Obituary: Linda Marion Crust

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A Celebration for the Life of Linda Marion Crust was held at Wragby Methodist Chapel, proceeded by internment at Sturton by Stow, officiated by the Rev Eleanor Smith.

It was such sad news for the family and community as a party to celebrate her 80th birthday had been planned ,but she was in hospital supported by her close family, and sadly passed away days after.

Linda was born in 1936 at Goxhill, to Fred and Doris Bradshaw.

She had an elder sister, Patricia and the girls were devoted to each other and remained close all their lives.

Her father was a Methodist Minister and mother Doris a Nurse.

In the 1920s both parents worked as Christian Missionaries with the Ibo tribe in Nigeria.

In the 1930s, the family lived in a manse at Goxhill, but they lost their home when Fred volunteered to serve as an Army Chaplain during WWII.

Doris and her two daughters spent the war years moving around staying with relatives in Lincolnshire and in a boarding house in Southport.

The girls attended many schools, and while in Lincolnshire were expected to help on family farms in Sturton by Stow.

At the tender age of 4 Linda walked between farms milking goats.

Her first clear memory of her father was when a bedraggled stranger walked into her bedroom late one night in 1940 – he had just arrived back from Dunkirk.

As a child Linda was used to being around animals particularly liking horses, dogs and cats.

At the end of the war the family moved to Leicester where her parents ran a stationer’s shop and small library.

School life became more settled for her and she made several close friends.

She developed a passion for riding which lasted her all of her life.

Leaving school in 1951, Linda worked for Hoover and was a secretary and junior reporter on the Leicester Mercury, where she met her first husband Jim Long.

They enjoyed motorbikes and had many biking holidays in France and Italy.

By the early 1960s they had 3 children – Joanna, Jamie and Miranda.

By this time, the family had moved to Leicestershire, near to her sister so all the children grew up together.

Linda always found time to read and began writing stories for magazines.

In the late 1960s, she attended Loughborough Teacher Training College as a mature student and in the 1970s taught six and seven year olds at an independent school in Loughborough.

Sadly her husband suffered a stroke in 1978, when she was in her early forties.

With the children almost grown up she headed back to Lincolnshire where she remained for 36 years.

Doing secretarial work in The Lincoln School of Nursing, she became acquainted with an older cousin – Frank Crust and the couple soon married.

They spent time on their common interests tracing the family history, exploring Lincolnshire history and both helped in the early stages of running a bookstall for the Society for Lincolnshire History and Archaeology.

She also worked with Frank on the County Hospital Library Trolley and as a volunteer at Ancaster Day Centre helping adults with acquired neurological conditions which affected their language and communication.

In the mid 1990s Frank died suddenly, then came another tragic blow when her son Jamie died. Through all of this, Linda persevered with her history degree course and graduated from the University of Hull in 1997.

A decade later she was engaged for a short while to retired headmaster Norman Butterworth, who ran a book shop in Epworth.

However, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and she nursed him till his passing.

Retirement came to Linda finally when she moved to Wragby, but she still did some teaching and talks.

During her first year in Wragby she lovingly cared for her sister Patricia who sadly passed away.

Linda was a gracious lady, well loved, and respected, and will be remembered and loved by so many people for all the support she gave to many groups, people and friends.

Her life was lived to the full and she is survived by her daughters, Joanna and Miranda, who have their memories of what a wonderful mother she was to them.

Names taken at the chapel: Jessie Skellern (organist); Mike and Mo Fricke; Janet Kerkhoff; Joan and Les Robinson (also representing Mr and Mrs Pettitt); the Rev Alan Robson; Roger Appleyard; Betty Lamminam; Sue and Johnny Johnson; Mr and Mrs David Parson; Mr John Edwards (also representing Lynne Edwards); Christ Marriott (also representing Sheila Briggs); Roger Applewhite; David and Kay Meyers; Brenda Webster; Linda Taylor; Barbara Bradley; Ruth Brackenbury; Pauline Cooper; Sue Binns (also representing Elaine Eccles); Eileen Kelsey; Sylvia Vickers; Dorothy Warr; Dorothy Wain; Phyllis Stephens; Donald Birchell; Matthew Birchell; Patrick Birchell; Liz Birchell; Brenda Broadberry; Mr and Mrs Dennis Peall; Louise Hart; Mr and Mrs Alan Sleight; Robert Barker; Dr Rod and Margaret Ambler (also representing Neil Wright, Society for Lincolnshire History & Archaeology); Ken Howitt (also representing West Wolds U3A); Jean Childs (also representing Nettleton WEA (Worker’s Education Association); Mr and Mrs A Thompson; Geoff and Pam Knight; Brian Fisher; Barbara Hopper; Janet Kidder; Mrs Bentley; Tim Bentley; Kate Waller; Simon Waller; Geoffrey Bradshaw; John Bradshaw; Patricia Farmer; Mr and Mrs Abbot; Margaret Saunders; Ann Watson; Sheila Cartwright; Jean Broughton; Mr and Mrs Beckett; Mr and Mrs Penneck; Janet Kiddle; Sheila Bradshaw (also representing Rosemary Bradshaw); Janet and Brian Brandsell (also representing Scothern Methodist Chapel); Brenda Colson; Louise Mumbley; Eileen Jackson; Jean and Russell Howard (also representing Bunty Martin); Doreen Fiddler; Stephen Hood; Mr and Mrs Michael Standen; Mr and Mrs Dave Mayers; Mr and Mrs Fitzpatrick; Clive Perks; Jacqui Maplethorpe (also representing Mr Maplethorpe); Keith and Liz Stephenson; Kathleen Stephenson; Brian Davey; Michael Casterton; Dennis Brader (also representing Jean Brader); Marjorie Waller; Carol and Glyn Jones; Sarah Bellhouse; Linda Jell and many more.

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