Obituary: Michael Fordham

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. EMN-161128-172419001

The funeral service for Michael Fordham, 70, of Owmby by Spital, was held at Scunthorpe Crematorium.

The Rev Sally Turnbull officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Glenis Fordham (wife); Glenn and Sam (rep Richard and Kieran), Dale and Tania (rep Naomi Linden), Rebecca and Phil (rep Jessica MacGill, Jamie Hill and Alex) (children); Jack Fordham, Bethany MacGill, Aaron Stainton, Amy and Jade Fordham, Chris and Clare Fordham, Kyle Fordham and Jordan Smith (grandchildren); John Fordham, Mary Pape, Patricia and Albert Jackson, Godfrey and Catherine Fordham, Kath Fordham, Elaine and Jim Roe, Paul and Jean Baines (brothers and sisters); Jennifer Watson, Dawn Newton, Adrian and Sally Jackson; Yvonne and Gary Grooby, John and Gail Fordham; Angela Whitelaw; Mark Baines; Sophie and Anthony Jackson; the Roe family; Roxanne Fordham; Elle Maria Carmichael, (nieces and nephews); Mr and Mrs Williams; Mr C Bilton; Mrs C Hodgson; Jean Marshall.

Friends at the funeral service were: Beryl Hewitt; Sylvia Graves; Les Camm; Michael Brown; Ian Cook (also rep Kathleen Cook); Brian Wade (also rep Janet Parker Wade); Mr and Mrs Summer; Alan Jones; Mr and Mrs Speight; Jack Speight; Michael Harrison; Richard Harrison; Christine Fox; Brian Thomas; Pat Higgins; Maggie Gibson; Lesley Abtir; Charlie Harris; Barry Smith; Dave Hockney; Ian Richardson; Colin MacGill; Margaret MacGill; Mr and Mrs Larry Hall; Nigel Hindley; Gary Jarrold; Joe Hindley; George and Maureen; Tony and Heidi Ellis; Tony Crawshaw (also rep Wilf Hankins); Sam Cousins; Mr and Mrs M Stainton.