Obituary: Nigel Francis ‘Archie’ Farrow

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Nigel Francis Farrow, known to many as Archie, was born in Market Rasen to Alan and Kath Farrow in November 1956.

He attended De Aston School and went on to an engineering apprenticeship at Rose Forgrove Limited.

His love and natural talent for art then took him to London, where he achieved an Honours Degree in Fine Art at Kingston Polytechnic.

He stayed in the south working as a tree surgeon, assisting with clearing tree damage suffered from the severe storms of the late 80s.

On his return to Lincolnshire, Archie lived on the outskirts of Market Rasen working as an engineer, where he met and married his wife Beverley and later settled within the town with their two daughters, Claire and Emily.

After a car accident in 2010, which nearly cost him his life, Archie was unable to completely recover and, due to a heart condition, he sadly passed away at home on February 26.

Archie was a very active member of the community and, as a member of the Chamber of Trade and Commerce, assisted with the installation and maintenance of more than 70 hanging baskets around the town to provide fabulous floral displays, even perfecting the floral watering system.

As a member of the town council, he strove to assist his home town to reach its greatest potential, the thriving market town and bustling streets were his memories as a boy.

Archie was a well-liked character of the town, with an exceptional lust for life.

He was always on hand to give his time for those who needed it and never missed an opportunity to make a stranger welcome.

His love of music would make him muster as many friends as possible to attend local band and jam nights.

His presence and sense of humour will be sadly missed.

Family Mourners were: Beverley Farrow (wife); Claire Farrow and Dan Hulme, Emily Farrow and David Mason (daughters and partners); Mr A Farrow and Mrs K Farrow (parents); Rozelle and Derek Grantham, Cate and Tim Scott (sisters and brothers-in-law); David and Louise Wright, Mr D and S Wormall (brothers and sisters-in-law); Mrs O H Ellis (mother-in-law); Thomas, Kayley, Logan and Poppy Grantham (nephew and family); Alex Grantham and Jess Taylor-Dales (nephew and family); Mark and Paul Shepherd (nephews); Ken and Jane Bridger, Paul and Freda Whitfield, Gill Cannon (cousins); Carol Farrow (coucin, also rep Mrs A Farrow); Heather Wright (niece); Mrs P Morgan.

