OBITUARY: Lindsey Mary Lowman

It was with such sadness that family, friends and neighbours heard of the sudden death of Lindsey Mary Lowman (Nee Ellis) who passed away at Lincoln County Hospital, surrounded by her family.

Lindsey was so well known to many in Wragby and this was shown at the service for the “Celebration of Life” when All Saints Church was packed – supporting the family.

Lindsey was born in Lincoln on 17 January 1965 (would have been celebrating her 50th birthday shortly), the second daughter of Rae and the late Murray Ellis.

She spent her childhood days living in Welton and Lincoln before moving to Wragby 44 years ago when she was 5 years old

She attended Wragby County Primary School before moving onto Horncastle Banovallum Secondary School.

Despite being diagnosed with epilepsy at about the age of 11, she excelled herself in sport and was the first girl to achieve the 200 metres running race even beating the boys.

Never one to give in, she was always busy with needle work, dress making, horse riding, often dropping off at the family home to go to the loo leaving Mum, not a horse lover, looking after the horse.

A short time before leaving school, Lindsey spent some time in York Hospital who were specialist in Lindsey’s complaint.

She came through the treatment and met Keith Lowman, who became her husband of more than 30 years, and they were blessed with their son Scott and latterly grandson Lewis Murray Lowman.

Employment came to Lindsey when local florist Marilyn Thornicroft offered her a position and, over the years, they worked so well together and remained lifelong friends.

Lindsey had a life-saving operation at Leeds General Hospital and while the outcome was not good she battled on.

She and Keith made the most of the time they had and enjoyed many holidays abroad, including cruising and other trips.

Scotland was always a place; she loved remembering all the happy times she had there with her sister Karen and cousins.

As a wife and mother, Lindsey gave her all to the family.

She supported Keith’s love of football, and her son Scott’s hobbies, and was the secretary of the Wragby football club through to the end.

For many years, she helped to raise thousands of pounds for local charities.

She was well known throughout Wragby and the surrounding area for her flower arranging, putting on displays in the Church, and doing wedding bouquets, always so happy when surrounded by flowers.

Lindsey is now survived by her husband Keith, son Scott, grandson Lewis and so much missed by her mother and sister.

The Rev Mark Holden and the Rev Cannon Alan J Robson officiated at the Service for the celebration for her life and arrangements were made by J Marshall Funeral Directors of Market Rasen.

Donations were made to support “Macmillan Cancer Care” and All Saints Church Wragby PCC.

Family mourners: Keith Lowman (husband); Scott Lowman and Gemma Bullivant (son and partner); Rae Ellis and Keith Wilkinson (mother and partner); Karen and Nick Mowbray (sister and brother-in-law); Sylvia Lowman (mother-in-law); Suzanne Lowman (sister-in-law); Stuart and Dawn Lowman (brother-in-law and sister-in-law); Lesley and Ian Fabriss (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Kevin Lowman (brother-in-law, also representing Carol Lowman, sister-in-law); Ross and Beth Mowbray, Darren Fabriss, Kyle and James Lowman, Michelle Fawcett (nephews and nieces); Rachel Lowman and Liam Hardy (niece and partner); David and Pat Ellis (uncle and aunty); Margaret Ellis and Barry Tramaseur (aunty and partner); Alison Ward, Stephen Ellis, James and Nicola Ward, Joyce and John Dixon, Raymond and Ann Gordon, David and Katherine Oswald (cousins); Shaun Dixon and Kelsey Segasby (cousin, also representing Jamie Dixon and Carrie Johnson, cousin); Connene Fulton (cousin, also representing Partner John McLachlan); Kevin Parker; Ryan Husak; Bren Murphy; Glyn and Mandy Buxton-Rockley; Julie Neale (Chris Lowe and Lisa Wilkinson); Tom Finnigan; Jean Lomas; Diane Ward.

