Obituary: Raymond Maplethorpe


The funeral service for the Raymond Maplethorpe, aged 87, was held at Alford Crematorium.

Canon Alan Robson conducted the service and arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services, Louth

Family mourners attending were:

Jacqueline Maplethorpe (wife); Michelle Smith (granddaughter); Mark Ferguson (grandson); Emma Ferguson (granddaughter); Adrian Smith; Abby Smith (great-granddaughter); Riley Smith (great grandson); Tristen Smith (great grandson); Jamie Ferguson (great-grandson); Kerry Hughes; Jonathan Hough; John Maplethorpe (brother); Alan Collick (brother-in-law); Lynsey Dewars (niece); Robert and Amanda Dewars (nephew and wife); Cliff and Julie Maplethorpe (nephew and wife); Heidi Theaker (niece); Alan and Debbie Collick (nephew and wife); Toby Collick (great-nephew); Anthony Greetham (cousin); Jill and John Catchpole (cousin and husband); Jim and Helen Cawdon (cousin and husband).

Other mourners were: Barry and Jackie Davies {close friends}; John and Margaret Kane (also rep Wragby Bowls Club); Joan Hewson; Marjorie Borman; Brenda Short; Shelagh Whatley (also rep Women’s Fellowship, Louth); Tony Epton; Liz Epton; Pat Abbott (also rep Richard; Wragby Methodist Church); Ann Lambert (also rep Lawrie); Christine Jolly {close friend, also rep the Jolly family).