Obituary: Noel Neave

Noel Neave EMN-160617-171941001
Noel Neave EMN-160617-171941001

The funeral service for Noel Neave, 77, of Market Rasen, was held at St Oswald’s Church, Rand.

The Rev Mark Holden officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Noel was born at Minting. After leaving school, he was employed as an agricultural worker. He worked on the land until he retired in December 2003.

In 1970, Noel married Jackie, but she died in May 2003.

After retiring, Noel moved from the family home in Rand to Market Rasen, where he had a good social life.

He played darts and dominoes, and was a regular at the Aston Arms Sunday night quiz.

Family mourners were: Darren and Yvonne (son and daughter); Rob (son-in-law); Brad and Harry (grandsons); Tony (brother); Freda (sister); Julie, Dennis and Tammie (sister, brother-in-law and niece); Joyce and Michael (sister-in-law and nephew); David and Louise (nephew and wife); Mick and Lena (nephew and wife); Tracey (niece); Katie, James and Laura (great niece, nephew and partner); Laura (great niece); Kat (family friend); Sheila, Robert, Carol, George and Phyll (sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law).

Friends at the service were: Mrs Moppar; Mr G Ward (also rep Mr and Mrs Brian Lingard); Barbara Scott; Mr and Mrs Day; Terry Day; Tracy Milson; Jeremy Milson; Neil Patterson (also rep Darts and Domino Teams); Edna Playford; D Russell; Richard Russell; Richard Dent; Donna Wilkinson; Rex and Linda Horstwood; Emma Horstwood; W Broadhead; Ian Horstwood; Charlotte True; Steve Boryszczk; John Bradley (also rep Aston Arms); Pete Lavin; Sue Mitchell; Brian Herrick; Neil Paddison (also rep Martin Willoughby); Tony Lee; Dianne Ward (also rep Sarah (Cyril) Ewinston); David and June Lyall (also rep Coach and Horses); Kevin Duke; Ros Rutherford; Mr A Spencer; Steven Cottingham (also rep the Cottingham family); S Jackson; Daryl Easden; Shaun French (also rep Mo Gladding); Sue Johnson (also rep Paul Johnson); Carol Richardson; Mrs C Tindall (also rep Darren Tindall - Lloyds Bank); Bernard Wilson; Nicky Grimmett; Mr and Mrs Higham; Bill and Linda Peckham; Graham Osbourne; June and Frank Peckham; David Peckham; Tracey Pinkett; David Williams (darts and dominoes); Colin Dickinson (darts and dominoes); Scott and Sara Pearce; Robert Robinson; Keith Blakley (also rep Ernie Veal); Stuart Scholey; Mark Stanton; Dave and Anne Ingall; Jayne Ingall; Naomi Steel; Dan Ingall; George Newton.