Obituary: Monica Mary Waters

The funeral service for Monica Mary Waters, aged 79 years of Louth, was held at All Saints Church, Wold Newton.

Born at Ludford, Monica worked as a carer in a residential home and as a housewife.

She was a member of Louth Methodist Women’s Fellowship and enjoyed supporting multiple charities.

Family mourners were: Nick Waters (son); Lesley and Davie Lucas (daughter and son-in-law); Gemma Waters and Chris Cade (granddaughter); Leigh Waters and Lauren Gould, Jamie Hamilton (grandsons); Ally, Brooke and Aaron Hamilton (grandson and family); Geoff Chapman and Sue Whittles, Peter Chapman (brothers); Keith and Eunice Chapman (brother and sister-in-law); Lena Johnson (sister); Margaret, Bob and Doug Waters, Dorothy Chapman (sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law); T Johnson, C Johnson, J Cioni, S Peasgood, C Johnson, Mr P King (nieces and nephews); Malc Waters and Sally Jacklin; Gina and Chris; Sandra Bett; Callum Bett; Katy Bett; Michelle Hardy; Millie Hardy; Steph and Rod.

Friends at the service were: Linda Waters; Mark Dean; Stephen and Mary and Chelsea Cottingham; Mrs A J Brown; Rachel Waters (also rep Laura Waters, Jason Laking); Elizabeth Coxon; Sue Blackshaw (also rep Richard, Matt and Simon); Mr Edwards; Mr and Mrs A Cottingham; Malcolm Boot; J and L Gale (also rep Lindsey Way Residents Association); Sheila Barling; Adi Bentley; Mr and Mrs John Ollard (also rep Mr D Buckle); Joan Keith; Pat and Raymond Winfarrah; Daphne Goulsbra; Edward Dale (also rep Julia, Tom, Jack, James and Alex Dale); Jane Lidester (also rep Ernie Lidester, Mr and Mrs P Hewson); Joan Hewson; Mr and Mrs Scotney; Sally Rowan; Thomas Howard; Liz Mossop (also rep Superintendant the Rev Nick Love, Methodist); Syble Church; Tom Henry; Margaret Wherry; Sheila Wroth; Mr R Dale (also rep Mrs M Hall); Mrs M Mills; Mrs M Buckle; Mrs J Patchett; Mrs R Snowdon; Mrs M Brothwell; Mr and Mrs Whatley; Mrs A Pickston (also rep Louth Methodist Womens’ Fellowship); Ray Baker; Mrs E Chandler.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.