Obituary: Patricia Margaret Massey

Obituary EMN-140514-094321001
Obituary EMN-140514-094321001

The funeral service for Pat Massey, aged 60 years of Market Rasen, was held at All Saints Church in Tealby.

The Rev Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Pat was born in Louth and worked as a hairdresser.

Family mourners were: Trevor Bennett (partner); Ben and Simon Massey (sons); Alfie James Massey (grandson); Peter and Wendy Collins (brother and sister-in-law, also rep Tim Collins and Jean Smith); Tom and Holly Collins (nephew and wife); Lesley Smalley and Craig Love (step-daughter and partner); Sophie and Ellie Smalley (step-grandchildren); Holly Hutton (daughter-in-law); Ann and Cyril Duff, Jill and John Wright (cousins); Carol and Graham Hardy, Di and Pete Smith (friends).

Friends at the service were: Philip Walker; Nichola East (also rep Nigel Rhodes, Martin Cordwell); Mr and Mrs G Briggs (also rep Mr and Mrs P Dales); Tony Mitchell; Shirley Sanderson; Mr and Mrs Ian Shedden; Mr and Mrs P Hartle; May Bennett (also rep Middle Rasen Horticultural Society); Graham and Fran King; Lindsey Coxhead; Mr and Mrs Lowe; G W Stanley; Mr and Mrs J Brook; Emma and Lizzie Omond-Tong; Barbara and Lucy Jacklin (also rep Adam and Debbie Jacklin); Mr and Mrs Omond-Tong; Alicia Hibbard; Charlie Salmon; Alex Lynn; B Marshall; Mandy Kaye (also rep Hilda Mortimer); Dan Kaye; Mr and Mrs Peter Wright (also rep the Wright family); Mary Davenport (also rep Mr Davenport, Edward Davenport); Alison and Peter Oxley; J Horsewood (also rep R Horsewood); Brian Doyle (also rep A Doyle); Chris Hall (also rep Lynne Hall); Mr and Mrs D Grantham (also rep Brian and Margaret Duke); Mr and Mrs N Gray; Robin Shannon; Mr and Mrs A Campbell; Mrs V Hildred (also rep Waterloo House); Mrs C Davison (also rep Jennie and William); V Hambleton (also rep I Cocking); Claire Semple; Mr and Mrs J Wright (also rep Amanda Curtis); Mr White; David Burley (also rep Julie Burley and John Heath); Dan Pyttlik; Alex Grantham; Sue McGhee; Ken Symons (also rep Margaret Symons); Mrs E Umpleby; Mrs M Collins; Mrs D Noble; Mr and Mrs F Chamberlin (also rep the Chamberlin family); Mr and Mrs Hernon; Jo and Carol Magrin; Adrian Tutty; Peter Dalton (also rep Om Dalton, Mary Walker); Jill Dickinson; Joan Clark (also rep Linda Waters); Mr and Mrs A R Farrow; Ray Boughton; Vi Boughton; Sandra Chambers; Claudia and Nick Gosse; Judy Boulton (also rep Mr R C Boulton); Sarah Baker; Emma Barkley; Nigel Turner; Kath Ballard; Sheila Pickering (also rep Marian Surfleet and also The Poplars); Dennis Cotton; Hazel Haggin (also rep Julie and John); Kay Spyvee; Arthur and Carole Spalding (also rep Caroline); Mr and Mrs J Carter; Pauline Perkins; Susan Dean; Shelly Norman; Pauline Joise; Pam and John Reaney; Mrs M Taylor (also rep Mr P Taylor); Christina Mitchel; Wendy Larder; Pat Douglas (also rep Mr G Douglas); Kay O’Connell; Katy Ludwell; Mrs S Johnson; Josie Grayson; Frank Howsham (also rep the Howsham family, Mr and Mrs B Doyle); Ian Speirs (also rep David and Elizabeth Speirs); Vinny Jones; P Makowsky; Pauline and Bryan Forway (also rep Gillian and Richy Scuffham and family, Karen Lodge and family).