Obituary: Peter Ranyard


The funeral service for Peter Ranyard, aged 75 years of Holton cum Beckering, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

The Rev Mark Holden officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Joyce Ranyard (wife); Pauline and Russell Whitehand (sister and brother-in-law).

Friends at the service were: Paul Baxter; Bernadette Baxter; Margaret Jenkinson; Tim Beebe; Ann Freeman; Mr and Mrs Ian Fabris; Darren Fabris; Mr A Johnson; Nigel and Deborah Height; Sheila Height; Michael Height; Derek and Thelma; Tony Lake (also rep Care For You Services); Martin Farley; Hilary Farley; Jack and Pat Ranyard; Colin Bennett (also rep Pearl Bennett); Neil Bennett; Ann and Brian Lingard; Daphne and Rachael Grieve; Kerry and Steve Taylor; Amanda and Peter Taylor Paxton; Anthony and Marie Holmes; Roland and Christine Smith; John and Joyce Lingard; Austin and Kathleen Nawton; Elaine and John Whitfield (also rep Bernard and Barbara Simms); David Cram; Roger Height; Kelly Dixon; Bill Peckham (also rep Linda Peckham); B Goodyear; Carol and Michael Dawson; Janet Plester; Sybil Raby; Shirley Johnson; Alan and Marion Tomlinson; Roy Tomlinson; David Baxter and Julie.