Obituary: Michael Holdich

Michael Holdich EMN-150906-133734001
Michael Holdich EMN-150906-133734001

The funeral service for Michael Holdich, aged 72 years of Welton, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Richard Thornton and the Rev Pam Beattie officiated at the service, with arrangements by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Michael was born in Lincoln and worked as a coach tour driver with PC Coaches.

Family mourners were: Doreen Holdich (wife); Tracey, Sally, Anita and Darren (daughters and son); Andrew, Malcolm and Sarah (sons-in-law and daughter-in-law); Thomas and Louise, Jack, Charlotte, Lucy and Alex, Hayley and William, George, Holly and Johnathan, Chloe, Georgia and Amber (grandchildren and partners); Ruth and Howard Wilkinson (sister and husband); Barbara Hill and Arthur Hill, John Hudson and Lil Hudson, Derek Hudson and Wendy Hudson (sisters and brothers-in-law); Nicholas and Sarah Wilkinson, Jennifer Wilkinson, Karen, Mark and Alic Heaton, Sharon and Stacey Hudson, Michael and Karen Hudson, Daniel Hudson, Carl Hudson, Kerrie and Stuart Lister, Alan Holdich (nephews and nieces); John Riley, Peter and Violet Riley (cousins).

Friends at the service were: Tina and Joan Scott; David and June Barratt; Mr and Mrs M Woodall; Cath Alcock; Mr and Mrs V Jackson; Mr P C Smith (also rep R B Smith); Barbara and Arthur Hill; Sue Randles; Joan Tasker; Helen Crow; Ann and David Lowe; Ken Driver; David Leonard (also rep K Leonard); Bob Hindel; R and P Coats; Mr and Mrs D Drewery; Mr and Mrs Jones; Anne Saul; L Smith; M Hammond; Mr and Mrs Dale Hall; Paul and Pamela Lock; Judy and Mark Davies; B Smart; Mike Daly; L Horsefield; Pam Manderon; Mr and Mrs Garbut; Jean Zealand; J Fisher; Robert Thompson; David and Marion Clark; Mr and Mrs Westman; S Radford; Rose Smith; Ken and Rose Taylor; R Akin; Terry and Andrea Ruggers; R Loom; Mark and Dennis Miller; Ted Probyn; P R Carter (also rep R J Carter); Mike and Jenny Dickenson; Ray and Pam Capps; Mr and Mrs Waters; Leslie Horsfall (also rep Jeff); Tony Vines (also rep P Harris, B Moss); Pat Hodges; M Spaulding; Tony Davis; Julie Brown; David Radley; Mr and Mrs D Booth; Maureen Shield (Shuchworth); Colin and Dawn Bowskill; Eddie Reall; Richard Neave (also rep Mark Neave, Jane Popplewell); Terry and Edna Ward; F Clark; Jock Cummingham; A Cummingham; Tim Whittaker; Mr and Mrs Michael Blaydes; D and V Saul; Richard Alford; Mr and Mrs Norman Taylor; Mrs Marris; M Davis; Stewart Haggers; Roger Matthews; L Matthews; Peter Grimham (also rep H Grimham); B Lane; Hugh Gilfolder; Richard Chesman; P M Page; Tony Pache; Samantha Ford; Jed and Tina Woodthorpe; L Walt; M Hanion; Fred Sweeting; M Gosford; Mike Finney; Sally Dordan; Mike Ford; Paul and Pauline Rouse; Rod McKinley; Tony Grocock; Barry Campion; M and D Chapman; John and Val Walshaw; Anne Turnbull; Alan and Win Heath; M Lancaster; Elspeth Lancaster; David Mapplethorpe; Betty and Dennis Craggs; Anita and Nick Breen (also rep Ann and John Remder); Fran York; C M Parish; Stuart Twitchett; Les Drury; Heather Emmett; Philip Owen; Roger Owen; Clare Owen; Malcolm Wade; Dennis and Janet Patchett; Liz Smith; the Rev Pam Beatie; Gwen Hill; John Maddison and Pam; Owen and Christina Bell; John Beatie; Mont Mannion; F Phillips; Bob Phillips; Emma Taylor; Stephen Kirby; Jim and Catherine Ball; Roy and Janet Caunt; Jane Wells-Cole; Jackie Osgodby; Carol Roberts; Group Captain Rodgers; Coun Mrs Rodgers; Margaret, Julie and Jill Brown; Tony and Margaret Bell; Mr and Mrs Ealam; Dawn Wade (Vickers); Richard Holmes; Esme Handford; Simon Morer; John Jeffrey; Mr and Mrs Drury; Peter and Jen Zealand; John and Ann Woodcock; Mr and Mrs R Drury; Derek and Bridgett; Eric Sharp; Elizabeth Baker; Graham Neave (also rep Carol Neave, Ann Day); Stephen Stead (also rep Sally Stead); Bob Jackson; Bill Atkins; Tom and Ann Heal; Tim and Judy Heal; Mick Olivant; Michael Wharton; Mr and Mrs Pikett; Robert and Beverly McKiernan; Debbie and Dave Goodwin; Harry and Jack Goodwin; Keith and Diana Parker; Linda and David Phillips; Mr and Mrs Ralph Wright; D and B Wright; Paul Smoothy; Thomas Allan; Leanne Robinson; Duncan Evans; Scotty; Jock Crosby; Billy Speed; Ralf (Pep); Stephen Moody; Mr and Mrs Bob Waters; Steven Warner; Andy Adkin; Suzanne Traynor; Peter Smith; Enid Chesman; Carol Foster; Linda Jones.