Obituary: Mavis Doreen Wilson

The funeral service for Mavis Wilson, aged 84 years of West Rasen, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

The Rev Chris Harrington officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Mavis was born at Kirton in Lindsey, the sixth child of Lily and William Grundy.

At the age of 13, Mavis left school to look after her sick mother and at 14 got a job in ‘Summers’ grocer and convenience store.

She married Stan Wilson in 1954 and they went to live in Bishopbridge, where Mavis worked behind the bar at The Bell Inn.

Then in 1959, she went to be a postmistress at West Rasen.

Mavis was a member of Middle Rasen Young Wives Group and West Rasen Women’s Fellowship, where she served on both committees.

She did anything to raise funds for West Rasen and Middle Rasen, as well as organising dances for Asthma Research and Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Family mourners were: Jayne Hobbs (daughter); John Wilson and Luan (son and partner); Eileen George (sister); Gordon Wilson and Sonia Risdall, Alan and Maureen Wilson, Bernard and Jenny Wilson (brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law); Keith Roberts, Sylvia, Stephen and Garry Mills, Margaret, Stephen and Simon Walshe, Jeffrey and Janet Grundy, Janet Stephenson and Christopher Usher, Audrey Wright and Elizabeth Clarke, Nigel, Carol, Aiden and Sadie Richardson, Stephen and Janet Wilson, Paul and Donna Wilson, Diane and Richard Barlow (nieces and nephews).

Friends at the service were: Gay and Peter Smith (also rep Pauline and Brian Forway); Louisa Myhill; Peter Bates; Mark and Mandy Carter; Nicola Hall; Nicholas Smith (also rep Claire; Jason and Lucy and Maud (Brisbane)); Peter and Wendy Wing; Alison Chapman (also rep the Norfolk family); Simon Clayton (also rep Shelly and Mike Clayton); Mr G H Smith (also rep Mr and Mrs W F Smith; Mr and Mrs K Hildred; Mr P Smith); Mr B Bonner (also rep Mrs P Carlton); Peter Boast; Jackie Savage; Mr and Mrs Taylor; Paul Wakefield; Nicky Wakefield; Julie Green (also rep Christine Green); Alan Green (also rep Mick Scott and family); Doreen Shepherd; Dennis Johnson; Mick and Val Bradford; Lesley Chambers (also rep Cynthia Marshall; Carol Watson); Claris Marriott (Bob) (also rep Mandy and Helen); Mr and Mrs Wrath; Maurice and Pat Higham; Mr and Mrs C Houlden (also rep Matthew and Rebecca); Amanda Nelson; Stephen Green; Stephanie Orr; Mr and Mrs F Mumby; Joyce Heath (also rep the Heath family); Liz Margrave (also rep Gill Boryszczuk); Stephanie Turner; Mr and Mrs B Dannett; Ann and David Dickinson; Andrew Adlard (also rep Jacquie; Shirley and John Adlard and family); Jackie Butler (also rep Tony); J Stephenson; Mandy Butler; Mark Butler; John and May Bennett; Mrs J Rhoades; Mr and Mrs D Richardson; Steve Bates (also rep Helen); Peter and Freda Akrill; B Hickson; Gary and Carol Philpott; Julia and Gerald Philpott; Mr and Mrs K Mumby; Mr and Mrs Murray; J Hall; Ken Symons (also rep Margaret); Stuart and Wendy Sanders (also rep Shaun and Tina Sanders; Maureen Sanders; Stephen Hansard); Gordon and Liz Simpson; Mrs P Macrae; Mrs M Frankish; Peter Ramm (also rep the Ramm family); Mr and Mrs C Watson.