Obituary: Raymond Alan Robinson


The funeral service for Raymond Alan Robinson, aged 80 years of Usselby, was held at Market Rasen Parish Church.

The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Born in North Kelsey, Raymond’s working life was spent at Cherry Valley Farms, retiring in 2000.

He also spent two years on National Service, with the Sherwood Foresters in Germany.

Family mourners were: Pat (wife); Stuart and Laurence (son and daughter-in-law, also representing Juliette, granddaughter); Amy and George (grandchildren); Andrew and Anne (son and daughter-in-law); Marion and Arthur Whitelam (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Geoff Robinson (brother); Richard, Helen Graham and Sarah (niece and nephew); Sheila Robinson (sister-in-law); Corrine Woodcock and Nigel Robinson, Barry Robinson and Lesley Hazell, Christine Pudney and David Robinson, Colin Robinson, Philip Holmes (nieces and nephews); Aileen, Chris and Charlott Platt (niece and husband); John and Karen Mawer (niece and husband).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs P Rowles (also representing Derek and Jenny); Mr and Mrs J Cade; Mr W Hankins; Kevin Johnson (also representing the Johnson family); Shane Briggs; David Tinnison (Konk); Mrs M White (also representing the White family); Mr and Mrs J Starbuck; Anne Sutton (also representing Andrew, Alan and family); Marlene and Henry Burton (also representing Jonathan); Pete Curtledge; David Spolton; Sue Blackshaw; Alan and Kath Burton; Terry and June Staves (also representing the Staves family; Lesley and Pete Leonard); Mr and Mrs D Whitwell; Joy Neilson (also representing Bob Neilson); Ann and Noel Hutchinson (also representing Margaret and Alan Crowston); Simon Neave; Jim Goggan; Ian and Jackie Hutchinson; Mr and Mrs J Newbert; Mrs L Tweed (also representing Mr C Tweed); Jane and Gordon Rowles; Mr and Mrs J Bennett; Mr and Mrs P Sargent; Sheila Thorpe; Bill Roberts; Mark Staves; Mr G Sellars; Linda Drury (also representing Steve Drury); Christine Yull; Tony and Margaret Challans (also representing Hugh Challans; Dorothy Hanley); Ann and Gordon Neve; Barbara Bradford (also representing Harry Bradford); Bill Bates (also representing Jan Hyland); Jon Barr; Mr and Mrs J Carter (also representing the Carter family); Richard Stringfellow (also representing Molly Stringfellow); Mr and Mrs Christian (also representing Pat Robinson); Mr and Mrs C Grundy; Sharon Grundy; Mr and Mrs Roach; Mr and Mrs Ken Judson; J Horstwood (also representing R Horstwood); Karen and Malcolm Whitelam; Colin Wood; Roy Harvey; Pete Sargent; Margaret Ferraby (also representing the Ferraby family); Mr and Mrs David Sutton (also representing Stella Sutton); Mr and Mrs M Melbourne.