Obituary: Leslie Wilkinson


The funeral service for Leslie Wilkinson, aged 86 , of Market Rasen, was held at the parish church.

The Rev Stephen Johnson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall.

Family mourners were: Eileen (wife); Nick and Donna(son and partner); Kim and Barry (daughter and son-in-law); Leigh and Bryony (grandson and wife); Sarah (granddaughter); Michael (grandson); Edison (great-grandson); John and Dawn Biggerstaff, Kevin and Anne Biggerstaff (nephews and wives); Gail Devries (niece); Henry Wilkinson (great-nephew); Kelly Smith and partner.

Friends at the service were: Monica and Richard Hansard (also rep Hansard Haulage); Betty Pyttlik; Keith and Vi Knapton (also rep all at Rand Farm Park); Mr G Smith (also rep A and P Schofield); Jean and Archie Dodds; Maureen Stanley; Mr and Mrs John Jackson; Mr and Mrs K Symons; Mr and Mrs R Hought; Brenda Coulson (also rep Coulson family); Sylvia Cade (also rep Charles Cade); Mr and Mrs R Cowling; Christine Mapplethorpe (also rep Stuart Mapplethorpe; Diane and Stuart Dawson); David Mapplethorpe; Mrs S Sanderson; Mr and Mrs A Bennett; Mr and Mrs J Bennett; Mr A Pennell (also rep Rasen Appliance services); Alan and Mary Wilkinson; Marion and Rod Clark; Mr D Richards (also rep Richards Family); Audrey and Rex Parkinson; David and Ann- Marie Foster (also rep Foster family); Jane Knight (also rep Knight family); Roger Thwaites (also rep Cathy Combes); Roy Tomlinson; Mr and Mrs I Sheddon; Mr and Mrs B Storey; R Fox; Jane and Andrew Knapton; M E Thompson; Mrs H Hansard (also rep M J Hansard); Paul Streets; Jill Sellars (also rep Peter Sellars); Margaret and Richard Millett; Mr G White; Brian Marshall; Susan Finch; Beryl and Eric Pickering; Ben and Eva Smith; Mrs C Lancaster; Marion Blackstock; Bill Needham; Mr D Chamberlin (also rep Chamberlin Brothers); Mr and Mrs Pyttlik; Pat Woodcock (also rep Margaret Lundy); Jackie Rhodes; Rose and Harold Bates; Mr and Mrs Allan Bates; Kim Strawson; Eileen Wilmot (also rep Wilmot Family); Ann Bennett (also rep Mervyn, Vicky and Emma); Mr and Mrs C Bates; Michael Watson (also rep Mrs C Marriott, Mandy and Helen); Mr and Mrs Davenport; Audrey Foster and Allan Bennett; Myra Mannion; Mr and Mrs J Herrin; Mr and Mrs B Fox; Mark Fox; Mrs E Woodhall; Eric Carver; Angela Hunt; Lesley Brewis (also rep Richard Brewis); Keith Fridlington; Gill Stephenson (also rep Jeff and Ida); Pip Richards (also rep Richards family); Helen Reid (also rep Donna Bygrave); John Hayton (also rep Janet); Mr and Mrs Eric Burks; Joyce Rhodes; Mr and Mrs J Thompson; Stephen Gawne; Jenny Goulsbra (also rep Janet and Michael Melbourne); Mrs D Whitwell (also rep Ralph Coulson and also Fred Barkes); Ralph Larder (also rep Diane Larder); Doris Woodhall; Mr and Mrs J Cade (also rep G White); Mr and Mrs P McCall; Miss R E Cade; Mr and Mrs D Richardson; Roland and Christine Smith; Bob Winter (also rep Winter family); Brenda Dannatt (also rep Brian and family); Laura Kirk; Charmain Hutson; Dr Philip Hurst; Jill and Reg Rogerson; Christine Tomlinson (also rep Sally and John); Angela Davis; Graham Dores (also rep Elizabeth Holmes); Mary Barr (also rep James Barr); Stuart and Janet Jakins; Sheila Johnson (also rep Dave Brumby and Dick Parker); Dave and Jean Johnson; Isabel Wilson; Emer Ward; Paul and Sue Tolan; Mr and Mrs Elwick; Anne and Derek Walker (also rep Ellen and Ian Young); Claire and Andy Tozer; Mrs W Harrison; Jean Halfpenny; Gail Devries; Mr A Johnson (also rep Mr and Mrs D Robinson); Philip Holmes (also rep Fran Holmes; Mr and Mrs M Banks); Bruce Curtis; Guy Grainger (Bridge Club); Heidi Watson; Wilfred and Vera Hankins; Rita Goulsbra.