Obituary: Richard Matthew Glover

Richard Matthew Glover
Richard Matthew Glover
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Well-known Tealby businessman Richard Matthew Glover was born in Hampshire.

He moved to Northumberland when his father Michael’s job moved and then the family arrived in Lincolnshire when Richard was seven; all his memories are only of Lincolnshire.

Living on the Brocklesby Estate, where Michael was Land Agent, Richard enjoyed the country pursuits of hunting and shooting, which led to his lifelong passion with game birds.

Richard was dyslexic, before it was recognised as a learning difficulty, and remembered being terrified of reading after the teacher kept hitting him over the knuckles because he couldn’t read the words on a page.

He left school with very few qualifications and took the opportunity, at just 19, to stay with his Godfather in Australia.

Once there, he lived a lifetime of adventures - from farming and jackarooing in the Northern Territory, to mining in Galgoory.

He worked on a farm growing Sorghum after attending Agricultural College; everyone told him it was a mistake,but he grew the best crop ever seen.

This was part of his determination to succeed with everything he set his mind to.

In 1978 he started working with his beloved game birds, facing the challenge of breeding birds in hot climates.

He became the expert in raising ducks and pheasants, going to the University of California to find out how to breed them in non-native climates.

He then came home to England for a year, where he took a course to help with his dyslexia and was very proud to receive a water colour painting from Susan Hampshire for his achievement.

He returned to Australia and, after working in the mining sector for two years went back to game birds, breeding birds and supplying restaurants until he returned to England in 1986.

His parents had retired to Tealby and bought the village shop for Richard.

He married Louise in 1987 and together they opened the tea rooms.

They also had two children - Elisabeth and William.

Richard was devastated in December 1995 when both his parents died, within days of each other.

The shop closed in 1997, but he still delivered papers and kept the tearoom open.

Closing the shop allowed Richard to return again to hi beloved game birds.

He closed the tea rooms during the shooting season and started making game pasties, travelling all over the country selling them and encouraging people to eat game. It became his passion.

In July 2011, he was diagnosed with Blastoid Mantle Cell Lymphoma; the battle began, but he fought his cancer with humour and stoicism.

He was determined to continue making game products, although he was so ill, and did so right up to his last few weeks.

In January, he held a party to celebrate his life; a joyous day, with more than 90 friends and relations attending.

The funeral service was held at Lincoln Crematorium and Tealby Church.

The Revs Elaine Turner and John Carr officiated at the services and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Louise Glover (wife); Elisabeth Glover and James Voos (daughter and partner); William Glover and Grace Woods (son and partner); Lucy and John Horner (sister and brother-in-law); Kathleen Blackwood (mother-in-law); Christopher and Mary Horner (nephew and wife); James Horner, Simon Horner (nephews); Andrew Walker (nephew, rep Pepi and Scotchie Walker, sister and brother-in-law in Australia).

