OBITUARY: Michael Dennis Corden

Michael Dennis Corden
Michael Dennis Corden

The funeral service for Michael Corden, aged 51 years of Louth, was held at Louth Methodist Church.

The Rev David Newlove officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Michael passed away at home after a brave fight with pancreatic cancer.

Born in Grimsby in 1961, he moved to Market Rasen at the age of three.

Michael attended Market Rasen Junior and De Aston Grammar Schools, before leaving in 1979 to take a job with Midland Bank, later HSBC, where he made his career.

After working in most of the branches in Lincolnshire at some time, he finished his career as manager at Boston, retiring from ill health after more than 31 years service.

He was known throughout the county as a caring and professional, though always entertaining and witty, colleague.

Michael loved sport and was an excellent goalkeeper, making 433 appearances for Market Rasen Town Football Club between 1977 and 1990.

His talents also extended to the cricket field, where, as a wicket keeper and flamboyant middle order batsman, he played 552 competitive matches for MRTCC over a playing career of 20 years.

After retiring from football, he was frequently found on the Market Rasen Golf Course, another sport he played well.

In September 1990, Michael married Jane Boulton at Market Rasen Methodist Church, where he had grown up as a member of the Sunday School, later becoming a Sunday School teacher, and had worshipped most of his life.

The couple moved to Louth and soon became equally active in the life of Louth Methodist Church, where Michael acted at various times as church steward, youth leader and treasurer.

In September 1994, Michael became father to Thomas and threw himself into being a Dad as he did everything in life, with love and enthusiasm.

He was proud of his son’s achievements and particularly enjoyed supporting Tom’s developing cricketing career, both at the club and county level.

In the last few years, Michael found the perfect outlet for his natural comedy with the Louth Playgoers.

When he first played the dame in their annual pantomime - Dick Whittington in 2008 - it seemed he had finally found his ideal role.

Even more so two years later when he played one of the Ugly Sisters in Cinderella, a performance which had audiences literally crying with laughter.

His favourite role of all was to be his last, as David Horton in the Vicar of Dibley.

Michael enjoyed life to the full and, particularly over the last few years, the way in which he dealt with and faced up to the fact he had terminal cancer, with unfailing positivity, strength, bravery and humour, was inspiration to everyone with whom he came into contact.

He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.

Family mourners were: Jane Corden (wife); Tom Corden (son); Dennis Corden (father); David and Anne Corden (brother and sister-in-law); Peter and Matthew Corden (nephews); Janet and David Mouland (sister and brother-in-law); John and Chris Boulton (father-in-law and mother-in-law); Helen James (sister-in-law); Ellie James (niece); Alex James (nephew); Graham and Jane Sparling (cousin and wife).

