Obituary: Robert Alan Rhodes

Robert Alan Rhodes EMN-151011-084705001
Robert Alan Rhodes EMN-151011-084705001

The sad news of the death of Robert Alan Rhodes, aged 87, spread round family, friends and neighbours in Wragby, and Nottinghamshire where he was born.

Fondly known as Bob to everyone, he was born in 1928 at Tuxford, into a farming family.

Farming was always in his blood and so when in 1953 he married Pauline, they took tenancy of their own farm at Bilsthorpe, Nottinghamshire.

They went on to have four sons and a daughter, sadly losing Richard and Jean in later years.

They remained there farming for about 20 years. Bob was well known for his pedigree Ayrshire Cattle and used to show at the local Southwell Ploughing Match, where he was an active member of the organising committee for many years.

During their time there, he and Pauline took part in all village life especially supporting the local Scout Association. Bob also served on the local Parish Council.

In 1971, they made the very bold decision to move farming activities to Court House Farm in Apley.

Over the coming years the family’s Holstein Friesian dairy herd won many prizes at the Lincolnshire and Newark shows, and were regular winners in Lincolnshire Milk Records Competitions.

Bob took an active interest in new farming developments and discussing the latest ideas. He enjoyed inviting friends for a day’s shooting and exchanging the latest news over lunch.

Bob represented Apley on the Bardney Parish Council and was also a churchwarden for Apley Church for many years.

He and Pauline decided to retire in 1992 when they moved into Wragby.

Once again, he supported village events and took great pleasure in adding to the Millennium Committee’s celebration by holding a bonfire and firework display on the land behind his bungalow before everyone moved to the Town Hall for the evening events.

For a number of years he had an annual bonfire party supporting Guiding and Scouting in Wragby and just before the sad loss of Pauline, the couple donated a trophy to Girlguiding in Wragby in memory of their late daughter Jean (Thompson), which is awarded to one Rainbow, Brownie and Guide each year for their work within the movement.

Bob and Pauline took great pleasure in their family and were overjoyed to have 10 grandchildren and a great granddaughter. They followed their lives and future careers with such interest.

Sadly, on his own, he took up new interests including cooking and gardening. He was often seen in Wragby on his “buggy” talking to locals and passing the time of day, following the work of the Parish Council and enjoying the Wragby Show and Country Fayre.

Bob will be remembered as a big character - kind, talkative and generous, with a willingness to try out new ideas and a great determination to succeed.

He will be sadly missed by so many.

The funeral service was held at Lincoln Crematorium, followed by a memorial service at All Saints Church, Wragby, officiated by the Rev Alan Robson.

Arrangements were made by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Phillip and Helen Rhodes, Bryan and Marie Rhodes, Stephen and Julie Rhodes (sons and daughters-in-law); John and Vanessa Thompson (son-in-law and partner); Rachael Rhodes, Diane Rhodes, James Rhodes, Stacey Rhodes, Marc Rhodes, Hayley Rhodes, Robert Rhodes, Alice and Jim Turner, Simon Thompson, Andrew Thompson (grandchildren); Caitlin Till (great-granddaughter); George Rhodes snr (brother); Joyce Galbraithe (sister); Joan Weatherall (sister–in–law); Kate Gilbraithe, Rosemary Gilbraithe, George Rhodes jnr, Judith Hensfoot, Helen Jones, Charlotte Rhodes (also representing Andrew Rhodes), David and Liz Rhodes (also representing Susan Gagg), Clare Rowland, Mark Weatherall, Philippa Adam, Bridget Kay. (nephews and nieces); Margaret Ford, Eva Nullis, Betty and Vick Kerr, John Kerr (cousins).