Friends at the service were: John and Carol Nolan; Sandy Broughton; Mr and Mrs B Windle (also rep Mr and Mrs A Ashley); Mrs Holm-Johanson; Mike Clendining; Dick Sale; Linda Sale; Susan Sale; Chris Hare; Mike and Lavinia Hare; Stephen Parker; E Ward; William Cuff; Lee Bamon; Carol Huggins; Gavin Wraith; Mary Dunton; Jill and Duncan Robson; Hugh and Penny Nott (also rep Ann Hewitt); Judith Wilson; Roger Douglas (also rep Celia Douglas, Mr and Mrs R Steel); Brian Pettifer (also rep Veronica Pettifer); Ann McCullock (also rep Mr and Mrs Ken Rhodes); Mr and Mrs J Jarron; Robin and Jan Shannon (also rep Margaret Sargeant); Alan Dixon; Sophie Hemming; Adrian Underwood; Jennifer Fisher (also rep Sally Vergette); Margy Carvalho; Nigel Wakefield; Barbara and Tony Herrod; Mrs I Wallace (also rep Mr G Wallace); W Spink; Kit Read (also rep Brocklesby Estate); Mr and Mrs R Steel; Claire Ollard (also rep Jane and Tom Robinson); Mr and Mrs L Trotter (also rep J Hardy); Mr and Mrs G B Thompson (also rep Margaret Robinson); Peter Behen; Christine Bonner; Richard Milligan-Manby (also rep Lizzy); Isobel Vincent; Robert Elwes; Guy Grainger (also rep Market Rasen Bridge Club); Mrs S Swinfen (also rep the family and also Rita King); Mike and Linda Bowen; Sally Calder (also rep J H Starbuck); Charlie Barton; Philip and Mary Walker; Martin Lawley (also rep Mr and Mrs C Harmanshaw); Mr and Mrs Laing; Mr and Mrs Fielder; Mr N Cooper (also rep Mrs F Cooper); Glenis Bryant; Charlotte Evans; Tessa Sale; Jonathan Sale; George Hammond; Joel Vincent; Phillipa Shelbourne (also rep Nick, Jenny and Suzanne); Rachel Gibbons; Chris Marriott; Anne Maunsell; Jane West; B Griffin; Carolyn Johnson and Guy Johnson; Melanie Marden; K and S Gadsby (also rep Giles Stibble); Helen Gilmour; Andrew Gilmour; Sarah Booth; Irene Ward-Kendall; Helen Hansard (also rep Jillian Campion); D and N Driffield; Jan Albone; Peter Bourdillon; Eric Wilson; Craig and Diane McCarthy (also rep Amy); Duncan Gilmour; Matthew Gilmour; Mr and Mrs Peter Wesley; Mr and Mrs Brian Wesley; M Mathews; Marjorie Craddcock (also rep Richard and Andrew); Martin Maslin; E Boothroyd; Margaret Rylatt; Hugh Norton; Andrew Dunn; Bess Scott Gun (also rep Shelly Hulme); Ben Smith (also rep Market Rasen Bridge Club); Jean Woodward; Victoria Huggins; Heather Tyson; Joan Freeman; Mr and Mrs G Douglas (also rep Mr M Inglis); Joan Smith; Mr and Mrs Magrin; Elizabeth Spink (also rep S Spink); B E Boyce (also rep Mrs A Doyle, Mr and Mrs Howsham); Mrs M Parkes; J and E Milligan-Manby; Rowland Eustace; William Eustace; H Brumpton; Mr Roche; Mark Patrick; M Hardy; P Wood; Ian Cocking; J Yeo; I Sale; Julian Sale; E Milligan-Manby; Susan Stamp; Rachel Ryan; Gill and John Speck; David and Gillian Howard; Mary Battle; His Grace The Earl of Yarborough; Diane Williams (also rep Margaret Allerston); Julia Evans; Jean Jones; Heather Howard; David and Liz Spears (also rep Martin Cox); Jonathan Gibbons; Tim and Lindsey Fell; Robert and Margaret Sandberg; Mr and Mrs A Clark (also rep H Clark); David Paton (also rep G Partock); B Larman; P Thompson; Adrian and Elizabeth (also rep Iain, Lucy and James Campbell); S Whynan; Fred and Helen Parkes (also rep R and J Addison); J Vincent; Mark Vincent (also rep Mr and Mrs Riggall); Roger Clark (also rep D Clark); Richard Lancaster (also rep V T Lancaster and Son Ltd); Neil Cooper; Pat Massey (also rep Carol Hardy); Mr G White; Chrik Verhey Vau Wijle; Andrew Dennis; John Rowan (also rep Pam, James and Jenny); Louise Hammond; Alistair Clugston; Peter Bowser; Fred Booker; Marina Elwes; Leopold Elwes; Bernard Andrew; Jane Rylands-Bolton; Pam Ormond-Tong (also rep Martin, Lizzie and Emma); Alice Thoday; Mike Bowen; Vanessa Gibbons; Nigel Rhodes; M Albone (also rep Alex and Richard); R Woodcock (also rep P Woodcock and also Lincolnshire County Foods); Sarah Tyson (also rep Emma Tyson, Judi Bucknall, Mr and Mrs R Addison, Mr and Mrs D Hulme); Mr and Mrs R Reed (also rep Mrs R Hayes, Mr and Mrs I Brady, Mr M Cox); Mary Gilmore.