Obituary: Lilian Sabina Carr

Lilian Sabina Carr
Lilian Sabina Carr

The funeral service for Lilian Carr, aged 73 years of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Lilian was born in Scunthorpe.

She worked as a maid for Doctor Clowes of Caistor until she married her husband, Jim, in 1959. She then became a housewife and mother.

Family mourners were: Jim Carr (husband); John and Janice Tappenden (daughter and son-in-law); James Carr (son); Robert and Suzi Carr, Steven and Dannie Carr (sons and daughters-in-law); Christopher Tappenden and Chrissy Negus (grandson and partner); Ryan, Ben, Ella, Caitlin and Liam Carr (grandchildren); Jessica Tappenden (also rep Ashley and Christian Tappenden, great-grandchildren); Jessica Vickers (rep Aleysha Vickers, step great-grandchildren); Lee Tappenden and Sarah Walgate (step-grandson and partner, also rep Charlee Tappenden); Fern and Reece Tappenden (step-grandchildren); Patricia Richards (sister-in-law, rep Andrew and Jo Richards, Niel and Jane Richards, nephews and wives); Carol Maw (sister-in-law); Jane and Don Powell (sister and brother-in-law); Herbert Carr (brother-in-law, rep Sandra and Karen, nieces); Vi O’Neil, Bet Colebrook (sisters); Iris and David Soar (brother and sister-in-law); Debbie Richards, Toni Maw, Diane Powell, Sandra Hanson, Wendy Dixon (nieces); John and Yvonne Carr (nephew and wife); Geoffrey O’Neil (nephew, also rep Alison O’Neil); Phillip O’Neil, Peter Dawson, Rick Colebrooke (nephews); Sue and Dave Thompson (niece); Catherine Stones (niece, also rep Terry and Maia); Fred and Judy Soar (nephew); Mr and Mrs Weston (niece and husband, also rep Teena, George, Alan, Mike and Tom); W and D Cobb (niece and husband).

Friends at the service were: Tracy Evans; John and Rose Merritt; Colin Smith; Peter Ward (also rep Sue Ward); Chris Bates; Tom and Cath Bunford; Mr Bark (also rep Pauline Bark); Dave Boyles; Florence Chamberlin; Ivy Harrison; Brian Marshall (also rep Mr and Mrs I Noon); Joyce Rhodes; Alan Pearce (also rep Laura Pearce); Dave Grant (also rep Rachael Grant).