Obituary: Nellie Spalding

The funeral service for Nellie Spalding, aged 86 years of Faldingworth, was held at the Methodist Chapel.

The Rev Anne Coates officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Nellie was born in Leeds and evacuated to Faldingworth in September 1939 along with her two brothers.

She returned to the village after the war and married her late husband Frank Spalding in the same chapel on March 4, 1950.

For many years, she was secretary of Faldingworth Primary School and was involved with many village organisations, including the Methodist Church, WI and Friendship Club.

Family mourners were: John and Lisa, Richard and Kate (sons and daughters-in-law); Emma Carmody and Mike, Verity Romero and Marcus (granddaughters and husbands); Hope, Owen, Ed and Dan (grandchildren); Brian Ward, George Ward (brothers); Jim and Pam Spalding (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Alison Spalding, Bernard Ranshaw, David Ranshaw, Simon Ranshaw, Pauline and Jim Warden, Shirley and Stephen Stableford, Susan and Eamonn Burke, Helen Ward (nieces and nephews). Other family members were: Patrick Foster, Sheila Adams, Dominic Adams, William Martin, Connor Carmody, Geoff and Joan Coy.

Friends at the service were: Mrs M Dickinson; Miss J Dickinson; Mr J Cocking; Mr J Dickinson; Stuart Johnson; Anne Norton; Katherine Norton; P C Smith (also rep Mrs G Smith); Mr and Mrs J Pears; Mr and Mrs D Taylor; Mr and Mrs B Carter (also rep Lisa and Adam); Mr and Mrs J Carter; Charles and Sally Carter; R Boyce (also rep Claire Jones and K Moody); Mr and Mrs W Johnson (also rep Miss S Jenner); Mr and Mrs C Waite; Mrs B Blower; Mr C Pickering; Mrs C Pepper (also rep P Pepper); Mr and Mrs D Hall; Mrs G Neill; Barbara and Dave Longdon; Tom Eccles; Mr W Hankins (also rep Mrs V Hankins); Mr G Smith; Mr and Mrs J Northing; Mr and Mrs J N Kitching; Jonathan Kitching; Susan and Colin Mitchell-Smith; Ann Lillywhite (also rep Mrs M Thwaites (Peggy); David Ottewell; Brenda Wright; Jane and Derek Cram; Mr and Mrs M Wiltowski; Don and Steph Westman (also rep Joyce, Tom, Jane and Libby); Nicky Faulkner; T Sanders; Andrew and Karoline Ottewell; Ashley and Beth; Mrs G Ottewell; Mrs M Ottewell; Edward Backus (also rep Ian and Kathy Mair); Keith Langley; Lindsay Westman (also rep Philip Westman); Ann Butler; Sue Pottinger (also rep Faldingworth Primary School); Denise and Peter Ward; Jade Pearson; Mr and Mrs D Clarke; Mr and Mrs J Bayes (also rep R Lancaster); Geoff and Ann Walker; Ruth Kitching; Mr P Thornally (also rep Mr and Mrs R Blaikie); Mr A Clark (also rep Mrs S Clark); Mr and Mrs R J Carter; Diane and Tom Booth; Mr and Mrs P Holdsworth; Mr and Mrs S Cartwright (also rep Nichola and Stephen); Dan Shaw; Silvia and Bernard; Sandra and Steve Wilkinson; Jean and Malcolm Brook; Jean Lloyd;

Alan Longdon (also rep Susan Longdon); Joyce Sutton (also rep Lindsey Willoughby); Roy Kitchen; Laurie and Shirley Oxborrow; Janice and Brian Cook; John Green; Vali Harris; John and Christopher Moore; Carol and Paul Rayner; Julie Pears; Georgina Carter (also rep 
Bob Carter).