Obituary: Murray Hayes

Murray Hayes. Photo supplied
Murray Hayes. Photo supplied

The funeral service for Murray Hayes, aged 92 years of Tealby, was held at the parish church.

The Rev John Carr and Father Tom Breslin officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Murray was born in Swineshead.

He was educated at Bryanston then Chelsea Aeronautical Engineering College.

In 1942, he joined the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy.

He learnt to fly in Canada with the Empire Flying School.

On D-Day he flew Stringbag and also served at the Korea, Aden and Malay Conflicts.

He was the winner of the Boyd Trophy, for most efficient squadron.

Locally, Murray was a long-time member and president of Probus.

He was also a collector for the Royal British Legion and secretary of Tealby Village Hall.

Family mourners were: Ruth Hayes (wife); Anthony, Nicola, Rosemary, Robert (children); Simone, Mike, Andrew, Suzette (children’s spouses); Philippa, Will, Paul, Estelle, Mark, Tara, Juliet, Frederic, Theodore, Amelia, David and Peter (grandchildren); Monica (sister-in-law); Peter and Sally (nephew and wife); Terasae and Philip (niece and husband); Vicky, Clair and Maddy (nieces).

Friends at service were: Mavis and Ian Brady (also rep Mrs Mortimer); Jean Jones (also rep Mary Battle); Ann Dodds (also rep Vera Allard); Martin Cox; Leslie and Mary Wilson; Robert Mitchell (also rep Nancy Mitchell); Mrs Bordillan; Elizabeth and David Spiers (also rep Carol Hardy); Martin Maslin; Jill and Duncan Robson; Mrs Williams; Mr Wallis (also rep Mrs Wallis); Mr and Mrs P Addison; Mrs Blanchard (also rep Mr K Blanchard); Peter Vergette (also rep Richard Vergette); Gareth Jones (also rep Market Rasen Probus); Dr and Mrs Hodge; Ann Hewitt; Sue and David Hay; Mel Montgomery; John and Jill Emmerson; Michael and Jane Cranfield; Elsie Boothroyd; Pauline and Mike Neal (also rep Tony Chester); Guy Grainger (Probus); Sheila Wyman (also rep Joshua); Kenneth Doig; Mrs Laing; Lucy Horner; Roberta Heneage; Mrs S Swinfen (also rep Heather Howard); Ian Cocking; Mrs I Strawson; Mr and Mrs David Addison; Jeff Portlock; Susan Chambers (also rep Mr David Chambers, the Chambers family, Mrs M Etchel); Mr and Mrs Feest (also rep King George Fund for Sailors); Mr Spur; Dr Hugh and Penny Nott (also rep Mr Ben and Eva Smith, Dr Brian and Judith Wilson); Mrs H Brumpton; Jean Woodward (also rep Sarah Tyson); Mr J C Jarron (also rep Mrs M Jarron); Phil and Teresa Yeend; James Milligan; Owen Milligan; Mrs Swiny; Pat Sharpley; Mrs G Dobson; Mrs Howard; Silvia Mowbray (also rep Market Rasen Ladies Section Golf Club); G Mowbray (also rep Mrs J Woodcock); Alison McHardy; Dennis Hall (also rep Joan Hall and also Market Rasen Golf Club); G White; Susan Jeffrey; Lesley Chapman; Ann Marie Gosse (also rep Dorothy Varley, Judith Thornalley, Gill Dale); David Paton; Barbara Warman; Mr and Mrs Richard Glover; Helen Thompson; Bess Scott-Gunn; Rick Peacock-Edwards; David Button; Terry Pierce; Adrian Campbell (also rep Elizabeth Campbell); Heidi Watson (also rep Market Rasen Surgery); Brian Jones; Philip Wescott; Len Johnson; Carol Bennett (also rep Nicholas Bennett); Mr J Speck (also rep Mrs J Speck); Mr Howard; Mr Warr; Mr and Mrs Burrows; Mr and Mrs Reed; Mr Bycroft (also rep Youngs Garage); Mr and Mrs Doyle; Mr H Milligan; Mr and Mrs Shannon; Mrs Holm Johanson; Mrs D Cottingham; Mrs M Brown; Mrs C Lester; Mrs M Vergette; Mr V Cutsforth; Mrs C Vergette; Mrs J Fisher; Mr A Laing; Mrs A Laing; Mr Hurd; Mr and Mrs Farrow