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs Ron Myland (also rep Andrew and Kate, Adam Holvey, Geoff Hill); Kimberly Clark; Daniel and Rebecca Clark; Ian, Jude, Michael Hills, Mandy Fidler and Jackie Jacklin (rep the HSBC Bank); Enid Coffey (also rep Debbie Mountain); Will Herbert; Giles Lyon-Worrell; Richard Lyon-Worrell; Ann and Malcolm Bell (also rep Mrs P Harness); Andrew and Jill Bell (also rep Ted and Sheila Shepherd); Marion and Rod Clark; W F Smith; D and J Grayson; Rachel West; Margaret and Tony Blackmore; Mr and Mrs J Elliott; Glenda Taylor (also rep Geoff Taylor, Janice Cooke); Jean Woodward; Mrs J Bates; Malcolm and Lorraine Spendlow; Dawn Nelson; Jo Bishell; Heather Appleby; Ian and Helen Girdley; Jennifer Robinson (also rep George and Mark); Phil and Janette Lowe; Chris Winney (also rep Carol Tinkler); John Kennedy; Mel Drury; Stuart Brittan; Roger Graves; Tracey Jaujavic; Helen Armstrong; Margaret Law (also rep Roger Law); Rachel Taylor; Brian and Pam Reaney; Phillip Dodsworth; Mr G Freeman; Ros Malyon; Janet West (also rep Alistair and Catherine and also Mark Duell); Felicity Hazelhurst; Maggie Blades (also rep Ken Blades); M Moir-Holland; Sally and Ross Carnalley; Gorden and Mollie Dixon; Deb George (also rep S Wardlow); David Cohen; Penny Bocock (also rep Ian and Tom and Holly and Alice Bowick); Jean and Norman Cawkwell; Graham Flear; Julie Burgess; Blair and Matthew Hamilton; Mr R A Pearce (also rep Mrs S Stephenson); J Stephenson (also rep M Rutherford); P Sellars; J Staves; Ian Williams; Kate Miller (also rep Mr and Mrs B Williams and also Market Rasen Football and Cricket Club); Jason New (also rep Chris Lancaster); Mrs Thwates (also rep Dr Owen); Mary Wilkinson; Gwen Rowson; Irene Rowson; Ella Boardman; Lawrence Scott; Henry Tye; Gerald Mace; Eileen Fisher; Katie Fisher; Peter and Liz Wilson; Greg Brookes; Diane McInnes; Colin Wooding; John and Janet Dennis; Carol Tinkler; Christine Yallop; Lauren Chandley; Simon Kettle (also rep Becky Kettle, Sue Soper); Nancy Stockwell; Marcus Dalton; Isobel and Eric Burks; Allison and Helen Fox; Jay Kirkham; Steven and Sandy Waller (also rep John and Beth Chambers); Brenda Hotson (also rep Julie Lill); Rose Bingley; Neil and Tina Rudkin; Bethany, Georgie and Danny Rudkin; Maxine Kennedy (also rep Kerry Fry and Vicky Fry); Chris Smith (also rep John Lakin); Mr and Mrs M Jones; Derek Gibson; Rachel Towers; Miranda Wickland; Frances and Edward Brindle (also rep Ashley Stevens); Derek Smith; Holly Thompson; Sally Cummins; Sue Stephenson (also rep Mark and M A Stephenson Autos); Cathy Turner (also rep Da Capo Folk Group); The Lindley family; Stuart Spendlow; Kate Oughton; Graham Dobson; Laurence Dobson; Robert Crump; Peter Bray (also rep Market Rasen Golf Club); Harry and Gwenda Burgin; Linda Taylor (also rep St Michael’s School); S West; Linda Hardwick (also rep Richard); Doug Marsh (also rep Joycelyn Marsh); Alan and Lyn Rigg (also rep Andrew and Jessica); Mrs T Brader; William Brader; Julia and Andy Golding; J Friend; R New (also rep Di New); Howard Genn; Mrs S Docherty (also rep HSBC Bank); Audrey Ward (also rep Alison Marti, Jacqui Ward); William Herbert; Mrs V Turner; Mrs C Phillips; Mrs T Brewter; Mrs K York; Doreen Smith; Mrs R Halliwell; Mr and Mrs