Obituary: Peter ‘Kay’ Korytnickyj

Peter 'Kay' Korytnickyj EMN-140721-160926001
Peter 'Kay' Korytnickyj EMN-140721-160926001
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Many paid their respects to Peter ‘Kay’ Korytnickyj at his funeral in St Thomas’s Church, Market Rasen.

Kay was born in Louth, but grew up in Market Rasen, with his mum, Kath, dad, the late Paul, and his two sisters, Zena and Chris.

Kay worked locally for the railway, then went to MARCO’s at Faldingworth until it closed down.

He was then employed at OTS in Faldingworth, where he still helped out when needed.

Kay was a devoted family man.

He was married to Mo for 38 years and has three sons - Wayne, Craig and Gavin - and six grandchildren.

Kay was known for his love of sport, especially football and Grimsby Town. He never missed a game on TV and enjoyed going down to his ‘local’ to socialise with his many friends.

Kay died in Spain while on holiday.

Family mourners were: Mo (wife); Wayne and Laura, Gavin and Debs (sons and partners); Craig and Ashley (son and daughter-in-law); Liam (grandson); Kath (mother); Zena and Paul (sister and brother-in-law); Chris and John (sister and partner); Terry and Jean, Mont and Myra, Jenny and Gary (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law); Lee, Scott and Zoe, Lisa, David and Steven, Carl and Sheri, Shaun and Debbie, Simon and Sarah (rep Vicki), Pat and Anne-Marie (nephews and nieces); Mr and Mrs N Lowes, Mr and Mrs D Lowes, Mr and Mrs Worrell, Mr and Mrs M Lowes (uncles and aunts); Alan and Jakie Carter (close friends).

Friends at the service were: M New; Adrian Tutty; Cassie Parish; Mr S Parrish; Gill Cannon; Lee Chambers (also rep Thomas Sellars); Christine Whitwell (also rep John, Mr and Mrs Whitwell); Mrs C Tindall (also rep Robert and Darren Tindall); J Stephenson; Pauline Perkins; Troy Steadman; Joanna Carter; David and Norma Pickard; Stuart Cash (also rep Sandra Cash); Alan Rush; Michael Tolan; Mr and Mrs K Goodyear (also rep Sean Jackson); Frank Nash; Carl Jackson; Don Jebson; Eric Johnson (also rep Gary Johnson); A Tolan (also rep Michelle Tolan); Pauline and Mervyn Butler (also rep Michelle Butler, Anthony Tindall); Anthony Ealam (Ammie); Mr and Mrs Scott; Glyn Jones; David and Rita Goulsbra (also rep Ronnie, Sandra and Andrew Myland); Jim and Maureen Kelham; Mary, Peter and David Allenson; S Smart; Chris Lancaster; Brian Hankins; Mark Codd (also rep Sam); Graham Briggs; Mrs A Ferraby; Paul Cook; Max Comerford; John Bassett; Dave Leeming (Faldingworth); Mr A Hubbard; Robert Smith; Colin Bates; Trigger and Susan Hewerdine; Colin Christie; Keith Shooter; Alan Edgar; Donna Mitchell (also rep Frances Mitchell); Kerry Mitchell (also rep William Mitchell); Mr and Mrs Bland; Kerry and Tim Paul; Gerald Dawson; Mr and Mrs P Halpenny; Michael Tindall; Bob Christie (also rep Sue); The Greenbeck family; Mr and Mrs A R Morrison; Carol Dearden; Angela and Brendan Willers; Runner Walker (also rep Emily, Charlie and Amy); Matt Rutherford (also rep Ian Penniston); Brian and Pam Reaney (also rep Ian Williams, Kate Miller, Ben and Joyce Williams); Monica Tolan; Linda and David Newboult; Mr and Mrs B Fox; Jamie and Val Jackson; Mrs D New (also rep Ray and Jason); Mrs L Yull (also rep Andrew and Vanessa Upton); Peter Grey; Paul and Sue Tolan (also rep Kerry, Peter, Nathan, Rebecca, Veronica and also Marilyn Hubbard); Bud Chambers (also rep Lesley Chambers and family); Zoom and Di Clark; Mr and Mrs R Larder; Mr and Mrs P Taylor (also rep Mervyn Shadlock); Susan Dean; Mr and Mrs Bratley; Mr R Tindall; John and Roslyn Sower; Mr and Mrs R Vessey; Mr and Mrs J Heath; Mr and Mrs B Chapman; Dave and Audrey Lowes; Leonard Jarvell (also rep Mr and Mrs Sellars); Mr W Collins; Mr and Mrs C Lowes; Mr J Collins (also rep A Hooper); Mr and Mrs F Nash; Mr S Nash; Mr P Thornton (also rep Susan); Mr and Mrs M Quilter (also rep Market Rasen Cricket and Football Club); Terry Rossiter; Maureen Lynn; Mr and Mrs P Tolan; G Loveday (also rep Mrs H Loveday); H Bates (also rep R Bates); Mr and Mrs C Bates (also rep Tri-pac); M H Cooper (also rep S Cooper and also D Cooper); David Islip (also rep Pearl Islip); Jill Osbourne (also rep Chris, Joe and also Mr K Jackson); Nev Chapman; Lesley Mumby; Mrs E Entwhistle; Mr P Entwhistle; Sean and Eve Bennett; Richard Poole; R Smith; W Carter; Mr and Mrs A Bell; Mr H Bates; Mrs G Stevenson (also rep Jeff and John); James Brown; Matthew Seymore; Simon Lamderth; Susanne Shaw; Kate Williams; Kerry Scott; Stephen Scott; Miles Tawell; Martin Comerford; Mrs Farmworth; John and Sally Robinson; Steve Chase; Peter Lowis; K Maultby; John Wakefield; Dean Richards (also rep the family, Adam and Kate Holvey); Paul Wakefield (also rep Nicki, Pip Richards and also The Aston Arms); Colin Bennett; E Flood (also rep Mrs Flood); Tony Tindall; Mr C R Green; Mr M S Proctor (also rep Vanessa Proctor); Heather Janney; Dave Boles; Rachel Heath (also rep Philip Clifford); Mr T Paul; James Bennett; Karen Husak; Andrew Brumpton; Mr J Hunt (also rep Mr A Hunt); Jon Tuplin; Dale Christie; William Bradford; Josh Colgan; Roy Stimson; Neil Rutherford (also rep the family); Rick Tindall; Matthew Scatcherd; Sarah Rogers; Kal Mattu; Jack Leeming; Graham and Karen Taylor; Gary Smith; Robert Hindle (also rep Deb and also Trev and Jen Storr); Mark Brown; Charlie and Amy Powell.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall.