Obituary: Mary Scott

A service celebrating the life of Mary Scott was held at St Thomas Church in Market Rasen.

A service celebrating the life of Mary Scott was held at St Thomas Church in Market Rasen.

Mary’s love of music was reflected by the playing of live folk music and a song written and performed by her grandson Alex.

A eulogy was read by her daughters, Rebecca and Sally, and son-in-law, Kevin, read a poem and also gave an address.

Prayers were led by the Rev Canon Ian Robinson.

Mary was born in Dunholme.

She worked as a nurse and ward sister from 1950 to 1987 and as a chiropodist from 1987 to 1992.

She was a founder member of Nettleton WEA and a member of Nettleton WI.

She had also worked as a voluntary chiropodist for St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby.

Family mourners were: Doug Scott (husband); Sally and Kevin Stork, Rebecca and Robert Ross (daughters and sons-in-law); Alex Stork and Helen Kean (grandson and partner, also rep Ben Stork, grandson); Joseph Ross (grandson); Arnold Scott (brother-in-law); Bran and Beryl Scott (brother-in-law and wife); Mr and Mrs Richard Scott (son and daughter-in-law); Sam Scott (grandson).

Friends at the service were: Bill and Joyce Gibbs; Stuart Farmery; Mary Greetham (also rep Maureen Maunders, Mary Chivers); Jimmy Johnson; Yvonne Johnson; Gordon and Ann Veal; Lee and Laura Pickering; Cathy Bowen (also rep Dave Bowen and family); Jean Lusby (also rep Walt and the Lusby family); David and Jean Johnson; Linda and David Mason; Heather Fenty (also rep Vanessa Henderson); Nichola Hodges; Pamela Durkin; Desmond and Joan Smith; Richard Alderson; Monica Hansard; Jackie Harrison; Jill Sellars (also rep the Harwood family); Kim Robinson; Jenny BrundleMargaret Rylatt; Sonia Hughes; David and Lynn Shepherd; Liz Wride; Tilly Lawrence; Penny Cramphorn; Harold Smith; Sheila Kent; Alan Moore; Norma Moore (also rep Nettleton and Moortown WI); Jane Goffin; Graham and Pam Parish; Tracy Martin (also rep Kate Martin, John Hunsley); Lesley Brewis; Leigh Latham; Josie Bridgewater; Gwen Scott (also rep Sarah Hunsley); Katherine Semper; Euan Semper; Gill Damen; Brian Ward; Mr and Mrs Q Parker (also rep Market Rasen Golf Club); Richard Welch; Tim and Noreen Bradford (also rep Robert and Richard Bradford); Jack and Margaret White; Sarah Ross; Raymond Bourne; Margaret and Richard Millett; Donna Goodwin; Mary and John Pearson; Lesley Alderson; Rachel Ross; Malcolm Angel; Mr H Minns; Mrs D Woodcock; Mrs K Warton (also rep Mrs A Plant); Mrs M Fenty; Mrs White (also rep Mr G White); Mrs A Todd (also rep Mrs H Todd); Mr S Scott; Mr and Mrs R Scott; Mrs C Newton (also rep Mrs N Hanslip); S Eddis (also rep G Sellars and also The Hope Tavern); Mrs G Stowby; Barry and Francis Kean; Deborah Kean; Mrs T Stork; Mr and Mrs Curtis; Mrs A Murry; Mr R Hansard (also rep T R Hansard Ltd); Mr and Mrs Horsewood; Mrs L Hyde; Mr D Brumpton (also rep ALCAT Lincoln Community); Mr T Taylor; Mrs S Mowbray; Mrs J Woodcock (also rep Mr B Woodcock); Mr J Fawcett (also rep Mrs B Fawcett); Mrs R Bradford; Mrs C Carter (also rep the Family, late Nettleton); Mrs D Woodall; Mrs J Laminman; Mrs J Belt; Mr and Mrs N Steadman; Mrs J Horsewood; Mr and Mrs Uden; Mr and Mrs J Nock; Mr A Tindall (also rep Mrs J Tindall); Mr P Kirk; Mrs H Bennett; Mrs C Smith (also rep Louth Search Dogs); Mr R Smith; Mrs J Wilson (also rep Mrs B Tompkins); Jackie Green; Mrs B Tomkiss; Mrs V Cowling; Mrs E Oldershaw; Mrs H Robinson (also rep the Robinson family and also David Post); Rosie and Vicky (also rep Mary and Tim Johnson); Mrs M Fields; Mrs L Brown; Mrs A Chaplin; Mr and Mrs S Davies (also rep G Davies); Mr M C George; Mr and Mrs Stevens; Mrs J Addison.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.