Names taken at All Saints Church: Peter Littlewood (also representing John Littlewood); Stephen Littlewood; Andrea Ward (also representing the Joint Uniformed Management H/Q Committee and 1st Wragby Rainbows); Mr and Mrs Naughton (of Stainfield); Bob Clerk (acting Verger); Sheila Cartwright (organist); Jean Lowman; Josie Holden; John Edwards (also representing the family); Brenda Bodily (also representing 1st Wragby Brownies); Kath and Pete Alford (also representing Yvonne and Alan Marshall); David and Eileen Westbury; Mr and Mrs Hogg; J Poucher and M Poucher; Linda and Steven Stephenson; Tony Strawson (also representing Frank Reynolds and the Southwell Ploughing Match Society); Mr and Mrs Alcock; Mr and Mrs Dixon; Andrew Richard (also representing Alison Richard); Edward Richard (also representing the family); Vick and John; Betty Kerr; Freda and John Draper; Jim Sutherland (also representing the family); Mr and Mrs Tony Ward; Adam Ward; Graham Cannon; David and Barbara Stephenson (also representing John and Chris); Tom and Ruth Mawer; Elaine and Pete Eccles; Doreen Mawer; John Harrison (also representing Gillian Harrison); Mrs B Burton (also representing the family); Peter Barlow; Paul and Sue Johnson (also representing Mark Johnson); Roy and Joy Rust; Mr and Mrs B Halt (also representing Mr and Mrs Stapleton); Liam Wallis (also representing Lauren and Wragby Young Farmers); Sandra Morris (also representing Eric and Margaret); Geoff Rickells; Janet Cannon; Alice Cannon; Mr Tomlinson; Mike Snaith; Charlotte Rhodes (also representing Andrew Rhodes); Mr A (Titch) Lee; Robert Wilson (also representing Audrey Wilson); Clare Lee (also representing Stainfield District Church Council); Mr and Mrs Roy Shuttleworth; Tony Houlden; Sandra and Malcolm Rogers; David and Liz Rhodes (also representing Susan Gagg); John and Margaret Hiscox; Robert Mawer; Stephen Wallis; Mark Chatterton; Duncan Toplis; Mr and Mrs A Wilson-Dakin; Tommy Jepsonl; Jane Mills; Roger Mills; Neil Wilson; Norman Bruntlett; Linda Newton; Clive and Angeline Shepher; George Rhodes snr; George Rhodes jnr; Judith Hensfoot; Helen Jones; Bob and Margaret Armstrong; Paul and Bronwyn Wallis (also representing The Wragby Post Office); Paul Martin; John Emmerson; Chris Bourn (also representing the Bourn Family); Tink Hutchinson; Mr and Mrs Robinson; Mick Ollivant; Jane Annakin; Mr and Mrs G Mowbray (also representing Richard Stamp); Ian Hornsby; Mr and Mrs Eades; Robert Waite (also representing the family); John and Joyce Linguard; Tim and Linda Smith; Andrew Brown (also representing N.F.U.); Ricky and Cathy Crust (also representing Barbara Johnson); Clare Rowland; Joan Wetherall; Mark Wetherall; Barbara Hill; Jim Thurburn; Tes Fowler; Geoff Pacey (also representing the Pacey family); Chris Pacey; Darryl Dunn; Henry Ward (also representing P Needham and L Needham); Mr and Mrs Jack Machin (also representing The Wragby Show and Country Fayre Committee); Eileen Rushby; Alan Bruntlett; Richard Todd; Liz and Keith Stephenson; Tedd Dodds (also representing Glynn Dodds); M Clarke (also representing Mrs J Clarke); Mr and Mrs Brian Simpson (also representing Stuart Aisthorpe); Richard Calvert; Andrew Ferne; Margaret Saunders; Jenny Bolton (also representing the 1st Wragby Guides); Gill and Tony Garrill (also representing 1st Wragby Brownies and Lynne Rosenburg); Jim Robinson; Len and Roger Campion; Joyce and John Stott (also representing the family); Mr M Fox; Mr C Fox; Mike Perkins; Keith and Kay Ollivant; Tom Bailey; Philippa and Adam; Bridget Kay; Alison Stephenson (nee Stott).