Obituary: Raymond Joseph Hart

The funeral service for Raymond Joseph Hart, aged 97 years of Middle Rasen, was held at Holy Rood Church in Market Rasen.

Father Tom Breslin officiated at the service and arramgements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Born in Leicester, Ray served as a Corporal Gunner in the Army, but his trade was a bespoke tailor.

Ray was also a supporter of CAFOD, a member of Franciscans, Knight of St Columbus and Vincen de Paul.

Family mourners were: Dora Hart (wife); Paul Hart (son); Susie Hart (daughter-in-law); Jean Vaughan (daughter) and Brian Dennis (partner); Sharon, Louise, Lizzie, Consuelo, Robert, Paul, Anthony, James and Velliz (grandchildren); Alison, Nicola, Emma, Caitlin, Josh, Jake, Ewan, Benito, Luka, Rohan, Radha, Sofia, Ellie, Jacob (great-grandchildren); Barrie Hart (brother); Wendy Hart (sister-in-law); Joanne and Sarah (nieces).

Other family and friends at the service were: David Hildred; Tim Appanna; Shawn Robins; Angela Walker; Glenda, Geoff, Pam, Warren, David, Mandy, Joyce, Brian; Yvonne, Robbie and Mark; Mr and Mrs Dawson; Morris Rawlinson (also rep Gillian Rawlinson; Jonathan Rawlinson); Maria Davidson; Jake and Josh Ginnerry; Susan Wright; George Camm; Joan and Stephen Parker; Mervyn Theaker; Anne Cox; Mr Cox; Mr Sanderson; Tony and Margaret Hurd; David Lightwood; Mrs McConaghie; Iain Davidson; Elizabeth Davidson (also rep Jacob and William Davidson) Colin Taxon; Barry Driscoll; Mrs Dodd (also rep Mr and Mrs Casey); Mrs Swaby; Cathleen and Helen Gaughan; Mary Etchell; Mrs Whittle (also rep the family); Mrs V Hazleton; Isobel Hildred; Mrs C Birmingham (also rep Minister of Holy Communion); Mrs S Douglas; Mr and Mrs Rowe; Mr and Mrs Farrow; 
Helen Thompson; Jackie Hildred (also rep Keith, Jenny and 
Shane Hildred); Stephanie Turner (also rep Age UK – Horncastle Branch); Emma Ward; Edward Leigh; Mary Leigh; John Farrell (also rep Wendy and Kevin Blanchard); Mary Hollingworth; Dawn Farrell; Pat Paramerie; Maureen Twycross; and others