Friends: Gloria Briggs; Alan Bancroft; Andrea Ward (also representing Brenda Bodily and Valerie Cooper); Dorothy and Dave Warr; Janet Carpenter; Paul Goy (also representing Sammie Goy); Carol and Bevil Jackson; Marilyn Thornicroft; Mark Thornicroft; Tressa and Basil Bruntlett; John Kane; Vera and Alan Smart (also representing Tilly and Paul Martin, Linda King); Fiona Wimster; Oliver Smith; Josie Holden; Barbara Hopper; Jean Lomas; Chris Bassingham; ;Nadia Epton Lyn Matthews; Marie South (also representing Jean South); Sarah South (also representing Pete and Audrey South); Brian and Ann Lingard (also representing Carol); Eileen Laking; David Laking; Karen Lee; Miriam Lee (also representing Keith Lee and “Titch” Lee); David and Rosemary Howsam; Mr and Mrs K Parker; John Shepherd (also representing Chris Bourn and Monica Bourn); Kathy Lowe (also representing the Murphy family); John Epton; Mr and Mrs T Mowbray; Mrs M Jones (also representing John and Jane Pearson); Nora Blackburn; Barbara Blackburn; John Humphries; Edi and Alan Humphries; Donna and Lee (also representing Sharon); Jason and Tracy Cowman; John Edwards (also representing Lynne and Denis); Mr and Mrs B Hill; Georgina Laming; Colin Barber; Eileen and Brian Birdsall; Aby Lowe; Anne Buffham (also representing Caroline Hydes and family); Graham and Janet Cannon (also representing Alice, Mr and Mrs J Cannon); Sonia Robertson; Heather Bruntlett; Ed Bruntlett; David Telfer; Barry Durry; Daniel Ward; Gina Hargrave (also representing David Hargrave); Steve Alcock; Margaret Saunders; Graham Hussak; Polly and Ernie Coatsworth; Gordon Blackburn; Grant and Jo Hinchliffe; P Steel (also representing Chris Moore); Dean and Diana Hillreiner; Ann Lambert; Ewan Deans; Nick Holden; Linda Scott (also representing Dave Godfrey); Sam Ward; Pauline Cooper (also representing Doug Clarke); Bob Paul (also representing Olive Paul); Keith and Larraine Hempsell (also representing Matt and Hayley Jackson, Paul and Tracy Newsham); Nicola Murphy; Gill Murphy (also representing P Marris); Vicky Murphy; Jackie Martin (also representing Henry, Charlotte and Peter Lingard); Helen and Geoff Hutchinson (also representing Dean and Angela); Nicola Barnes (also representing Sharon Barnes); William Grant; Michael Shepherd; Mr and Mrs Alcock; Ron Segasby (also representing Kylie and Dave); Eddie Dunn; Georgina Laming; Christine Fox (also representing Derek Fox); Leonie Segasby; Carol Button; Phyllis Reeves; Bob and Marjorie McGee (also representing the McGee family); Fred and Margaret Robinson; Mr and Mrs Schmitt; Bobbie Boyd (also representing Andrew Segasby); Rex and Rita Dixon; Kevin Hippey; Shirley Watson (also representing John Watson); Malcolm Spittle; Kay Franklin; Mrs Robinson; Laura Thompson; Gavin Drury; Graham Wilkinson (also representing Debbie Wilkinson); Maggie Bonser (Clark); Jo and Ken Eades; Mr and Mrs Nigel Green; Mel Jacob (also representing Graham Sinclair); Trev Lowe; Chris Laming; Nigel and Jenny Smith; Denis Blackburn; Shane and Michelle Graves; Sharon Holmes (Yukka!); Ben Hinchliffe; Gale Everton; Linda and Gordon Taylor; D Steel (also representing N Steel); Alison Bunn; Phil and Di Ward (also representing “Titch” Lee); P Brothwell; Daniel Height; Daniel Bridgwater; Emma Paige; Sue Millson; Mr and Mrs Barnes; Mr and Mrs Shuttleworth; Carol Bullivant; Stephen Camps; Rachel and Roy Laughton (also representing D and J Brader and family, Ted and Glyn Dodds); Chris Moyses; Jo, Paul and Rebecca Young; John Anderton; Edie Martin; E and J Bexuley; Jonathan Waters (also representing the Waters family); Keith and Lindsey Martin (also representing Amy &and Ben Martin); Rachel Horn; Vicky James (also representing Jeff James); Edith Nash (also representing The Gardening Club); Greg Dixon; Rod Alcock and Sarah Jane; Jean Tring; Sarah Sawyer; David and Veronica Ewington – also representing Sarah Ewington and Patrick McGrath; Tony Czajkowski; Ged Lomas; D and J Judd; L Judd; Richard Spittle; James Waters; Karl McKee; Stacy Papworth; Wendy Ayres; Andy Robinson; Matthew Gordon; Craig Gordon; Rachel Ewington; Rick Davy; Jose Phine Kweka.