Obituary: Reginald Alexander White

. EMN-161224-122352001
. EMN-161224-122352001

The funeral service for Reginald Alexander White, 88, of Middle Rasen, was held in St Luke’s Church, Holton le Moor.

The Rev Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Born in Holton le Moor, Mr White was a farm worker all his life – at Holton le Moor and Normanby le Wold, retiring at the age of 63.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs S White (son and daughter-in-law); Mr and Mrs J W Brumby (daughter and son-in-law); Joanne (granddaughter); Mrs G White (sister-in-law, representing Mr G White, brother, also representing Mrs A Wilcock); Mr and Mrs D Clark (brother and sister-in-law, rep D Boyles); Mrs S Woodcock, Mr and Mrs J Nickson, Rachel Nickson, Mr C Nickson, Miss S Clark (rep Mr S Clark, Mrs M Clark and Mr D Wilson), Mr and Mrs R Nickson (nephews and nieces).

Friends at the service were: Mr Pywell (also rep Mr and Mrs Michael Sharp); Malcombe Rowe; Mrs M Dunn (also rep Brian Dunn); Amanda and Steve Drury; Mrs C Cade (Normanby); Mike Iremonger; Betty Iremonger; Mr and Mrs A Butler; Christine Riley; Val and Alf Drury (also rep Debbie, Caroline and Tracey); Mr and Mrs A and F Couling; Jonathan and Rachel Gibbons; Cliff and Brenda Fawcett; John Fawcett; Alice Surfleet (also rep Paul Surfleet); Miss R E Cade; Mrs K Appleyard (also rep Mr P Appleyard); Mrs L Houlden (also rep Mrs D Wilber); Mrs H Clayton (also rep Mrs K Burke); Mr A Pennell; Barbara and Derek White; Richard and Molly Stringfellow; John Robinson; Margaret and David Jackson; Mrs Wheatley; D Pickering (also rep Edna); Mr and Mrs D Fawcett; D Scott; Sally Stork (also rep K Stork; R Ross); Mr and Mrs J Drury; Mr Smith; Sheila Heath (also rep Andrew and Nicola); J Robinson; Mr and Mrs Arrond; Mark Knott; J Jacques; Mr B Scott; Simon Kent; Liz Kent; Mr and Mrs Barry Graham-Rack.