Obituary: Patricia Margaret Douglas

Garden news EMN-151229-093734001
Garden news EMN-151229-093734001

The funeral service for Patricia Margaret Douglas, 89, of Middle Rasen, was held in the parish church.

The Rev Brian Dixon officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Born in India, Pat worked as a primary school teacher for 45 years, with the last 35 years at Hemswell County Primary School.

Family mourners were: Nigel and Di Douglas (son and daughter-in-law); Emma Douglas, Alyssa, Michelle Inman, Debbie and Rob Moore, Will Inman, Henry Inman, Eleanor Holvey, Spencer Holvey, Mrs Y Ward, Mike Ward, David Ward, Ryan Ward, Ann Scarbro, Matt Scarbro and Aisha, Danny Scarbro and Zaima (other family members).

Friends at the service were: Hilda Walters; Kathy Appleyard; Dawn Nelson; Sue Parish; Alan Pennell (also rep Middle Rasen Cricket and Football Club; David and Enid Pattison); Dawn Brooks; Kath and Nigel Chambers (also rep Lindsey Chambers); John and Diane Cottingham; Brenda Coulson (also rep the Coulson family); Gwen Sellars; Pauline Uprichard (also rep Ian); Tim Bradford (also rep Noreen Bradford); Sandra and Ron Myland (also rep Adam Holvey); Patsy Cooper (also rep the Cooper family; Mr and Mrs John Hardy, Paul, Ruth and Laura); Phil Dawson; Rosie Dawson (also rep the Dawson family); Sue and Tony Gordon; Sharon Lloyd; Christine Parry (also rep Dr Parry); Lesley Brewis; Pauline Forway (also rep Brian Forway); Michael and Jan Burgess; Mary Davenport (also rep Mr and Mrs D Chamberlain); Mr and Mrs Robin Smith (also rep K Johnson); Mrs B Shute; Gayle Dennis (also rep Pat and Ian Hardcastle); Mr and Mrs Tony Trevor; Roger Hazel; Liz Emmerson (also rep Joe Emmerson); Anne Daff; Stephen and Nicola Cartwright; Mrs J Rhodes; Mrs R Walker; Mick and Jan Banks; Mr and Mrs T Massey; Mrs D Massey; Chris Walker; Bessie Kent (also rep the Kent family, Fletcher Court, Maureen New); Masie Claxton (also rep the girls from Cynthia’s Hairdressers); Betty and John Logan (also rep Carolyn and Margaret Camping); Mr and Mrs G Zealand; June Clark; Jenny Jarvill (also rep Frances Mitchel); Catherine Garthwait; Susan Dean; Pauline Perkins; Carol Robinson (also rep Anne Stamp); Mr and Mrs R W Smith; Mrs M Stainton; Ken Symons (also rep Margaret); Mr and Mrs G Veal; Mr and Mrs M Smith; Mrs V Hankins; Jean Halpenny; Linda Waters; Daphne Cottingham (also rep the Cottingham family); Amanda Brown; Colin Brumpton; Neil and Judy Taylor; Janet Collins; Mrs R M Bradford (also rep R A Bradford); J Codd; B McWeeny; Dorothy Lutch; Mr C Fiske; Mr and Mrs Oxley; Mrs H Young (also rep the Young family and also The Poplars); Frances Picksley (also rep Alan Picksley); Sheila Brislin; Karen Trevor; Chris Green (also rep E H J Green); Representing Middle Rasen Horticultural Society - Sheila Robinson, Kath Stephenson, Ken Stephenson, May Bennett, John Bennett.