Obituary: Linda Mary Robinson

The funeral service for Linda Mary Robinson, aged 63 years of Market Rasen, was held at Lincoln Crematorium.

The Rev Michael Cartwright officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Linda was born in Market Rasen and she was self-employed, running a successful school uniform and men’s formal wear hire business.

Family mourners were: Gary Robinson (son); Lorna and Phillip World (daughter and son-in-law); Mark Robinson (son); Ellen and Linda (sons’ partners); Reece World, Jake World, Harry World, Toby Robinson (grandsons); Janice and Seth Allen (sister and brother-in-law); Carole Hill, Sheriden Hildred (sisters); Tracey and Stephen Melbourne (sister and brother-in-law); Kerry and Deanne Allen (nieces).

Friends at the service were: Esther and Helen Robinson; Janette and Georgina Walker (also rep the families); Mrs L Clark (also rep Geoff and Scott); Mrs C Bratton; Mr and Mrs Pickering (also rep Lee, Laura and Wendy); Mrs J Colley; Mr G Smith (also rep Mr and Mrs R Vickers); Mrs F Wood (also rep Mr P Wood); Mr S Broughton; Mr P Dalton; Mrs A Tutty; Gill Forster; Mr and Mrs R Myland; Mrs E Scott; Mrs B Hill; Mrs D Drakes; Mrs S Richardson (also rep K Brumpton); Mrs S Carlton; Mrs M Carter; Mrs S Reed; Mrs T Haigh; Mr A Hubbard; Mr D Burton; Mrs D Hudson; Mr S Hirons; Mrs J Keeping; Mr and Mrs Harmston; Rose Read; Bill Wales; Mr G Brown (also rep Mr D Borthwick); Mr and Mrs Crowe; Mr R Cash; Mr J Wold; Mrs A Keegan; Mrs R Cross; Mrs A Jenkins; Mrs V Charlotte (also rep Mr and Mrs P Jackson); Mrs C Clarke; Mr and Mrs R New (also rep the family); Mr P McCall (also rep Mrs J McCall, Mr and Mrs A Reid and Elliott, Mr and Mrs C Bygrave and Josh); Mr R Hildred (also rep Equip); Mr and Mrs M Watson (also rep Dorothy Watson); Pauline Perkins (also rep Mick and Becky); S Dean; Mr and Mrs J Burks; Mr and Mrs Tim Dame; Mr and Mrs Geoff Hill; Stephen Hill; J Oliver; Josie Collie; John and Elizabeth Kendall; Jackie Richards; Mr and Mrs Gilliatt; Mr A Tutty; Margaret Symons (also rep Ken); Ellenor Beighton (also rep De Aston School); Eileen Myland; Sarah Stead; Janet Melbourne; Peter Brehan; Christine Bonner; Elizabeth Rhodes; Mr and Mrs G Halpenny; Mr and Mrs J Euan (nee Halpenny, also rep Paul Halpenny, Nigel Halpenny); Frank Fieldsend; Daniel Tutty; David Boles; Anne Brown; Adrian Donner; Rose Airey; Mr and Mrs D Donner; Darrel Shepard; Amber Shepard (also rep Style Studio Hair Salon and also Rachael and Timothy Dalton); Mrs I Johnson; Mr and Mrs J Johnson (also rep Mrs A Davis); Mrs L Wilkinson; Mr and Mrs Perkins-Smith; Mr and Mrs J Lingard; Mr and Mrs T Hutchinson; Keith Hildred; Tracy Parker; Helen Wright; Pam Sutherland; Mary Page; Mr and Mrs A Burton; M Hubbard; Carol Hill (also rep the family); Mrs C Marshall (also rep all the staff at Cynthia’s Salon); Mrs L Chambers (also rep Mr and Mrs P Shepardson); Mrs World; Mr World (also rep Colin Smith, Mrs Shankin); Donna Baxter; Miss M Baxter (also rep S Baxter); Mr S King; Mrs J King (also rep LIVES); Vic and Helen Perkins; Anne Chaplin; Bill Ryan (also rep the family); Mr and Mrs R Clark; Tony and Sara Snowden; Kim Strawson (also rep K G Strawson); J Wood (also rep the Wood family); Heather Muddinan; Mrs B Greathead; and others.