M Willis; Mrs F Ransome; Mrs R Herring; Mrs E Palour; Mrs H Lawrence; Aneesa Tayabali; Mrs M Kennedy; Mr B Utteridge; Mrs M Utteridge; Mr and Mrs Lill (also rep Louth Playgoers and also Mr and Mrs B Cliff); Mr and Mrs Codd; Mr and Mrs Oxborrow (also rep Graham and Lynn); Mrs J Saunby (also rep Mr R Saunby); Mr and Mrs B Ward (also rep Mrs S Smith); Mrs C Tindall; Mr J Codd (also rep Mark Codd and also Market Rasen Football Club); the Rev H C Marshall; Mr and Mrs C Knapton; Mrs B Knapton; Mr and Mrs Jacklin; Mrs P Fieldsend; Mrs G Barkley; Mr Islip; Mrs Islip (also rep Mrs S French, Mr and Mrs Allenson, David Allenson); Mrs C Bunting; Mrs C Foster (also rep HSBC Bank); Mr and Mrs Fendell; Mr G Smith (also rep Mr B Smith); Mrs S Hayes; Mrs K Fern; Mrs T West; Mr R Smith (also rep Mrs D Smith); Mrs K Marshall (also rep Mr S Marshall); Mr and Mrs R Fussey (also rep Market Rasen Cricket Club); Mrs V Brown; Mr P Cross; Mr J Robinson (also rep Mrs Ellen Robinson); Miss S Clayton (also rep Mr M Clayton and also Lincoln County Cricket Club); Mr P Taylor; Mr D Goulsbra; Mr A Carter (also rep Mr J Kelham); Mrs S Hamilton; Miss E Hamilton; Mr and Mrs T Wainwright; Sheryl and Neal Brown (also rep Karl and Adam); Jayne Briggs (also rep Babs and Frazer Graham); Mr and Mrs Gutherson (also rep Brian and Chris Cliffe); Mr P Ranby; Mrs Y Hooton; Mrs M Humphries; Mrs F Cooper (also rep Mr N M Cooper); Mr F Chamberlin (also rep Hainton Cricket Club); Mr and Mrs Reeve and Lorna (also rep Rachel and Rob); Mr N Warne (also rep Roy Hobson); Mrs M Borman; Mr and Mrs K Ashton (also rep Bev); Mrs A Pike (also rep Dr L Pike); Mrs S Partridge; Mr B Booth; Mr M Roberts (also rep Lee Freeman); Mr S West (also rep Mr G West and also Louth Cricket Club); Mr B Jessop; Mr A Curtis (also rep Mrs M Curtis); Mrs K Adam (also rep Nick and family); Mrs N Cartwright; Mr and Mrs R Brewis (also rep Simon and David); Mr and Mrs King; Mr M Boot; Mrs J Pridgeon; Mr and Mrs Finn; Mr and Mrs Hare; Mr T Reeve; Mrs J Stubbs; Mr and Mrs Nolan; Mr S Barton; Mrs H Girdley; Mr and Mrs Wright; Mr D Chapman (also rep Legbourne Electrical); Mrs L Leonard; Mr and Mrs D W Johnson (also rep the family); Mrs S Montgomery (also rep Mr I Montgomery, Mrs Winn); Mr and Mrs Holmes; Mr and Mrs Muggleton; Mrs C Brooks; Mrs H Newlove; Anna Newlove; Karen Newlove; Mr M Robinson; Mr J Pike; Mrs S Collins; Mr K West (also rep G West and M West); Mr and Mrs Smith; Chloe and Matthew Smith; Mr and Mrs Keal; Mrs S Robertson; Mr and Mrs D Taylor; Mr A Law; Mr D Rowett; Mr A Jeffery; Mr and Mrs Dougan; Mr and Mrs Wally; Mr P Fox; Mrs S Ley; Mr T Ley; Mr and Mrs R Grayson (also rep Mrs B Grayson); Mrs S Claris; Mr R Fry; Mrs C Rolph (also rep Mr C Rolph); Mr and Mrs Willoughby; Mr R Sharpe; Mr M Crowther; Mrs G Nightingale; Mr and Mrs Cumberland; Mr B Marshall; Adie, Becky and Jake Sanders; Mr and Mrs A Bamforth; Mr K Pollard; Mr K Ibbertson; Mrs E Wilson; Mrs K Thorley; Mrs M Law; Mrs A Simpson; Mr K James; Mr and Mrs Seaward; Mr A Barker; Mrs G Flowers; Miss C Royson-German (also rep St Michael’s Primary School); Mr and Mrs Pigott; Miss R E Cade; Mrs C Tye (also rep Mr M Tye); Mr and Mrs Sharpe; Mrs M Ellis; Mr R Barrow; Gail, Ian and Connor Bradbury; Mr and Mrs N Chilvers; Mr J Medler; and Others