Friends at the service were: Mr K Parrott; Mrs M Duke (also rep Mr B G Duke); Julie and Fay (Town Council); John Banks (also rep Mr G Clarke); Vicky Fulcraft; Richard Cross; Geoff and Teresa Thomb; Mr and Mrs J Gardner; David Marsh; Mrs R Smith (also rep the Lambie family); Mr and Mrs G Taylor; Mark and Samantha Sellars; Chris and Lyn Beeby; Mr, Mrs and Miss Hall; Jean Dray; Rachel; Rachael Dray; Heather Dray; David Boles; Tim Langdale-Smith; Kathryn Stone; Helen and Colin Bennett; Debbie Gilliat; Julie and Ben Picksley; Sandra Carter (also rep Bridget Pitman-Brand); Roz Cooke; Abigail Richards and Michelle Richards; Donna Drakes; Michael Boyles; M Kilby; Mrs Feetham; Eve Bennett; Mr and Mrs M Jones; Mr Hurd; T Paul; Mark and Paul Shepherd; Mrs M Etchell; Margaret Hurd; Mr and Mrs Tony Smith; Nick Smith; Phil Watters; Neil Rutherford (also rep L Marsden and family); Diane Hawke (also rep Simon Bunn); Bentley and Sonia Hughes (also rep Mr and Mrs Kendal Ruce, Margaret Reeves); Lindsay Coxhead; Gemma Ward; Debbie Jackson; Leanne Jackson; Adrian Turner; Vicky Fry; John Whittaker; Mark Richards; Grahame and Barbara Godden; John Murphy (also rep Mrs Murphy, Shaun Murphy); Teresa Machin (also rep the Murphy family); Mr and Mrs Horton; Trevor Bennett; Pat Massey; Russell Grant; Jo Grant (also rep John Fox and family); Susan Tolan; Paul Tolan; John Farrel (also rep Market Rasen SVP); Mr and Mrs P Wright (also rep Jeremy Wright, Jane Wright, Mrs M Taylor ); Richard Smith; Calum Bott; Flt Lt Marsden; Reg and Nicky Wakefield (also rep David and Louise Robinson); B Smart; Mrs Swaby; Mrs Dodd; Ann and David Oliver; Linda Bowen; Mr and Mrs Alfred Jones; Jane and Lyn Nelhams; Mr and Mrs Morrison and Kate; Steve King; Pete Thornton (also rep Hilary Thornton); Geoff Handford; Nicki Robson; Suzanne Lee; Frank Fieldsend; Stephen Bunny; Coun John Hadlow; Mr E Flood (also rep Mrs B Flood); Mr and Mrs Bridgewater; Philip and Rachel Clifford; Mary Wilkinson; Lindsey Moulds (also rep Market Rasen Foyer); Peter and Ann Dixon (also rep John Dixon, the Dixon families); Charles Waters (also rep Jill Precious); Stephen Barnes; Alexi Barnes; Phil and Emma Gibbons; Richard Barnes; Tracy Walker-Brown (also rep Keith Barker-Brown); Rosemary Hall; David Wilson; Alf Phillips; Richard Scuffham; Mr C R Green (also rep Mr E M Green, Mrs P Towel); Sharon Duke; Foxy; Jordan and Heather Bixley; Jas Bixley; Lloyd Bixley; Mr S Clark; Andrew Labaj; Runner Walker (also rep Em); Jason Campbell; John Ledger; Mick Kent; Jim Andrew (also rep Pam Osbourn); Nick Kay; Dale and Sharon Hall; Darren Lince; Martin and Tina Scott; Amy Prentice; Trev Postma; Angie Hancock; N Wooler; John and Karen Dowle; Darren Nash; R Bacon; David Beard; G Pewton; Mr R New (also rep Mrs D New); Mrs L Marriot (also rep Mr C Marriot, Marriot Builders); Mrs M Juskiw (also rep Z Juskiw , Liz and Andy); Mr J A E Fox (also rep Phillip Fox); Dot Fox (also rep Brian Fox); Steve French; Dr and Mrs Parry (also rep James and Johnnie Parry); Trevor Taylor; Mrs M Brain; Oliver Mumby; Mrs A Crane (also rep Mr N Crane); Alan Pennell (also rep Geoff and Tracy); Julie Horne; Pyttlik family; Mr and Mrs D Shaw (also rep Mr J K Shaw); Richard and Gill Szeremeta; Kim Walker-Begley; Dave Dray; Michelle Upcott; Kevin Blanchard (also rep Wendy); Jack Pearce; Mandy Carrie (also rep the Carrie family, Amy Hewiss); Pete Bacon; Mr and Mrs G Lambie; Rob Parry; Ryan Dring; Robert and Kim Bradford; Rachael Richardson; Fiona Purnell; Mick Malynowskyj; Ray Joyce; Mark Cockerill; Denis Heatherington; Mick Hall; Ken Millet; Paul and Jenna Thorpe; Les Howard; John Walton; Vanessa Parker; Simon Moorhouse; Andy King; Yarick Baryszczuk; Bret Bowman; Kathleen Reed; Blake King; Ashley Hill; Conner Craig; Reese O’Brian; Ashley Ford; Tanya O’Brian; Penny Vickers (also rep Mr and Mrs Jenkins); Elizabeth Omond-Tong; Lindsey Egan; Sarah Edis; Emma Omond-Tong (also rep Pam Omond-Tong); Helen Woodall (also rep Jemma and Daniel Carson); Yvonne Dray; Graham Ashley; John Staves (also rep Hilda Boast); Louise Nash (also rep Peter, Ivan, Zoe and Sophie Nash); Mr Strachan; Beatrix; Russell Higson; Heather Balwin; Jorertg Duburchstecher; Jeannine Seiler; F and L Mason; Mike Sales; Diane Brattley; Sarah Ball; Nicki Blades (also rep Gavin and Christy Clarke); Gary Crane (also rep Norman Crane); Tim and Noreen Bradford; Robert and Kerrie Whiteley; Alistair Clugston; Martin and Maggie Harvey; Jimmy and Yvonne; Jory; Arran; Rowan; Christy; Robert Covell; Dan Pyttlik; N Thompson; Mr and Mrs O’Brian; Cyril Gray; Mr A Hubbard; Trigger; Brian Fox; Jayne and John Matthews; David Mapplethorpe; Ellen Strachan; Karen Dando (also rep Ian); Beryl Rhodes (also rep John Rhodes); Sally Baker (also rep Stephanie Johnson); Rick Green (also rep Mick Craig); Warren Conway; S Brian; B Brian; H Harrison (also rep Gordon and Tracey); Amy Moss; Tom O’Brian; Simon Massey; David Burley (also rep Julie Burley); James Widdison; Sarah Lamballe (also rep James Kendall, Lincs Tree Services); Jessica Marlow; Gemma Ward; Debbie Jackson; Adrian Turner; Vicky Fry; John Whittaker; Mark Richards; Mr and Mrs Nelhams; Fred Bullen; Phil and Marsha Grundy; Mr C Bullen; Mrs A Bullen; Mr M Marchinton; Mr A Ayscough; Mr V Codd; Isobel Netto de Oliviera; Mr D Sutherland; Mrs R Short; Bob Garrett; Mr J Bradley (also rep The Aston Arms); Mr and Mrs Sweetland; Mr and Mrs Fenn; Mr P Fisher; Mr M Eckersley; Mrs K Steed; Mrs E Campbell.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall.