also rep Maxine Guymer); Helen Robinson (also rep Michael and family); R J Smart; John Whitfield; George Read (also rep Stephen and Judy Read and also Staples Veg Ltd); Mr H Rodger; Nick Sharp; Ian Young (also rep Jayne Young); Peter and Joyce Tayles; Mrs Turner; Angela Bryant; John Branston; Melissa Hodds; Neil Smith.